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Updated April 26, 2024

Shunde, located in China, is especially famous for its global standard and quality furniture that fascinates thousands of foreign buyers yearly.

If you want to visit Chinese furniture markets for the first time, there are essential tips that can help you achieve your desire.

We hope you will love our steps and ultimate guideline in this article.

Let’s jump into the main topic!

Which Furniture Markets Should You Consider Visiting?

In the Foshan wholesale furniture commercial centre, you’ll see numerous large and small furniture wholesale markets.

You would be surprised to find out different quality furniture in this location.

Generally, there are 5-furniture markets in Foshan of China:

Louvre international furniture Exhibition Center.

The Louvre (LFC) is Shanghai’s largest and most famous furniture mall.

You will find high-end furniture of extraordinary quality in this mall.

Excellent rates for every item will blow your mind too.

It’s very comfortable and easy to explore and visit.

This mall is the primary source of China’s furniture industry.

The shops in this mall are known for being trustworthy and highly scam-free.

Assuredly, the price is approximately in the medium range.

Sunlink Furniture City.

This furniture wholesale market is our favourite.

There are southern and northern furniture centres in this market.

Products in the northern centre are higher quality than those in the southern centre.

Despite this, the Southern District contains more transactions as the price is closer to the public.

Shunde Dynasty Furniture Wholesale Center

The price is not low in this market, but the quality is pretty good. There are more brand-name chain stores.

Tuan Yi International Furniture City.

This market has many of the cheapest stores.

Red Star Macalline Brand Furniture Exhibition and Wholesale Center.

This marketplace is well-known as a chain furniture brand; it has several branches throughout the country.

You can refer to our article on the furniture market: Foshan China Furniture Markets.

The location of the Google map corresponding to each furniture wholesale market is as follows:

The furniture markets are mainly distributed beside Foshan South Avenue:

The furniture market you will go to is like this:

Choose The Furniture Market According to Actual Demand.

We took the six different wholesale markets and analyzed them separately:

  • Number of Shops
  • Market Consumption Level
  • Types of Furniture
  • Human Traffic
  • Deal Volume
  • Product Freshness
  • Professional Degree
  • Services

(6 stores respectively Louvre, SunLink (north), SunLink (south), Red Star Macalline, TuanYi, Dynasty)

So let us intuitively reflect on the real situation of each store:

(This analysis table represents – Riwick on the analysis of the furniture market, an unofficial analysis. There is no commercial nature.)

From the analysis diagram, we have settled that:


Though the product’s freshness, service, and professionalism are all leading other stores, its high feasting has caused a relatively small volume of transactions comparable to other markets.

However, because of this attraction, the movement of people is high in low-cost performance. (Rich place)


It’s the same as the Louvre. But the price of the product is more advantageous than the Louvre.


The price is cheaper, and the variety is moderately complete. But the style is relatively old; the update is not regular.


It’s brand chain stores, but the geographical position is not good (completely independent, but look at the stores’ distribution) as a direct result of reduced traffic.

Thus store business is not good.

You might as well go to the past; it is a big chain of furniture stores in China, big groups listed in both Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Prices aren’t low; the style is updated and common.


I praise this store. It is next to the Tuan Yi; the price is similar to the Tuan Yi. They have a variety of styles, and the style is usually updated.


The low version of the Louvre, the number of shops in general, and the price between the Louvre and the north district. Style update fast, breed small.

After reading this, we believe that you already have your own choice.

Pay Attention to The Skills When Buying Furniture.

Bargaining and bargaining is the key to well buying in China.

A bit of bargaining is required so that nobody seems as if you are foolish.

I know that most Westerners seem bargaining is disturbing because they have never practised this habit in their own country.

Ask and Compare

The first hour or more should spend on knowing prices from various sellers. Don’t ask for only one product price you need; if you focus only on a single product, the wholesaler may think that you are interested in it, and he will raise the initial cost.

Therefore, asking prices for various products let them understand what you want. After purchasing, take the business card of the seller and the price tag on the back of the card.

The wholesale furniture markets tend to be large, so it helps to get the business card from sellers so that you can track your steps. Remember to take pictures of your favourite products and stores to compare.

Strive for Higher Profits.

Once you’ve identified the product you want and studied the same wholesale price, be prepared to have at least two wholesalers start the buying process.

According to my experience, sometimes, bargaining with the wholesaler is not smooth due to many external reasons. Consequently, the standby supplier is ready.

The furniture wholesalers usually give an initial price. Thus there will be enough price negotiations. Counter that with your lowball figure that should be lower than what you expect to pay.

At the same time, if you buy enough quantities, you’ll get more discounts. Once prices are agreed upon, break the negotiation and ask the seller to prepare an estimate. Its local dialect, called universal “Fa Piao,” is almost nothing but a contract to sell.

At this point, you need to pay about 5% of the total price of the selected product as an initial deposit.

Final Words of Wisdom.

In China, negotiation is a normal part of everyday business.

It could be fun and financially rewarding if you can take it positively. Do not feel shy about bargaining.

Shipment and Payment.


According to the International Trade Terms, FCL, LCL, and Bill of Lading, beginners must abide by the terms, which can be frustrating.

Most importantly, in simple English, the maximum number of people in this industry can’t explain how the shipping process operates between 0 and 1.

There is a lot of knowledge that International Marine has; nevertheless, for furniture, we only need to learn the following:

When you start to import from China, shipping is an essential thing to be concerned about.

You need to choose the size according to your product volume by following.

  1. 20” GP container: 5.9*2.32*2.36m; Capacity: 25-28 CBM; payload: 17.5 Ton
  2. 40” GP container: 11.6*2.32*2.36m; Capacity: 55-58CBM; Payload:22 Ton
  3. 40” HQ container: 11.6*2.32*2.68m; Capacity: 65-68CBM; Payload:22 Ton
  4. 45” GP container: 13.58*2.34*2.71m; Capacity: 78-86CBM; Payload:29 Ton

Please check the following information for more regular terms:

EXW( Ex-works)

You must arrange transport permission for all ways from factories/warehouses in Foshan to the destination port. Besides, you are responsible for all export processes.

FOB ( Free onboard)

The FOB price includes EXW price, trucking charge, THC (terminal handling charge), and customs cost. Usually, the trucking charge and THC will depend on the total volume of the shipment.

We will arrange cargo to the port of Guangzhou or Shenzhen, handling the export process. Your forwarder will manage to ship from Port Guangzhou/Shenzhen to your place. LCL(less than container load) and FCL (Full container load, including 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ, and 45GP) are available.

CIF( Cost, Insurance, and Freight)

We will organize shipments to your port of destination.

But you must manage the shipment from the destination port to your warehouse and conduct the import process.


One more tip for shipping:

If the CIF price is very low, please pay more attention. This is the system that the forwarder uses to attract customers. It will charge you a lot when picking up cargo at the destination port.

Normally the charge of the destination port can be asked in advance. If you could find a reliable forwarder at your side, FOB or EXW terms would be better than CIF.

If you are inexpert about the shipment, you can read this article to gain international shipping knowledge:

Shipping Tool

Shipping rates and tax tariffs depend on logistics agents, location, season, etc. Please, contact us for more detailed information.

Please choose your region on the left below and the port city nearest to your location or the city of destination on the right.

Attention: The calculator only provides estimated costs without customs clearance in the destination county.

Shipping time for furniture from China

  Shipping time starts when a container leaves the port in China and ends when it reaches the destination port. Delivery time for furniture (or other goods) from China depends on the country and the city of destination.

For Northern and Southern America, African and Asian countries and the UAE, delivery time is about 30 days. The delivery time for the rest of the countries is about 40 days.

About Payment

We might follow the most common payment methods in the furniture trade:

Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)

The wire transfer is a standard bank transaction placed online or at a local branch. All Chinese manufacturers use bank accounts to accept this payment method.

Although it is a standard transaction process, it does not provide any protection. It differs from the letter of credit (L.C.); we will review it. However, it does not mean T / T must be an unsafe payment method.


Paying the right amount at the right time is the key to success.

The standard payment period is a 30% deposit in advance before manufacturing, and a balance payment needs to occur after completion. But before shipment (or at least before the issuance of the original bill of lading), the time of the second and final payment should be if there are any critical conditions.

This is all about giving incentives to suppliers to comply with your requirements. You can take this incentive before the compliance and quality are validated by fully paying the vendor.

Therefore, the balance must be withheld after the quality inspector approves the batch and before the final laboratory test returns. Although this payment method does not protect the initial deposit, the supplier still has a lot of losses, even if the deposit payment is guaranteed.

Chinese manufacturers usually gain very thin profits. They might fall into substantial losses even if they neglect the buyer’s request and try to sell domestically. Since the transaction is not completed, the supplier can quickly fail.

T/T payment process

  • Deposit payment (30%)
  • Production begins
  • Production is completed
  • Quality Inspection / Compliance Testing
  • Buyer approval batch
  • Delivery to the loading port (e.g., Guangzhou)
  • B / L scan copy provided
  • Loading and shipping
  • Balance payment (70%)
  • The seller sends the original bill of lading and other shipping documents (on request
  • Destination port unloading)

Letter of Credit (L/C)

It’s different from T / T; the letter of credit (L.C.) lets the buyer ask the supplier to fulfil pre-determined requirements before transferring funds, thereby adding a layer of security.

It is not only for paying a payment, plus it significantly decreases the buyer’s risk. When paying using the letter of credit, there arises a question that after which conditions the amount would be released.

After completing the buyer’s conditions, the bank will automatically release the funds to the supplier and then automatically credit the buyer after meeting these conditions.

Remember, bankers are not business experts. Once they receive the required documents, they transfer the committed funds.

Before the transaction is completed, it is up to the buyer and the seller to exchange specific documents.

Here are a few examples of these conditions:

  • Bill of lading (issued on or before a specific date to avoid delays)
  • Approved quality inspection report (to avoid defective shipping items)
  • Approved laboratory test report (to prevent shipment of non-compliant items)

Letter of Credit Payment Procedure

  • The seller and the buyer sign a sales agreement uttering the conditions that must be met before the payment is released.
  • The buyer contacts the local bank and applies for a letter of credit.
  • The buyer’s bank contacts the seller’s bank (in China) and provides a letter of credit.
  • The seller’s bank contacts the seller and counsels the buyer.
  • Production begins.
  • Production is completed.
  • Quality Inspection and Product Testing.
  • Delivered to the port of shipment and do the shipping process
  • Provide necessary documents (such as quality inspection reports, test reports, and transport documents) to local banks.
  • Funds will be released if the conditions are filled (i.e., the correct file is submitted).


Payment Method Comparison

Payment provider: Never forward payment.

You have to incentivize the supplier to follow your instructions to get what you asked.

How and when the suppliers pay may decide between success and failure. By making full payment to the manufacturer, you will eliminate their incentive to obey the contract terms.

Yes, you can still find quality problems, but if the facts prove that many units are defective – or worse, if the batch does not meet the requirements, you will leave little ammunition.


Although 30% of the advance payment is required in pre-production, the final balance payment (usually 70% remaining) can only be paid in the following situations:

  • A) The quality of the product has been verified.
  • B)Compliance with all applicable safety standards and regulations (such as material restrictions and labelling requirements) has been verified.

We can learn from experience that Chinese suppliers are easy to deal with as long as the Chinese suppliers benefit – in this case, they get paid.

Of course, they may exit, and you still lose the deposit, but selling these goods in the domestic market is rarely feasible for the supplier. Whatever you do, you must complete the payment until the quality and compliance are verified.

Some Suggestions for Furniture Imports.

For first-time importers, try to find a furniture-sourcing agent to assist you.

Although we have already described many ways to find the right furniture supplier, good suppliers are not enough for international trade. It would help if you also dealt with a series of product inspections, shipping, payment, and more.

Then it would be best if you found a sourcing agent in China. They will help you handle everything in China and teach you to obtain products from China. The right sourcing agent will help you a lot.

Here is a good article on China Manufacturing: To Sourcing Agent or Not to Sourcing Agent

What Kinds of Sevice can You Get from a Chinese Sourcing Agent?

There are many types of services. Nonetheless, they are roughly divided into 4 points:

  • Help you find a read factory in China that manufactures your products.
  • Manage the production of your products.
  • Inspect the quality of your products.
  • Arrange shipment of your products.

You can also learn more in this article: Best 10 China Sourcing Agents.

Freight Forwarders and Shipping Companies


Finding the right shipping company or cargo forwarder in China can be an intellectual challenge.

If you complete the import process, perhaps these shipping companies can help you.

Essentially, through the Freightos Marketplace, importers can easily compare, book and manage international shipments of more than 50 freight forwarders.

They are very focused on supporting small importers and provide some powerful support resources, live chat and phone support.

Freightos’ ordering process is simple, including streamlining the transfer of your documents to freight forwarders and centralized freight management. is the official website of Fleet Logistics, a logistics and supply Chain Company that also provides transportation services by connecting freight services with customers and importers.

The fleet was established in 2014 as an online logistics market where you, as an importer, can contact shippers and other service providers.

This service can help you find the best solution for your cargo transportation at the best price and let you make an informed decision.

Flexport is a unique freight forwarding company, as many people often call it, Ocean Uber. The company was founded in 2013 based on an online dashboard that connects importers and freight forwarders.

It is also the first company to achieve the digitalization of international shipping, allowing importers to move goods to transparent areas more easily.

The company’s regional China headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China. They also have another office in Hong Kong. This technology company lets importers book, track, and process their goods through an application or an online dashboard portal.

You can also access logistics and freight service providers on their online portal. Overall, the company is still young, but it is increasing and is one of the best among importers’ digital services and online tools.

7 tips for visiting furniture markets(mall) in Shunde Foshan, China.

furniture market

If you plan to purchase furniture for your home decoration, restaurant, or hotel stuff in China, please pay attention to the seven tips that make your trips much easier and more efficient.


First, bringing your drawings along with the tour is essential, whether you are purchasing a home, restaurant, or hotel.

That’s the soul of the trip, especially for your home case.

Why am I telling this?

For an instant, last time, my client came with his family to buy their home furniture and decorations, but all of them forgot to take the drawing.

You can imagine the probable size of the sofa, dining set, or T.V. cabinet. Still, it’s hard to order the window, tile, door, sanitarykitchen cabinet, and wardrobes without detailed dimensions.

Then the clients only can confirm the order after they return to their country.

In this case, we spent a lot of time in the confirming process, and the production day also would be delayed.

Item list

Most customers ignore this list; you will get stuck if you don’t make the item list.

It is better to give us a detailed item list so we can suggest the best route for you.

When you finish one item, you can also mark it that; avoiding repeating the order is more effective.


Many customers come to China for the furniture business and love to travel to H.K., Macao, or elsewhere.

If so, we suggest that you can take more than four days for the business trip.

For example, for home stuff, one of our clients came to order for his 400 square meters house. He needed to check multiple items, like sanitary, construction, and lighting.

Unfortunately, he only stayed three days with us to purchase the whole stuff. We only had two days to check the furniture price, design, and dimensions. It was a short time to find out the best item for him.

At last, he had to quickly confirm the order and felt exhausted. Therefore, we suggest arranging more than four days for your perfect ideas.

Comfortable sneakers

As a reminder, we have met with many clients wearing flat shoes to go to the market.

That’s painful after 2-3 days, lasting walking when your ankle gets hurt.


We use CNY (RMB) in China market; it is better if you have some exchanged money in advance.

Otherwise, we also can exchange for you, depending on the daily trading rate.

FoodMostly, every country and area has its diet habits, do not worry about telling us there are dissimilar tastes in China, and we will arrange the most excellent restaurant for you.

Sim card and VPN

We can’t visit Google, YouTube, Facebook, or something like this website in China due to government policy.

You must arrange a VPN account if you use these platforms.

We can resolve this difficulty if you want. Moreover, it is worth it if you belong to a temporary SIM card for the current period. You can buy it from the airport during landing, or we can solve this.

6 Things You Should Know When Buying Furniture from China.

Buying furniture is the chief cost for any office or home. But can you significantly reduce costs when purchasing and importing from China?

Yes, it is possible when buying furniture from China wholesale markets or furniture factories. The prices for furniture from China are incredibly lower than buying at local retail prices, particularly if you don’t live in China.

It would help if you entered the right place to buy home appliances, furniture, or other products. Through reading this Bonus segment, you may know more about buying the right furniture at a reasonable price that will retain your smile continuously.

Wholesalers may Provide Lower MOQs than the manufacturers.

There are frequent reasons buyers prefer purchasing wholesale goods instead of customized or private-label products.

  • Firstly, it is possible to check a wholesale product on a website.
  • Secondly, wholesalers can provide lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) than manufacturers.
  • Several wholesalers permit you to buy just a few pieces of stuff as a buyer. The MOQ maybe 300 to 500 pieces in every colour or product compared to a manufacturer.

Therefore, buying at a wholesale price is merely more practical for your home’s furniture. Thus, we prefer buying your furniture at China wholesale markets to ensure you get them at cheaper rates.

Quality control


In China, various sourcing companies are providing quality regulatory services. However, we find out what they should inspect.

The following descriptions are essential for importing furniture from China:

Fire retardant inspection

While most obedience inspections can be performed in a laboratory, fabrics’ fire retardant ability can be observed with a stopwatch and a lighter.

Visual inspection

Look for probable damages or utilization of incorrect components and materials. We ensure all your furniture has been checked and attained the minimum quality demanded.

Furthermore, after leaving the wholesalers’ hands, we counter-checked your products to confirm that none had been damaged.

In case of substandard or damaged goods, we take them back to the wholesaler for either a refund or a substitute for the damaged product.

Many compulsory Fire Retardancy Regulations apply to different furniture types in several markets.

For example, in the U.S., no federal framework importers of America are required to observe. Yet, the only existing and mandatory is California Technical Bulletin 117 (TB 117), as customers and retailers demand.

On the other hand, there are obligatory Fire safety standards in the European Union that consumers are compelled to comply with. They include EN 597-2, EN 1021 -2, EN 597-1, EN 14533, and EN 1021-1.

Therefore, we always communicate with our customers and suppliers to discuss the mandatory standards to be adhered to and fulfilled.

Shipping and logistics since furniture is designed to be heavy when other heavy units are added on top of it, it breaks easily.


Several wholesalers know this, whereas others intentionally do not mind when packing it.

As such, we agree with wholesalers to pack them well and offer suitable space for unloading.

And since furniture takes up a big and heavy space, we base volumes on a container instead of the unit bases.

We even allow you, as a customer, to state the unit number you want to be loaded in a container. We also offer appropriate advice to all our customers on loading.

Locating the appropriate furniture manufacturer.

furniture manufacturer

When purchasing furniture from China, you must measure various factors in potential candidate sellers.

The following are examples of the factors to assess:

Business scope

The business scope describes the reason for setting up the company. Thus, when assessing true manufacturers, look for production, manufacturing, and furniture.

That is precisely what we do when finding your furniture. Some traders tend to have business scopes comprising various diverse products. Such traders include words. For example, wholesale, and you should not buy from them.

Registered capital

Low registered capital indicates that the retailing company might be small. Since buying from traders has no actual gain, you should evade them.

We also do not buy your furniture from such suppliers. A furniture maker should have a million RMB in registered capital, which must be stipulated in their business certificate.

Quality Management System

A quality management feature, such as ISO 9001 function, tracks and prevents quality issues. ISO 9001 is important because it is only appropriate for the manufacturers and not the traders.

Do you know the importance of filtering the suppliers when purchasing furniture from suppliers in China? It is because many furniture manufacturers don’t produce for developed markets, so they offer the quality choices and stability you can pay for.

Consequently, we look at our customers’ market status and contact the best wholesaler who meets our customers’ demands regarding quality.

Custom duties, you must pay import duties for every item you buy outside your country.

In this case, furniture is not an exception. The inspiring news is that anybody wishing to import into the E.U. or USA pays only a 0 – 5% duty rate for most products.

You can either clear your furniture from the customs department or employ a customs broker to do that job.

It is most sensible for you to hire one as they understand the clearing process better than you. Wholesale furniture is one of the most expensive things you do for your house.

Therefore, you should be fussy and careful to ensure buying furniture that must satisfy you. One important thing you should know when purchasing is where to buy and the best price for your furniture.

We provide the best furniture-sourcing services from China; therefore, you should consider buying with us!

Why Engaging a Furniture Sourcing Agent is Better Than Online B2B Platforms.

With the rapid growth of the Internet, searching for Chinese furniture suppliers directly on B2B online platforms is one of the most common ways. B2B is a furniture source from China for a furniture business outside China.

But is it the best way to find a supplier for your business? Not really.

A better way is to engage a professional furniture sourcing agent who will give quality advice and assistance on every aspect of the supplier sourcing process.

Below we will explore four reasons why engaging a professional sourcing agent can be better than sourcing from online B2B platforms.

Handle all your communications and save your time.


When you are sourcing through an online B2B platform, you are dealing with multiple representatives from multiple furniture suppliers in China, all at the same time.

This process is very tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient.

You could have directed this valuable time and energy into other more important parts of your business, such as your sales activities.

A solution for this inadequacy is to engage a sourcing agent who can handle all communication and consolidate all information for you to make an effective decision.

A furniture sourcing agent is principally your sourcing adviser and assistant, who helps you throughout the whole furniture sourcing process. From the initial stage of selecting the best supplier for you right to the end when you receive your furniture.

Furthermore, the issue of a communication barrier is inevitable when dealing with a China counterpart. This is essential when trying to source your furniture from China, as the slightest miscommunication might lead to a situation whereby furniture is manufactured to the wrong specifications.

The right sourcing agent eliminates all risks by conducting useful discussions with the suppliers on your behalf.

Experts in the furniture industry.

On the B2B platform, the sheer number of companies with differing offers in terms of materials, shape, and sizes can overwhelm you.

Identifying a suitable supplier who can fulfil your needs in every aspect, including price, quantity, and quality, is tough.

When you wholesale furniture from China, you need to be sure about the quality of the purchased furniture as the quantity is mainly involved. Furniture from different suppliers may or may not meet your requirements.

Furniture sourcing agents mitigate this risk and expedite the selection process with their familiarity with the China furniture market. They can fast recommend suppliers that are best suited for your necessities, with an optimal level of pricing and quality.

With their specialized knowledge of the furniture industry, they can even conduct discussions that involve specific information on your behalf.

They understand different furniture suppliers’ products and their respective manufacturing capabilities to ensure the factory can fulfil your order quantity.

Therefore, the right sourcing agent will make sourcing from China much more comfortable than using a B2B platform.

Familiar with the China wholesale market.

China’s business standards and regulations can differ greatly from those of other countries. When you deal directly with a furniture supplier in China through a B2B platform, cultural or expectations differences might lead to conflicts.

Wholesale of furniture involves the delivery of large and heavy objects, which might be subject to a long list of regulations before they are cleared to be shipped out of the country.

If a regulatory problem arises, some smaller suppliers might not have the resources or workforce to help you resolve the issue promptly.

Having a sourcing agent to give you relevant advice regarding the business cultures of China can be highly beneficial. Another risk is that the furniture supplier’s reliability or legitimacy might be questionable when sourcing.

Although B2B platforms verify the entities, nothing beats “insider information” from the local sourcing agent regarding the reliability of individual suppliers. For example, a bad reputation of a furniture supplier might not be reflected by the B2B platform.

Help you monitor the whole process.

The purchasing process takes an extended period; the full selection, confirmation, production, and delivery cycle might take weeks or months to complete.

Yes, you might have visited your supplier’s factory during the early stages, but later on, you might not want to have frequent visits to check on the production.

In this case, the sourcing agent acts as a local independent party to help you monitor the progress in China while you are away on the other side of the world.

For example, periodic visits to the supplier’s factory to supervise production and quality inspection. It is essential to have someone local who can check and confirm something promptly during the different stages of the production. This is something that a B2B platform cannot offer.

Although B2B platforms offer comparisons between furniture suppliers, they cannot give industry-specific advice. This is where the sourcing agent comes in; they provide valuable information on your specific requirements that can help you to make an informed decision.

Not only your sourcing agent helps you to oversee the production, but they also ensure a smooth delivery process by fulfilling all the relevant documents and regulations.

A valuable investment over the long term.

furniture item

Furniture businesses all over the world are gathering their products from China. Many business owners prefer to wholesale furniture from China due to their manufacturing capability and affordability than other parts of the world.

With the list of reasons specified above, we’re sure you have realized the sourcing agent or your business partner. They will support you and advise which B2B platforms cannot offer.

Therefore, choosing a familiar agent for a reasonable fee is challenging. Yet, attempt to select someone with whom you feel comfortable with making your next reliable deals and can import expected furniture from China.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Did you learn something new from this article?

Wholesale Furniture guide?

Or if you’ve any questions, don’t be late to leave a comment.

We’ll love to hear your sound and try to provide the best suggestion.

So, leave a comment below right now. Thanks for your patience!

Jason Liao

Jason Liao


One of the founders of Riwick and worked for 4 years in the management of a large furniture factory.

He founded Riwick in 2015 and is in charge of web promotion and running the business.

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