Where Import Furniture From Shunde Foshan Furniture Markets(Mall)?

Located in Shunde town, China, which is famous for furniture worldwide, attract many foreign buyers every year. But for the people who come to China purchase first time, do you know where to buy? What should be noticed? Should you order from market or factories by self or go for a sourcing agent? What’s the shady thing inside? We are gonna to discuss it.

 Where to buy in Shunde town?

  1. Lecong international furniture market

Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center is also known as the Louvre / LFC is the biggest and most famous furniture mall in Shunde. It has a total area of over 300000 square meters housing hundreds of furniture wholesalers and retailers in its massive seven storied building. There is an information counter located in the middle of the main hall where you can get information about a specific shop from English speaking staffs. They also provide free wifi and a meeting area for discussions. The top floor of the building has a restaurant that serves Chinese and Western dishes.

The schematics of shops are easy to follow and they are arranged on the basis of the style of furniture such as modern furniture, classic furniture, Art Deco style, neo-classic furniture and traditional Chinese furniture. The fourth, fifth and sixth floor has office furniture and home decoration while the other floors are devoted to home furniture such as bedroom, sofa, dining tables, & chairs.

Sun-link Furniture Wholesale Market located next to Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center has many shops scattered around in warehouse shades. The prices are much cheaper than LCF, but the quality is also inferior. It is a good choice for those looking to buy furniture at low budget.

Tuanyi International Furniture City is located on the same side of Louvre furniture mall/LFC and has a good selection of furniture in the store.
Red Star Macalline Brand Furniture located opposite of Tuanyi is also a popular choice with foreigners. They offer single point check out similar to LFC but prices are lower in this mall.

The other famous Chinese national brand Empire Group and Royal Group also have a showroom near opposite Sun Link Plaza.

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Foshan furniture markets Main store area

Foshan furniture markets Main store area



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  1. Towns furniture factories in Shunde

Longjiang town which located in the southwest of Shunde, besides to Lecong, it’s not only the biggest domestic sales market but also the key position for manufacturing that over 2000 factories produce all kinds of furniture. As time goes on, many factories have spread to other towns near and being a large manufacturing network.

What should be prepared before ordering?

       1. Make a purchase strategy in advance

For example, you are planning to order big quantity for furniture, you can contact with some suppliers in Alibaba or Make-in-China websites something like these for information first. Then go ahead to book a hotel and plan a trip. Otherwise, you also can contact us Riwick for sourcing suggestions.


  1. Purchase for home purpose

If you are purchasing for home use, also need to have some knowledge for sea transportation, customs clearance and so on. If you already knew this, please have a look at our below topic:

Order from market or factories?

  1. Single product with big quantity

In this case, it’s better to go directly to the factories. Since they are more professional for certain item. Make a plan to visit the factories and check their actual situation. For example, you want 3-4 designs for sofa sets, shall we order from several factories? Of course no. Now many suppliers provide the ODM/OEM service for many designs.you just need to compare the price and quality. Here’s a professional manufacturer who have 12 years experiences can provide the ODM/OEM service, website:ICESOFA, SIZER SOFA.

  1. Go to market for various of items

For instance, you purchase for hotel stuff, it’s better to check in the market. Seeing is believing. Most of the shops in the market are factories direct sales.

Price and discount.

How many percentage discounts we can get? In my opinion, it depends. Large quantity always can get a big discount around 20%, otherwise, small orders get a little discount maybe 10%. Besides, nowadays the price is more transparent than before, most of the shops would not call high price. But we also need to concern about the designs and quality. I believe you get what you pay for. However, the material price has been shot up a lot since September 2016 like the steel, wood, and sponge, so now the furniture prices are little higher.

How to choose a sourcing agent?

You need to know about the details for their service before you choose. What kind of service can they provide? For example, the quality inspection or shipment arrange something like that. It is wise to choose the company agent instead of individual one. That’s safer for your money and contact.

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