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Glass And Wooden Coffee Table

Updated April 26, 2024

The coffee table serves as the focal point of the living area- may it be a wooden and glass coffee table actually. While it might serve as a resting spot for remote controls and magazines, it can also serve as a showcase for your own style.

There is some science and creativity to constructing a magnificent glass coffee tablescape, such as adding pieces of different kinds of heights, but the beauty comes mostly from an artistic combination of flowers, books, trays, and unique artifacts.

Small delicate accents and embellishments are used to modify its fundamental concept and turn it into your own leisure zone where you may enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

From little candles to fresh foliage, construct your own design that will complement the rest of your home design and alter the décor on a regular basis for a new look.

Continue reading to know the basic beginner’s guide on how to decorate glass and wooden coffee tables from dull to fun.

yellow suede armchair beside side table

1. Embrace Flower and Candles

2. Go Green

3. Play With Proportions

4. Keep it Simple

5. Add Some Cute Coasters

6. Pull up a seat

7. Put a Pitcher on It

    1. Embrace Flower and Candles

    Flower and Candles

    Flowers and taper candles are two design must-haves that will elevate your coffee table decor to new heights.

    Because a coffee table is generally the focal point of a room, it’s an ideal spot for a compact floral arrangement. It also offers a clean and energetic feel to the space.

    Furthermore, flowers give a splash of color, while candlesticks may add a flash of glam metal, so they go well together.

    If you have many candlesticks, consider chopping an inch or two from the bottom of one candlestick to differ slightly in the heights and make it more interesting.

    For example, you might utilize a shattered marble piece as a tray and showcase delicate decorative objects like fine white blossoms in crystal bowls and white candlelight.

    2. Go Green


    Succulents are a popular addition to both glass and wooden coffee tables due to their durability and ability to thrive in a broad range of conditions.

    They thrive in room temperature surroundings at home. They will not only bring green to your living area, but they will also blossom in season, adding color to your interior style especially to your glass coffee table.

    Houseplants have always been a simple way to add a little character and greenery to your coffee table.

    The plant gives vitality as well, by adding organic lines that contrast with artificial objects.

    Succulents are the perfect way to add some new life to your glass and wood coffee table. The more plants you have, the greater the humidity in your house will be, preventing dry skin, colds, sore throats, and persistent cough.

    3. Play With Proportions

    Playing around the heights of items is another method to give excitement to your glass and wooden coffee table appearance. A decent and natural-looking coffee table should have a range of textures and heights.

    The rule of three may also be used here. Try to acquire three distinct heights by stacking things of varying sizes or by stacking them higher.

    A lovely symmetry may be achieved by placing the tallest component in the center. However, a little purposeful asymmetry may be just as appealing.

    If you add some height to the grouping, it will seem more dynamic and fascinating.

    Another technique to decorate your wooden and glass coffee table is to attempt the simplest of all: one object put asymmetrically nearly all the way to one end.


    This is especially beneficial for decorating a big coffee table that would otherwise be difficult to fill. Make use of the additional space by putting your feet up.

    4. Keep it Simple

    Simple coffee table

    Keeping your glass and wooden coffee table decoration simple is the key to elegance. The thing is, avoid overdoing your design as it would leave no room for the guests to put down their handbags nor items.

    It would also look unorganized and messy if you ended up putting items that do not complement each other.

    Just a pro-tip: If you have a dark-colored coffee table, use a color that will contrast and compliment the table well like the color white. On the other hand, if you are using a beige-colored wooden or glass table, use a darker palette decoration to balance the colors on your coffee table.

    You can also put a microfiber cloth underneath the coffee table if there is storage available just to avoid a long trip to the kitchen to get cleaning materials for the mess.

    5. Add Some Cute Coasters

    Cute Coasters

    Coasters are little, but they do more than you may think to preserve your furniture, particularly if it is made of stone, marble, or wood.

    A coaster on top of your wooden and glass coffee table is required to eliminate unattractive water rings and markings on your tables caused by “sweaty beverages” such as beer, soda, water, and juice. Coasters are also used to prevent cleaning up your coffee table all the time.

    Moisture on the cup, bottle, or mug causes these water rings to develop on your glass and wood coffee table. If the temperature of your beverage is below the dew point, the water will concentrate on the surface as fluid.

    A drink without a coaster may stain, discolor, dent, or damage the fancy wood coffee table it is resting on. If the drink is left unattended for an extended amount of time, the damage will only worsen.

    With all of that in mind, it only makes sense to place a coaster before placing your drink. It is not only a cute addition to your coffee table, but it serves as a protection to prevent damage and to sustain a long life for your glass and wood coffee table.

    6. Pull up a seat

    Putting a seat beside a coffee table makes sense in general. For other people, it gives them the vibe or ambiance of a coffee shop making it more productive for them to work and get on to productivity.

    A seat that resembles the design of the table will also make it look good to the overall interior of your house. Many sourcing companies sell glass and wooden coffee tables that come with chairs making it more convenient for customers to select the chair they want. It sometimes comes with a package especially if you look for a furniture manufacturer.

    7. Put a Pitcher on It

    Preparing a pitcher on the coffee table may not be as streamlined advice as others but this actually provides an inviting atmosphere to your place.

    A pitcher on the table means that you are welcoming visitors with drinks of comfort prepared for them. Additionally, having a pitcher of water or beverage on the glass coffee table is also beneficial especially if you like spending time on the couch by the coffee table.

    Got suggestions?

    We hope we were able to cover some of the best tips and suggestions on how to decorate your glass and wood coffee table.

    Do you have more suggestions in mind? Let us know in the comments down below!

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