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What does Riwick do?

What does Riwick do?

Riwick Import and Export Co., Ltd is dedicated to assisting oversea buyers to source products and suppliers from China with purchasing the better quality goods with the lower price, offering one-stop services including sourcing, negotiation, quality control, inspection, international logistic etc. We are acting as your buying office to source goods as you wish, meanwhile, we will minimize the risk of sourcing progress in China by picking out the reliable manufacturers. We have a lot of manufacturer resources, which will be helpful to find suitable products with much better price than the market.

Why should I choose Riwick?

Why should I choose Riwick?

1.Professionals.We are familiar with the largest furniture wholesale market in China and we engage in exporting furniture.
2.One stop purchasing service.Our service:Free product sourcing,market guiding,order follow up on and quality inspection,shipping organization.
3.Valuable products.We guarantee that the products from our suppliers are not only excellent in quality but value for money.

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