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Updated April 26, 2024

Some of us have been guilty of letting our furniture on the deck be uncovered. They may seem to be able to endure any kind of weather, but they, too, have limits.

Protecting your outdoor furniture may seem to be an unneeded hassle. It’s easy to believe the items will make it through the autumn and winter unharmed.

However, no matter how durable your furniture is, giving it some tenderness, love, and care may help it last longer.

Furniture covers give your outdoor chairs and tables the maximum protection they need to last for years.

They are constructed of all-weather material properties and are more durable than indoor furniture, but that does not imply they are immune to the effects of inclement weather.

In fact, after surviving the harsh winter months, your outdoor furniture is likely to need more maintenance than ever.

This is practically the reason why choosing the best outdoor furniture covers to protect your belongings is important.

They keep your outdoor furniture’s quality pristine and durable for a long period of time.

In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to choose outdoor furniture covers to protect the quality of your belongings.

outdoor furniture

1. Why purchase furniture covers?

2. Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Furniture Covers.

3. How to Cover Your Furniture?

4. Takeaways

    1. Why purchase furniture covers?

    furniture covers

    Materials such as all-weather leather and strong teak are made to withstand natural disasters such as heavy rain and storms.

    However, this does not imply they are immune to water, dirt, or temperature fluctuations.

    Extreme weather and situations may cause these materials to degrade and some mildew development to occur.

    High-quality plastic furniture helps in reducing temperature fluctuations. But, more significantly, they aid in the prevention of mildew and dirt buildup on your patio furniture.

    At the end of the winter, one of the most aggravating things to deal with is dirt and mildew.

    By covering your furniture, you may avoid having to deep-clean it in the spring. There are excellent plastic furniture covers that you can purchase almost everywhere.

    You can try looking for patio furniture covers on Amazon. This website offers unlimited options to fit your demands.

    While it is easy to look for the best outdoor furniture covers, you also need to consider other components before purchasing furniture covers.

    Below are some things to check before buying a suitable outdoor furniture cover.

    2. Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Furniture Covers

    furniture covers

    2-1. Size

    Before you even consider patio furniture covers, you need to measure your furniture.

    It’s surprising how many people purchase coverings without ever measuring them.

    This may easily result in large or undersized coverings that do not work correctly.

    Manufacturers often offer coverings designed especially for the components you purchase. To check what’s available, just visit the manufacturer’s website.

    However, this is not always the case.

    If there aren’t coverings scaled to match your outdoor furniture set, search for an alternate cover fitted to your patio furniture – preferably one with adjustable straps or attachments to give you more options.

    The benefit of safeguarding your lovely furniture with matching furniture covers is that they fit the furniture precisely, even the larger items like chaise lounges and couches.

    There are various measurement differences for each piece of furniture. You need to measure them correctly to purchase proper coverings for your outdoor furniture.

    2-2. Table measurement

    For width, measure the table from the opposing sides of the tabletop from right to left.

    Start measuring from the top of the table to the floor for length, then measure from edge to edge for width.
    Chair measurement
    To determine the width of the chair measure the full right-to-left distance from across the surface, including the armrests.

    When measuring height, begin at the highest point of the back and work your way down to the ground.

    Measure the length from the edge of the leg support to the edge of the chair.

    2-3. Is it waterproof?

    Sometimes, rain can be our number one enemy when it comes to protecting our patio furniture because the rain has a tendency to attract mildew growth.

    It is often assumed that all outdoor furniture coverings are waterproof. This, however, is not the case.

    There are several plastic furniture coverings that are just water-resistant.

    This implies that water will be able to seep through the cover at some time. Vinyl is often used to make waterproof coverings.

    However, one thing to remember about vinyl is that any moisture trapped within is unlikely to dry and may lead to mold growth.

    When opting to buy online and purchase patio furniture covers on Amazon, make sure it does not trap moisture inside, since this may lead to fungus development.

    Correspond with the seller to ensure the quality of the furniture cover that you are about to buy. Surely, you do not want to waste your money on low-quality products.

    2-4. Breathability

    You’ll want to search for coverings with holes, whether they’re water-resistant or waterproof.

    Vents enable air to flow, allowing the cover to “breathe” and allow your furniture to dry.

    A little more airflow on your patio furniture cover is advisable.

    A thick material, such as vinyl, is excellent for waterproofing, but without enough breathability, water may get trapped within the fabric, as previously stated.

    When purchasing breathable fabric, make sure that it is also waterproof. If forced to choose between the two, waterproofing is more essential than breathability.

    2-5. Material used

    The interior and exterior of a furniture cover are never the same.

    While the exterior of the cover provides weather protection, the interior is designed to keep mold and scratches at bay.

    When you remove the cover, a soft clothing material guarantees that the fiber of the furniture does not fall off.

    A rougher fabric, on the other hand, may harm the varnish or scrape the surface of the metal, which may be prevented with a soft fabric backing.

    If you are also a pet owner, you might also want to purchase a pet furniture cover to avoid scratching marks and destruction of your patio furniture.

    Pet furniture covers are excellent to protect the material of your furniture.

    If you are planning to buy a cover for your furniture, make sure that they are also good as a pet furniture cover to save yourself from the agony of damage caused by your beloved pets.

    There are soft patio furniture covers on Amazon that you can conveniently purchase. Be careful in assessing their material as this might damage the quality of your furniture.

    2-6. Fastening

    The last element to look for in your outdoor furniture cover is the fastening techniques to ensure a proper fit.

    These coverings are typically equipped with a variety of ways to keep them from slipping off or being blown away.

    In all seasons, you should cover your patio furniture.

    Outdoor furniture replacement may be costly, but with careful care, you can easily extend its lifetime.

    3. How to Cover Your Furniture

    Cover Your Furniture

    Once you have purchased your furniture cover, of course, you would want to put them securely on your furniture.

    Here is the step-by-step process on how you can cover your outdoor furniture:

    1. Eliminate any cushions and bring them inside if you haven’t already.

    2. Do not pile your cushions if they are damp.

    3. Put them upright, providing as much ventilation as possible to enable them to dry.

    4. When your furniture is damp, do not cover it. Allow at least a day for it to dry, wiping off areas as needed.

    5. Teak may take more time to dry than other hardwoods. Even while teak is very resilient, it is still wood and may mold and root with time. Allow plenty of time for it to dry before wrapping.

    6. Be sure to clean out any extra dirt from the underside. This will assist to minimize spring cleaning.

    7. When putting the patio furniture covers on, make sure to pull them tightly. Also, secure all coverings at the base of the furniture.

    4. Takeaways

    You invest a lot of money in your outdoor furniture, so you naturally want it to last for years.

    You’d think that your patio furniture would be able to survive the weather since it’s designed for outside usage, but you’d be shocked to learn that many pieces begin to fade and rust after just a few years.

    This is essentially why it is critical to invest in furniture coverings.

    Along with this, you must be careful while selecting the best outdoor furniture cover for your patio as this will serve as a barrier against any harmful elements to your furniture.

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