How we should choose soundproofing window

How we should choose the material of windows:

The glass of soundproof window divides into normal glass, glazed glass, double glazed glass and vacuum glass. In these all types, vacuum glass is the most soundproof one. As the vacuum glass is divided 2pcs of glass, pumped out the air of the middle, it use the principle of “ sound can be travel through vacuum” to reach the effect of soundproof no matter what type of noise. Glazed glass only can isolate high frequency and low energy noise. And the effect of double glazed glass is normal but high safety. It is not easy to break.

You could choose the window which depends on your living environment. For example, if your home is on 20th floor and there is no train and big truck around, you could choose glazed glass or laminated glass; if your home is on the lower floor and near the road or viaduct or some low frequency noise, you may consider to choose vacuum glass. It is the best way to avoid the noise.Riwick sourcing agent

How we should choose the frame of windows:

Taking the effect of soundproof into consideration, aluminum alloy window is as good as plastic steel window.  Aluminum alloy window is easy to install. Price is reasonable. It is widely used. But it will cause big noise when sliding and rapid heat conduction. Due to the rapid heat conduction, the degree of leakproofness will be gradually reduced. The new design aluminum alloy thermal-break windows can fix this disadvantage.

How we should choose leakproofness of the window:

Leakproofness refer to what degree of leakproof for the window. It includes the leakproof of glass and frame, border and frame, window and wall. They will affect the performance of leakproofness of the window. And the one which determine the degree of leakproofness is sealing strip.  Currently there are 2 type of sealing strip in the market: one is wollens sealing strip, the other is rubber sealing strip. Both of them have their own disadvantage. The wollens one is easy to wear out after a while. This could reduce the effect of sealing.  And the rubber one is easy to be aging. This also reduce the effect of sealing.

How we should distinguish the quality :

1,Material: check all luster of all things like aluminum, glass, hardware. At the meanwhile, check all the hardware is completed or not.

2,Finish: the feature of good quality aluminum alloy window is finely processed, nice cut, same angle( the mainframe usually will be 45 degree or 90 degree). There will not exist obvious gap and the switch will be sliding smoothly.

3,Glass: check the glass whether it is glazed unit, coating film. If the one coated film, the glass will be more anti-corrosion, wear resistance, high glossy.

4, Size: check the size of windows are correct or not.Riwick sourcing agent


The advantage of soundproofing window:

1, Tight sealing

Maintain clean air of indoor. It can prevent stale air out of the room because of excellent sealing performance.

2, Double extend the life of the original window

Install soundproofing window on the basis of original one. It will reduce the temperature change of indoor and extend the service life of original window.

Riwick sourcing agent3, Reducing dust infiltration

It can keep the dust even the tiny one from entering the room because of excellent sealing performance. This could be protect all kinds of electric appliances from dust damage.

4,Block the UV rays

Some special glass can block 99% damage to human skin from UV rays of sun. Also it can prevent the furniture from fading and deterioration effectively.

5, Excellent performance for waterproof and windproof


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