Customer from Ecuador looking for all items for his building

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A client from Ecuador contacted us via our website. After email communication, he decided to visit China to buy what he needed. After a long time flight from Ecuador to New York, from New York to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to Foshan, finally, we met our esteem clients. As this client is very careful and it was the first time he visited China and imported from China, he did all search like factories’ location before he came to China.   He spent 14 days on visiting factories, shops and some famous sceneries like Guangzhou tower and Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort etc. In those 14 days, our job is to translate, negotiate, order follow-up etc. As this client is an architect, he built buildings and sold them.   In that trip, he bought  3* 40HQ container including solar water heater, kids playground, tiles, laminate flooring, piano,  sauna, Jacuzzi, bathroom things, kitchen accessories, granite and so on.   All things are for his new building apartment. Due to a strict rule in Ecuador, it is forbidden to send catalogs in containers.   So after the client went back home, we started to supervise the production, keep in touch with factories closely, quality check and make sure there is no catalog in every carton, consolidate all things and arrange shipment. After the client received all things, he said so far all things were fine. Now his building is finished.   Everything goes well. And one day, he contacted me and said: Hi Lisa, I found that the quality of a product in China is as good as America. But one thing for factories should be improved  THAT some products came without any manual. This problem was solved after he contacted me.   We also will provide the after-sale service. If there were any problems after clients received the product, we would assist to contact suppliers and worked out the solutions. Riwick sourcing agent -case1 Riwick sourcing agent -case1 Riwick sourcing agent -case1  Riwick sourcing agent -case1Riwick sourcing agent -case1Riwick sourcing agent -case1Riwick sourcing agent -case1 Riwick sourcing agent -case1Riwick sourcing agent -case1 Riwick sourcing agent -case1Riwick sourcing agent -case1  

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