What is the procedure for importing from China if you would like to start your own business?

What is the procedure for importing from China if you would like to start your own business? 1. Contact us. 2. Make a plan for visiting China Riwick or not. 3. Shopping along with us and get information from the market. 4. Make a decision for your product positioning. 5. Select products and factories and place the order. 6. After that, we can assist you to transfer money to each factory, follow up the orders, quality check, [...]

Where to buy furniture in China?

Where to buy furniture in China? If you interested to buy furniture in China should know that China has an entire city devoted to manufacturing, wholesale and retail of furniture. Shun De  about 40 km south of Guangzhou is also known as furniture city,which is world’s largest furniture manufacturing and distribution center located in the Fo Shan City in Guangdong province of China.It is well connected with Hongkong and Guangzhou by a network of trains, ferries, subway [...]

Places to Visit in Guangzhou

While as a business traveler may not have enough time to explore as regular tourist however there are some things that you can see if you have a few hours to spare. Bai Yun Mountain This iconic tourist spot is known as 'the first peak under the southern sky', is about 382 meters (417 yards) high, located in the middle of the city offering the spectacular view of the whole city. There is a cable ride available [...]

Tips for Guangzhou taxi ride.

Tips for Guangzhou taxi ride. 1.Most of the driver cannot speak any English so print out address written in Chinese beforehand. 2.Notes are common in China so check before taking them. One easy way to check Mao’s collar printed on every currency note. If it has a dotted texture and color can be rubbed on paper chances are it is a genuine bill. 3.Take fare receipt as they are helpful in tracing the taxi if in case [...]

Tips for you when coming to wholesale market

Tips for you when coming to wholesale market. 1,Do the Research Before Coming to the Wholesale Market Always do prior research before coming to the wholesaler on the market .They would give you crazy prices once they get a hint that you are a novice, first-time buyer. 2,Get Pictures on Your Phone or with a blueprint A picture is worth a thousand words. Avoid trying to describe what you need either directly or through a translator to [...]

Why do we need a purchasing agents?

Why do we need a purchasing agents? Dealing with Chinese suppliers is very time-consuming. Working with a qualified Buying Office or Purchasing Agent can save you much time, cost and energy etc. in China. For example, 90% of the suppliers you met online or at local trade fairs might be a typical trade company while the local sourcing specialists can go to the real manufacturing bases to find out some qualified factories for you in person. Apparently [...]

What can a purchasing agents do?

A purchasing agent could be an individual, a group of the team or a company, helping companies overseas to import from China. A good agent can be an extremely valuable asset in your overall product procurement strategy. Here are the main services offered by your qualified ‘buying office’ or ‘purchasing agent’ in China: I. Keeping finding new products and suppliers. II. Verify, inspect or audit existing suppliers. III. Price negotiations and Supply Chain Management IV. Draft formal [...]