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Coronavirus Impact Furniture City

Updated April 26, 2024

The Coronavirus has been happening for almost three months, and the virus has spread throughout the world so far.

Many countries are affected to varying degrees.

The impact is enormous, especially for small and medium enterprises, catering, tourism enterprises.

For the furniture industry, it has reached a freezing point.

Foshan furniture city, furniture wholesale markets, furniture manufacturers, furniture materials market, online furniture stores, etc.

Have all been struck. Rents, workers’ wages, product lead times, etc. all affect them.

Coronavirus Impact Furniture City (9)

1. Dilemmas

1. The biggest problem facing furniture-related companies is that workers fail to return to work on time.

Although the local government began to approve the factory to resume production in late February, some employees must be quarantined for 14 days to enter the production line.

2. Upstream material manufacturers are still in the process of recovery.

For example, most of the cloth materials come from Wenzhou, Zhejiang. However, due to the impact of the local epidemic, many factories have not resumed production, resulting in a shortage of materials.

Coronavirus Impact Furniture City

3. The furniture wholesale market is sluggish.

Similarly, the furniture market can be restored in late February. But because the epidemic has not ended, many people have canceled their plans to purchase from the market, because the market is a very densely populated area.

4. The online shop has an unclear delivery time.

Due to the influence of upstream suppliers, despite the increase in orders. It must wait until the supplier’s production pressure is relieved before it can be resolved.

5. The organizers of the China International Furniture Fair postponed the event from March 18 to 21.

Many people in the furniture industry usually travel to China and postponed these plans indefinitely. Many airlines canceled their flights. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises citizens to avoid all unnecessary travel to China.

The China International Furniture Machinery and Furniture Raw Materials Exhibition scheduled for March 28 to 31 will also be postponed.

Even recently Salone del Mobile, which is the world’s largest and most important furniture fair, was due to take place between 21 and 26 April. However, the surge in cases of the new Covid-19 strain of coronavirus in northern Italy has forced the fair to change its plans.

Coronavirus Impact Furniture City (9)

2. Opportunities

After the impact of this, some companies also realized that the traditional furniture trade needs to be changed, changing business models, and solving a number of issues such as rent pressure that they must consider.

With the popularity of domestic 5G networks, many furniture stores and furniture factories have begun to switch to social networks, such as Douyin(TikTok) and Taobao Live streaming.

The live streaming broadcast industry has been developing in China for many years, but it has not been able to bring some business models to the furniture industry. So whether this model will become mainstream in the future, we will look forward to it.

Furniture trade enterprises were also inspired. Use B2C thinking to create B2B value. A series of measures such as placing orders online, sending samples, and confirming orders are the future development trends.

This is exactly the advantage of the local one-stop furniture sourcing company because they understand the local market and factories.

Easily cooperate with you to find suppliers and products in China. Because you only need to give them the purchasing list, you can solve the purchasing problem, and you don’t need to come to China. Because they are exactly your eyes in China.

Although the epidemic has a huge impact on the entire furniture city, Academician Zhong Nanshan indicated that the epidemic will hopefully end in late April. Once it’s over, it’s great news for businesses across the country.


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