Notes and skills when you are shopping in Lecong.

 Notes and skills when you are shopping in Lecong. 1.If you don’t prepare to buy something in your mind, you may take a long time to choose the right one, you can see many different kinds of products and brands,so know what you need at first. 2.Some people play a role as a liar to persuade and set a trap, you should say no when some people excessively closing. 3.Check out some believing shipping companies before you [...]

Does it make economic sense to import furniture from China?

Does it make economic sense to import furniture from China? The exchange rate of CNY is gradually reducing, bulk purchase of furniture is quite benefited from trading business. Not a little foreign businessmen already purchase furniture from China for decade years. For example, If you are buying for entire home (250 square meters/ 2500 square feet) with a budget of USD 50000 or more it makes sense to buy entire furniture in China. The price in home [...]

Where to stay in Shunde China?

Where to stay in Shunde China? Phoenix Hotel While Shunde is home to thousands of furniture retailers it does not have lots of options to stay or dine. There are few hotels western style hotels in Foshan which is a half hour drive from Shunde. Swissotel, Crown Plaza and Sheraton have their presence is Foshan but expect a lower than expected standard of service in these places.Most of the visitors settle for staying in Guangzhou and endure [...]

Why One-stop Shopping Of Office Furniture ?

One-stop Shopping of Office Furniture Generally speaking, more and more companies prefer to buying mass office furniture with “one-stop shopping”, what is that mean? It means all the purchasing product just need one supplier to provide all services, so, why people choose one-stop shopping? What are the benefits of it? Benefit one: Unified design style The excellent office furniture supplier must have their outstanding design team, they will have own idea of design for one-stop solutions from [...]