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FURNITURE CATEGORY: International Brand, Contemporary Furniture, Upholstery Furniture, European Classical Furniture, Chinese Classical Furniture, Mattress, Table & Chair, Outdoor Furniture, Children’s Furniture, Office Furniture, etc.

What We Do

Riwick is a local furniture sourcing company in Foshan, founded in 2015. We help our customers sourcing furniture and are committed to finding more efficient and safer furniture solutions. Not only do we help our customers sourcing furniture, but we also have our furniture factory. With our advantages, we also have significant benefits in enterprise supply chain management.

We have already helped customers from 20+ countries

Our Services

Translation and Guiding

Act as your translator and guide you through all purchasing options

Order’s follow up

Whether you buy products in the market or factory, we will follow up all orders for you, develop a product list (PI)

Goods Consolidation

Sometimes the products you purchase may be quite scattered, but we will help you all focus together.

Container Loading

We will arrange a team to help you calculate the loading capacity, and safely transport it to the port after loading

Quality Control

We will help you follow up with the production of the product according to your needs and produce a quality checklist.


If your order requires warehouse consolidation, we can provide 30 days of warehouse storage for free

Logistic Solutions

We help design logistics services to provide efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions for your business operations. It contains trailers, customs clearance, etc.

Product Sourcing

In addition to furniture products, we can also help you purchase: building materials, tiles, lighting, cabinets, wardrobes, sanitary ware, etc.

Supply Chain Management

Although supply chains have existed for ages, most companies have only recently paid attention to them as a value-add to their operations.

The price of our services

We make different plans based on your total project cost, and you choose the right one.


Happy Customers

“This is also the first time I started a wholesale business when working with Riwick. I am careful after all, the first time I tried, the requirements for product quality were relatively high. Riwick helped me screen three furniture factories and produce the products I needed. These factories promised not to file any quality complaints within 6 months, so I tried to work with them. There were no problems with the shipments in the future, so I worked with them five times and they were all very pleasant experiences. I haven’t seen any products with quality issues”


Importer, Singapore

“Before, my MOQ was troublesome because I needed a small batch wholesale, but some furniture factories usually couldn’t meet this demand. When I stumbled upon Riwick on Instagram and collaborated with them, I discovered a way to make money. They have a complete supply chain and work with many furniture factories. Although my MOQ is small, they can help me find a factory to help me produce. So I can get high-quality products at low prices, and I can sell them to my customers. What a great wholesale experience.”


Retailer, UK

“My husband and I bought a house in Australia and needed refurbishment and new furniture. We went to Foshan with the designer, and the wholesale market here really surprised us. Although many of our products are customized, they all do. We buy not only furniture, but also floor tiles, sanitary ware, lighting, doors, and windows. All wholesale markets are nearby and very convenient.”


Owner houses, Australia

“My new hotel in Canada needs to purchase furniture. I found Riwick on Google. Although this is not the first time I have come to China to buy products, they have comprehensive supply chain management of furniture. It also helped me find the right hotel furniture factory and helped me solve all the tedious things. Also, the factories they selected were delivered on time, cheap, and of outstanding quality.
I was looking forward to our next cooperation.”


Hotel project, Canada

“I am an interior designer and often help clients purchase home products. By chance, I found Riwick on Facebook. Their service is entirely professional, I need to send them the details I need, and they will help me with everything. Sometimes we go to the procurement market to buy; sometimes, we go directly to the furniture factory. We have cooperated many times, and my customers are delighted with the products I was sourcing.”


Interior designer, India

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