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Ceramic Tiles Markets

Updated April 26, 2024

Foshan ceramics in China’s ceramic industry has a pivotal position.

At present, Foshan ceramic production area more than 350 existing ceramic enterprises, more than 1,200 production lines.

The Shiwan producing areas to 2004 only, the annual output value of ceramics has more than 20 billion yuan; have a lot of strong enterprises and highly known brand.

Shiwan ceramic enterprises in product quality, technology development has been walking in the forefront of domestic counterparts in the development of the national ceramic industry plays a leading role in the trend.

So where import from Foshan Ceramic Tiles Markets?

let’s start.

1.Distribution of Ceramic Tiles Markets

A1. Shiwan Property Ceramics Wholesale Market

Popularity: 4

Category: Ceramics, sanitarywares, tiles

Business Hours:09:00-18:00

Level: Middle end

Scale:53000 Square Meters

Address: Shiwan, chancheng district streets Zhen Zhong Road District, Foshan.


This is a huge wholesale market with 470,000 square meters of ceramic tile, sanitary ware, Plumbing Fittings.

The price belongs to middle and low level, 80% of its products are for export.

Foshan Ceramics Wholesale Market in the cord Shiwan home of “southern pottery is,” said Shiwan Road, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, shagang Duan, was founded in December 1991, through years of development, the market expanded.

At the present, Shek Wan Ceramics Market has become home for the national wholesale market, one of the largest ceramic professionals and has won the national, provincial and municipal market, the title of civilization.

The whole market covers an area of approximately 470,000 square meters, total construction area of about 220,000 square meters, new operators entering into 1000, management of the ceramic product variety, size, grade complete radiation throughout the country.

Home in San Shek Wan Ceramics Market to buy building ceramics, sanitary ware, and plumbing fittings is your wise choice.

Shiwan Zhiye Ceramics Market is home to Shiwan one of the largest concentration of building ceramics and the market.

Which was established 10 years ago has been raised from more than 100 shops to today’s three districts of more than 400 stalls and this year in March by the state named “National Green Building Material Market pilot units.”

A2. China Ceramics City

Popularity: 4

Category: Ceramics

Business Hours:09:00-18:00

Level: Middle end

Scale:53000 Square Meters

Address: No.2 Jiangwan 3rd Road Changcheng District, Foshan.


China Ceramics City is 53,000 square meter for ceramic tile, sanitary ware, Plumbing Fittings.

Price level betweens to middle to high.

China Ceramics City is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

It opened on Oct. 18, 2002, and covers 130,000 square meters.

The main building is a five-story complex, covering an area of 53,000 square meters.

China Ceramics City is an integrative marketplace assembled with ceramic and sanitary ware trade, exhibition and business services.

There are over 200 famous Chinese or foreign brands of building ceramic and sanitary ware in CCC, which represent the supreme level of the industry in China.

A3. Casa Ceramics And Sanitarywares Mall

Popularity: 5

Category: Ceramics, sanitary wares, tiles

Business Hours:09:00-18:00

Level: High end

Scale:100000 Square Meters

Address: 4th Jihua Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China.

A4. Huayi building decoration material city

Popularity: 5

Category: Ceramics, sanitary wares, tiles, lighting

Business Hours:09:00-18:00

Level: High-Middle end

Scale:100000 Square Meters

Address: 325 national roads, jihua No.4 road, Foshan city

Huayi is a very big complex building decoration material city for Flooring, Door, Window, Ceiling, Hardware, locks, hinge, MDF board, Plyboard, Wallpaper.

The old Huayi used to be a very often visited wholesale market for building decoration material for export, with middle price, but it has removal already.

The new Huayi is usually feedback by the foreign customer with the high price level.

2. Overview of the market.

In June, the total price index of Foshan ceramics was 88.61, down 3.51% from the previous month, down 19.09% from the previous year.

The building ceramics series index was at 83.64, down 4.30% from the previous month, and was down 22.51% year on year.

The sanitary ceramics index was flat at 118.44, down 0.44 percent from the previous month.

In June, the construction of the pottery market was down, and the index of the building ceramics series plunged. The index of sanitary ceramics series was flat with the previous month, and the overall market was stable and downward.

Table 1: June 2016 to June 2017 Foshan ceramic price index trend profile.

Table 2, June 2017 and May 2017 Foshan ceramic price index and construction, sanitary ceramics series index trend and the same period last year, the price increase.

A. Price index trend and reason analysis in June.

In particular, in June, the market for building ceramics was weak, most of which represented a decline in the index, and the market turnover fell synchronously.

The indexes of the index dropped significantly: the square brick, the polished tile, the wall tiles fell by 14.50%, 7.69%, and 1.96% respectively.

The glazed brick index is increasing slightly, and the index of ceramic and ceramic Mosaic index is the same as last month.

Reflect a lot of manufacturers, engineering had plunged in June, square brick, polishing brick, such as traditional product market demand fell sharply, personalized products such as cement block, manual brick, such as growth significantly, the market prospect is good.

In terms of product price movement and transaction amount, archaize brick, tong body exterior wall brick, porcelain archaize brick (E is not equal to 0.5%), screen microcrystalline ceramic composite plate, ceramic Mosaic price rise.

The volume of the large-volume external wall tiles of the trading volume was down 5 yuan/piece from the previous month and the turnover rose 12.25 percent.

The stonework 300 x 300 was down 3 yuan/slice from the previous month, and the transaction volume rose 20% from the previous month.

Colorless supermarket bricks 300 x 300 is the biggest drop this month, the price is down 20 yuan/slice from last month, the transaction amount synchronously declines.

Other types of product prices were mixed, and volume was affected by market demand.

The index of sanitary ceramics in June was unchanged from last month, but it fell slightly in May.

The index of all categories rose more, and the price of the main disk was boosted by a rise in the volume of overall turnover, and the overall trading atmosphere of the market was weakened.

Among them, the washing trough and urinal index, which occupy a larger share of the market, rose 11.78% and 8.55%, and the turnover rose 12% and 25%.

The toilets and squatting index fell 2.28 percent and 1.64 percent, while the turnover fell 23 percent and 25.62 percent.

The washers and the purifiers were less affected by the market, and the index rose slightly this month, with trading up 12.5 percent and 15.9 percent month-on-month.

Small pieces of sanitary ware have been affected by high material cost since the beginning of the year, the price has been rising, and the price has been raised again this month, but the volume can contract severely, and the transaction volume is down 9.8% from the previous month.

Table 3, June 2017 and May 2017 building ceramics series index trend and the same period last year, the price increase.

B. The index trend outlook in July.

Together, affected by the low season prices in June, the Foshan ceramics and sanitary ware categories of an index in different degree of decline, but there are also some representative goods demand, continuous high index value.

Combined with June China manufacturing purchasing managers index and index of non-manufacturing business activities.

Both can be seen that: in the absence of a positive, under the support of domestic recovery of the economy to stimulate demand for building materials, ceramic sanitary ware products sales market and further explore the space.

The forecast is that the overall index will also fluctuate during the downturn, as the weak season deepens in July.

Table 4, June 2017 and May 2017 sanitary ceramics series index trend and the year-on-year growth rate.


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