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DIDI APP setting

Updated April 26, 2024

Although you use our services, we will provide you with free car use in Foshan. But what if you want to have dinner or watch the night city alone?

Of course, you can shake at the side of the road at any time, and the taxi will still stop. However, if the weather is bad or the traffic is heavy, then without this new application, there will be no hope of taxis.

DiDi dache or DiDi chuxing (滴滴打车或滴滴出行) is the name of a mobile app that connects professional drivers with taxis and private cars.

1. There are two ways to use DiDi App:

1. Use third-party software WeChat to open in the wallet function. The advantage is that you do not need to bind other information, and the deduction will be deducted in the WeChat wallet. But you need a Chinese phone number.

2. Download the DiDi App directly. Then bind your personal information and payment information in it. But there must still be a Chinese phone number.
You can download the app here. DiDi Android; DiDi IOS.

If you’re already in China, Google Play won’t work without a VPN. In this case, try downloading from here.

So, if you are already in China, please buy a local Chinese SIM card and use it to register in the app. To buy it, prepare a passport.

2. How it works

If you have already used Uber, DiDi is not difficult for you. You have to enter an extraction location that corresponds to where your GPS shows you (but always check, the app often has no reference and places you near the nearest known point) or another choice.

In the English app, you can enter your location in English and Chinese, but you cannot enter a shared location received via WeChat.

Next, enter the destination again using English or Chinese characters and select your course type.

Other than calling a taxi, it always calculates estimated travel costs, although it does not include accidental diversions or excessive delays due to traffic.

But this can help you determine if the driver is cheating on you, and because once the trip starts, a navigation mode is activated on your app that will show you the road suggested to the driver at the same time as DiDi.

With premium-class cars, you can also learn more about how fares are calculated.

Usually, when you receive an order from a driver, they will give you a call to determine your location. When you don’t speak Chinese, you can ask nearby Chinese to help you. They are very friendly and don’t have to worry about this problem.

3. How to set up the DiDi App?

When you download DiDi App because it is a Chinese interface, you may be confused. Then I will let you set it up step by step.


Set your payment information

Locate your location and enter where you want to go.

4. A quick guide on how to take a trip in ten steps

1. Insert your starting point or confirm your location on DiDi through GPS

2. Insert your destination in Chinese characters or in English

3. Choose the type of car you want to use and how many seats you’ll need if you choose ExpressPoll

4. Confirm the call

5. Wait for the car assignment: at times, in the most crowded period, you’ll be shown your position in line and estimated wait time; you can count on these not being overly precise…

6. Check if the driver has sent you a message in the “message” section, which is also in English (I usually ignore it and have never been left to go on foot)

7. If you’ve changed your mind, cancel within two minutes of an assignment

8. Take the ride

9. Confirm payment only once you’ve arrived at your destination and check that the driver ends the ride on his App

10. Rate the service


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