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4 Powerful Tools for China Supplier   Verification


1 Supplier/factory visit

The most obvious is to pay them a visit. Is it one guy in an apartment? Is it a sizeable manufacturing operation? Interestingly, one can make an educated guess by announcing an upcoming visit and reading their reaction. A legitimate supplier will welcome the visit, while a scammer will look for ways to avoid it.

If you can’t make a visit yourself, many quality assurance agencies can do this for you. They allow you to know:

  • Where are they? What does the building etc. look like? How many people work there?
  • Do they usually make the type of products you are buying, or something totally different?
  • What processes do they do in house?
  • Can they show official business licences and other official documents? Do they match with the company name they show in their email signature?

2  Factory audit

This type of service is more expensive than the simple factory visit. It is quite useful for evaluating a large factory, but can be overkill for a small operation.

3  Background check

Several official pieces of information can be retrieved on the internet:

  • Official registrations (in Chinese)
  • Certificates
  • Various online sources (buyers can usually do this by googling the company name, the mobile phone number, etc.)

4 Credit rating

Factory bankruptcies are getting more and more common, it seems. You might do business with a legitimate company that “goes under” just as they finished your production. Guess what? You will likely never see your products.

It is quite difficult to get a Chinese company’s financial statements. However, it is possible to buy a credit rating report in order to evaluate the financial risk associated with a certain company.

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