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Updated April 26, 2024

The Foshan International Furniture Wholesale Center in China attracts a large number of foreign sellers to purchase each year.

Let’s be familiar with the distribution of these furniture wholesale markets.

Let’s get started.

Louvre international furniture Exhibition Center

Foshan Louvre Furniture Center

Popularity: 5

Category: civilian furniture, office furniture, mahogany furniture, home accessories

Business Hours:09:00-18:00

Level: High end

Scale:183000 Square Meter

Address: Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center Lecong Section of National Highway NO.325 Shunde District, Foshan City Guangdong


Louvre international furniture Exhibition Center since it opened in 2000 and now, has successfully hosted the VI session of the China (music from) the international furniture fair.

Lecong furniture industry into the international market provides a unique trading platform.

The influx of tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign businessmen from the producers of this bright, Le Cong furniture market has become the world’s largest furniture trade center.

Home Expo Center Home: United States Kin-wai, linbaojianni, living masters, nearly 400 of the world’s well-known furniture brands such as fashion square.

Business scope covers all types of furniture, different levels to meet the needs of different cultures and aesthetic needs of customers.

Louvre international furniture Exhibition Center (Holdings) Ltd enterprises directly under: Louvre Euro-American furnishings (Group) Limited Shunde furniture sector is one of the highlights.

Adhering to the European classical culture, uphold the principle of “living, for you to create” business philosophy, customers feel the extraordinary honor of Royal houses in Europe and America.

Furniture supermarket, nearly 100,000 square meters of the South China Exhibition Centre collection of sofas, Office furniture, and other kinds of fine furniture and that we become one, constitutes the industrial cluster of lecong furniture city.


SUN LINK Furniture City

Sunlink Furniture City

Popularity: 4

Category: civilian furniture, office furniture, mahogany furniture, home accessories

Business Hours: 09: 00-18: 00

Rating: Middle to high end

Size of 300,000 square meters, more than 400 suppliers

Address: Guangdong Foshan Shunde Lecong Furniture City Shunlian • North (325 State Road and Lok Qiao Road Interchange)


SUN LINK from the furniture city, Shunde District, Foshan City, Ltd was founded in 1999, is a United Group of companies.

In the business area of 300,000 square meters located in “China furniture business capital of” Lecong from the tap location.

Has a reasonable layout of shopping malls, convenient transportation, complete facilities, and perfect service system, including financial settlement and foreign trade service center, indoor parking, customer service center, large container handling areas, hotels, restaurants, and more readily available, is a response to international demand for modern professional furniture trading center.

At present, along the North attracted nearly 400 domestic and overseas brand shops into operation, formed the bedroom furniture, mahogany furniture, Office furniture, and three large furniture items.

Gathered over more than 400 brands, including the Master Xuan, stylish, excellent, Kyrgyz, Ye Chengshi homes, City Windows, Hu Yaobang, Le Yaxuan, hung, yonghua Redwood, Hua Chengxuan, Talon, Fubon Commercial Bank, and Qiu Bang Office.

Red Star Macalline Brand Furniture Exhibition and Wholesale Center

Red Star Macalline Home Furniture Plaza

Popularity: 5

Category: civilian furniture, office furniture, mahogany furniture

Business Hours:09:00-18:00

Level: High end

Scale: Over 140000 Square Meters

Address: No. 325 national way Shui Teng road Lecong Shunde District Foshan


Since the group was set up in 1986, Red Star Macalline always takes the responsibility to build a warm, harmonious home and upgrade the furnishing lifestyle for customers.

At present, the Red Star Macalline Group has opened 51 shopping centers in 31 cities across the country, with a total size of 483,000 square meters.

In 2008, the total sales exceeded 23.5 billion which had become one of the most famous brands in the furnishing industry in China.

Lecong Red Star Macalline Furnishing Wholesale Expo Center locates at the center of Lecong Furniture City, with a mature market, convenient transportation, and the perfect matching system.

The area of the project was planned to cover 450,000 square meters.

The first phase of the project is 150,000 square meters, with 1500 parking areas.

From project setting to planning and designing, it is oriented in the international standard, with magnificent momentum and spacious inside, luxury appearance, classical-style, noble and elegant atrium corridors make you experience the rich culture of the thousand years of Millennium National accumulation.


Shunde Dynasty Furniture Wholesale Center

Shunde Dynasty Furniture

Popularity: 4

Category: civilian furniture, office furniture, mahogany furniture, home accessories

Business Hours:9:00-18:00

Level: Middle to high end

Scale:50000 Square Meters

Address: No.1 Shangye Road Lecong Town Shunde District Foshan City


Shunde Dynasty Furniture Wholesale Center located in the China furniture business capital — Lecong Shunde, is the first business in Europe and the United States-China original luxury furniture, jewelry, and many well-known brands of domestic furniture.

The innovation of the descent, began in the original idea ahead of its time, as Lecong’s first brand flagship brand furniture, furniture has been leading the global trend as the goal, here, with hundreds of thousands of models including the global and the essence of the furniture.

It is the world’s top furniture!


Tuanyi International Furniture City

Tuanyi International Furniture City

Popularity: 3.5

Category: civilian furniture, office furniture, mahogany furniture, home accessories

Business Hours:9:00-18:00

Level: Medium Grade

Scale:90000 Square Meters

Address: Guangzhan Road Lecong Town Shunde District Foshan City


Tuanyi international furniture City was set up in 2000. It covers a total area of approximately 9 million square meters.

There is more than 400 famous brand furniture selling different type of furniture such as sofa, Bedroom suite furniture, Living room suit furniture, Office furniture and so on.

In a word, they have excellent design and the best quality, the furniture can satisfy the need for people of different cultural backgrounds and different hobbies.

There is a wholesale market including sofa, office furniture, and other furniture styles which also is the highlight of the Lecong international furniture market.

The location of the google map corresponding to each furniture wholesale market is as follows:


SunLink (north)

SunLink (south)

Red Star Macalline

Tuan Yi


Of course, locals have another few furniture procurement Center.

But these centers are for the domestic market, there is not much worth recommending …

If you have any questions, you can call us anytime.

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Jason Liao

Jason Liao


One of the founders of Riwick and worked for 4 years in the management of a large furniture factory.

He founded Riwick in 2015 and is in charge of web promotion and running the business.

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  1. Hadi Faghihi

    Hi dear Jason Liao
    I’m contacting you from Iran. I have a question. who built the buildings of furniture markets in china? which company built the buildings? what is the name of the construction company or companies that have built and developed the area in Lecong and Foshan? Have these markets and malls been developed separately by their companies?

    Sincerely Yours
    Hadi Faghihi

    • Jason Liao

      Hi Hadi Faghihi,
      I have no idea with the construction company.I can not help you.

      Thank you

  2. Jessie

    Hi Jason

    Of all the furniture centers you recommend, which centers are able to do customized loose furniture?


    • Riwick

      Hi, Jessie

      Sunlink furniture city is more appropriate.

  3. Danial

    I am planning to start my own furniture shop in Canada for home furniture . What will be the best place to get orders in large number with good price and quality.

    • Riwick

      Hello Danial, The two markets, SunLink (south) and Tuan Yi, are very suitable for your requirements. In fact, we will send you an extra email, please check it out. Thank you.

  4. Ahmad123

    hello, what do you think are the success factors for such market?

    • Riwick

      1. Reasonable price.
      2. Complete style.
      3. There are many markets supporting the surrounding area.

  5. Kwamona

    I will like start my own furniture shop in Ghana for home furniture where you think l can get good furnitures in china and send a paid sample to Accra

    • Jason Law

      Hello, Kwamona

      we sure can help you with this business, please can you send details to our services email sales@riwick.com.

      Looking forward to your response, thank you



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