How important it is for good quality floor accessories.

//How important it is for good quality floor accessories.

Core tip: people always just focus on the wear resistance, formaldehyde emission and patterns of the floor but ignore the environmental problem of skirting, glue and underlayer foam etc.. Let’s go and explore what problem will be caused by bad quality floor accessories.

Pro-environment killer 1 : glue

Usually people think that only the wooden flooring itself will release formaldehyde. In the actual installation process, you will put a lot of glue to joint the flooring and lock the free formaldehyde. So it is main measure of choosing the glue to check whether the glue itself is pro-environment. It is expensive for the high quality glue. That’s because why many small businessmen tend to choose cheap glue even cheaper ones.  This can be came into the family via “special for brand” and “package project”.

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Pro-environment killer 2 : skirting

Besides, skirting also is one of the hidden pro-environmental “killer”. Because most of skirting in the process of production also will be chosen formaldehyde adhesive for gluing, veneer or lacquer. Moreover, the surface of skirting can’t do as density of flooring surface. In normal use process, free formaldehyde will release freely and will cause pollution to the indoor environment.

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Pro-environment killer 3 : underlayer foam

During the installation process, it is necessary to put a mat between the ground and flooring. In such a narrow and forgotten space, it is easy to breed bacteria so that it becomes the dead angle of pro-environment. So it is an important part to choose the mat which is anti-corrosion.

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