All cases show how we work as a sourcing agent and how to solve clients’ problem with one –stop solution service.

What we should do for Emergency in loading container

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A very nice couple came from Singapore to purchase items for his project house. They can speak Chinese and Cantonese. For the clients like that, what we do is just following the order, product supervision, quality check and arrange shipment. After her purchasing, we collected all order sheet from suppliers and figured out how much the volume was.  In the beginning, it showed 1*40HQ was enough. Ok, then we arranged 1*40HQ for her. Before arranging the shipment, [...]

What we can assist when a client would like to start a small business

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A client from Malaysia who want to do some market research for his own small business. Also he would like to buy items for his new home. So what can we do for him? He contacted us at the first time and didn’t have any experience for importing from China.  After email communication, he made his decision to visit China but only for 3 days. In these limited time, how could he buy all things he want and [...]

Customer from Ecuador looking for all items for his building

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A client from Ecuador contacted us via our website. After email communication, he decided to visit China to buy what he needed. After a long time flight from Ecuador to New York, from New York to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to Foshan , finally we met our esteem clients. As this client is very  careful and it was the first time he visited China and imported from China, he did all search like factories’ location before he came [...]