6 Things You Should Know When Buying Furniture from China.

//6 Things You Should Know When Buying Furniture from China.

The major cost for any office or home is furniture.

But do you know you can substantially reduce that cost when purchasing and importing from China?

Yes, it is possible to do so by buying from China furniture wholesale markets or furniture factory.

The prices for furniture from China are extremely lower in comparison to buying at local retail prices in particular if you don’t live China.

If you want to buy home appliances, furniture or other products, you have landed at the right place.

1. Wholesalers may Provide Lower MOQs than the manufacturers.

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There are a number of reasons why buyers prefer purchasing wholesale goods instead of buying customized or private label products.

First, it is possible for to check a wholesale product on a website.

Second, wholesalers are capable of providing lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) in comparison to manufacturers.

Several wholesalers even permit you as a buyer to buy just a small number of pieces, per stuff. In comparison to a manufacturer, the MOQ maybe 300 to 500 pieces in every color or product.

Therefore, buying at a wholesale price is merely more practical for your home’s furniture.

Thus, that is why we prefer buying your furniture at China wholesale markets to ensure you get them at cheaper prices.

2. Quality control.

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In China, there are numerous sourcing companies providing quality regulatory services.

However, we find out what they should inspect.

The following are descriptions of two of important checkpoints when doing importation of furniture from China:

Fire Retardancy inspection

Whereas the majority of compliance inspections can only be performed in a laboratory, fabrics’ fire retardancy can be also be examined with a stopwatch and a lighter.

Visual inspection

Look for possible damages or utilization of incorrect components and materials.

We ensure that all your furniture has been checked and have attained the minimum demanded quality.

Additionally, we counter check your products to ensure that none of them have got damaged after leaving the hands of wholesalers.

In case of substandard or damaged goods, we take them back to the wholesaler for either a refund or a substitute for the damaged product.

3. Evaluate applicable furniture protocols.

Evaluate applicable furniture protocols - Riwick

In several markets, multiple compulsory Fire Retardancy Regulations exist that are applicable to different kinds of furniture.

For example, in the U.S, no federal framework that importers of America are required to observe.

However, the only existing and mandatory is California Technical Bulletin 117 (TB 117) as both customers and retailers demand it.

On the other hand, there are compulsory Fire safety standards in the European Union that consumers are compelled to comply.

They include EN 597-2, EN 1021 -2, EN 597-1, EN 14533 and EN 1021-1.

Therefore, we always communicate with our customers and then the suppliers about the standards that are mandatory to be adhered to and fulfill them.

4. Shipping and logistics since furniture are designed being heavy when other heavy units are added on top of it, it breaks easily.

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Several wholesalers know this, whereas others intentionally do not mind when packing it.

As such, we agree with wholesalers to pack them well to even offer suitable space for unloading.

And since furniture not only takes up a big space but is also heavy, we base volumes on the basis of a container instead of the unit bases.

We even allow you as a customer to state the unit’s number you will want to be loaded in a container.

We also offer appropriate advice to all our customers on loading.

5. Locating the appropriate furniture manufacturer.

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When buying furniture from China, you need to assess various factors in potential candidate sellers.

The following are examples of the factors to assess:

Business scope

The business scope describes the reason for setting up the company.

Thus, when assessing true manufacturers, look for production, manufacturing, and furniture.

That is exactly what we do when finding your furniture.

Some traders have a tendency of having business scopes comprising various diverse products.

Such traders include words, for example, wholesale and you should not buy from them.

Registered capital

Low registered capital signifies that may be the retailing company is small.

Since there exist no actual gains of buying from traders, you should avoid them.

We also do not buy your furniture from such suppliers.

A furniture maker is supposed to be having a million RMB in registered capital and must be stipulated in his/her business certificate.

Quality Management System

A quality management feature such as ISO 9001 function, is tracking and preventing issues concerning quality.

ISO 9001 matters because it is only applicable to the manufacturers and not the traders.

Do you know the importance of filtering the suppliers when purchasing furniture from suppliers of China?

It is because many manufacturers of furniture do not manufacture for the developed markets and therefore, offer the quality choices and stability you are able to pay.

Therefore, we look at our customers’ market status and contact the best wholesaler who meets our customers’ demands in terms of quality.

6. Custom duties you must pay import duties for every item that you buy outside your country.

import duties - Riwick

Furniture, in this case, is not an exception.

The inspiring news is that anybody wishing to import into the EU or USA pays only 0 – 5% duty rate for a majority of products.

You can either clear your furniture from customs department by yourself or employ a customs broker for doing that job.

It is most advisable for you to hire one as they understand the clearing process better than you.

Import furniture is one of the most expensive things that you do for your house.

Therefore, you should be picky and careful to ensure buying furniture that will fully satisfy you.

Some of the important things that you should know when purchasing is where to buy and the best price for your furniture.

We provide the best furniture sourcing services from China and, therefore, you should consider buying with us!

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