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There are many challenges you can face when trying to purchase new items for your new house. Issues that relate to transportation, logistics and even access of quality products are real for many new homeowners. There is no denying that acquiring new household from overseas is a costly affair that will require good planning. While there is no way of going around the process, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the overall costs you incur. One of those things you can do is to team up with a good partner who knows the market and challenges involved. Many people often incur unprecedented costs because they did not take the time to get crucial information on how to acquire household items. With our agency, you are guaranteed of getting quality products at the right value.

There are many advantages of working with a sourcing agent when you are purchasing new goods. Not only do you get to enjoy faster processing of orders but you also tap into the expertise of the sourcing company. Working with a qualified agent also helps you cut costs and time. Sourcing agents also have the right economies of scale to take advantage of when working with wholesale customers. As a qualified agent, there are many things you stand to gain when you work with us.

Our Expertise and Experience in the Market

furniture market - riwickOur company is vastly knowledgeable of China. We have a big presence in the market where we work with multiple suppliers of furniture, building items and many other household items. We have invested heavily in making sure that we have the right professionals on the ground to get the best products for our clients. We have particularly increased our efforts in getting and working with the right partners who offer the best quality bathroom, doors, windows, and lamps among other products. Today, you can be able to get most household products from us at reasonable prices. We know the particular factories and manufacturers who provide products of varied specifications.

In addition to getting ceramics, furniture, and other household items for our clients, we also facilitate the process of moving items. We facilitate the drop-off of products to our customers. Our company also acts as a market guide to businesses who might be seeking to explore the Chinese market. We do not just lead our clients to the right product, we also guide them through the challenging process. Since we are committed to being a conveyor medium, we always handle the difficult tasks and break down the process for our customers. Through our website and service portals, customers are able to place their orders from the comfort of their locality from anywhere in the world. It is this convenience that has kept us ahead of the competition in the market. 

What We Do

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Our company is a proficient provider of quality household items in the industry. We have ample facilities and investments that enable us to handle the different aspects of supplying goods. From handling shipping processes to facilitating warehousing, there is no stage of the supply process where we are not involved. We also work with various partners to ensure smooth operations. Our clients comprise of different entities as we work with individuals as well as businesses. Individual customers who are shopping with us stand to benefit from a having an access to a variety of products. For businesses, they stand to cut major costs. We handle the whole process of moving the products from the manufacturer to the customer without demanding too much from our clients.

Our catalog contains an extensive list of household items. These products also come in different styles and designs. Since we work with many providers, our customers are ensured of multiple styles to choose from. Our charges are also quite considerate as we emphasize on giving our customers value. We have qualified staff and agents who can guide you through the different factories and markets right on the ground. Logistical issues like customs will also be made easier by our agents. By working with multiple shipping lines, we have managed to increase transportation efficiency. You do not have to worry about storage either as we have sufficient warehousing facilities.

How We Navigate the Market

The market is full of many products, manufacturers, and factories. Whether you are a retail client or a wholesaler, it can be very tasking to sift through all the clutter in the market. We readily understand this and we have committed to do this job on behalf of our clients. We have specialized in looking for the right items that meet our customers’ needs. Our products are the finest you can get in the market as they all go through our quality control checks where they are verified and approved for quality. As a credible sourcing agency, we navigate the market with authority and a clear vision.

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Why Should You Choose Our Services?

Our company is a formidable force in the market. We are reliable and all our services are credible. Our clients can expect to get the desired attention every time they engage us with inquiries or new orders. We always aim to provide products that are of high quality and which will be of great value to clients. Since we have an experienced and professional team, our success rates are high. Our organization’s goal is to continue giving timely and convenient responses to everyone who works with us. We are legally registered to do business and we follow regulations to the letter. In terms of quality control, we evaluate every product thoroughly in order to eliminate poor products from our catalog. Our communication is also efficient and timely.home items - riwick

Whether you are looking for tiles, wardrobes, sanitary or any other household item from China, you definitely need a good sourcing agent to guide you through the process. We are a one-stop-shop agency that is composed of a large team of experts who help businesses and individuals get the items they need. We have numerous facilities, networks, and connections that enable us to do our work effectively and conveniently. Get in touch with us today on the details of your purchase and we will send you a quotation without hesitation.


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