What the misunderstanding is in furniture maintenance

In our daily life, in order to keep the furniture shiny, housewives often do cleaning and maintenance to them. But perhaps you don’t know that there are some methods of cleaning and maintenance which can make the furniture clean temporary. Actually it is potential damage to furniture. After a long time, you will find out that cause some irreparable problems to your furniture. Let us have a look at the advise from experts.

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1. If the white color furniture get yellow or get old. Methods from internet: using tooth powder (or toothpaste) to wipe it, the situation will be changed.

Advises from experts: this is oxidation reaction between paint and curing agent resulting in “getting yellow” phenomenon. Normally this situation is from inside to outside especially for white and light color furniture. Although tooth powder(or toothpaste) has the ability to remove the stain, it is useless for paint oxidation reaction. It works only by using abrasive paper to burnish and re-paint.

2. It is useful for door deformation by using door deformation agents. Statement from internet: it can be fixed by putting straight item with heavy weight on it.

Advises from experts: the reason of deformation of panel furniture is poor quality, bad handling for sealing edge and moisture expansion. The main reason of deformation of solid wood furniture is high moisture content in wood. After water evaporation, uneven contraction of wood causes the deformation;  uneven paint spraying for inside and outside cause the coating thickness differences. It would cause deformation due to different water absorption rate.  Besides, untreated panel is easy to “heat up” due to high temperatures in hot summer. Although this is a natural phenomenon, panel after “heat up” will affect its service life. If it is problem from material itself, it only can be processed back to factory or get a replacement. If the problem is uneven painting, it need to be re-sprayed. Putting a heavy press is only an expedient method.

3. Bubbles in decorative panel. Methods from internet: using sharp knife to cut along with the grain direction of wood in “bubble” central. Then using a syringe to inject seam with glue , pressing slightly on the top of “bubble”, wiping away the overflow glue with wet cloth.  In addition, you should use an item with flat smooth bottom to press on the area. In order not to damage the surface of bubble around, you could cover the bubble with a film to separate them.

Advises from experts: bubble is caused by imperfect handling of veneer. The method above is the method to fix that problem. But one more thing should be noticed. After the above handling, there will be sight damage on the surface. You could color or spray lacquer on the cut, or it is not perfect.

4. Sealing edge fall off. Statement from internet: use the iron to melt the glue on high temperature, then stick the panel again.

Advises from experts: sealing edge falling off is because of bad quality of glue, uneven coating or lack of glue.  If you choose to fix this problem as the above method, you should be very familiar with it. Or it will burn the other surface. It is better to get back to repair in the factory.

Riwick sourcing agent5. Surface scratches. Statement from internet: using  crayons or paints of same color with furniture , covering the scratches, and coating with transparent nail polish.

Advises from experts: the above is an expedient method. Actually the surface of scratches is “ditch”. It is better to use specific agent to fill the “ditch”, then spraying a layer of varnish. If the scratches on the MDF panel, you could use crayon similar color to the panel to fix it, then spraying a layer of varnish. Nail polish is not hard enough to be recommended.

6. Burn marks or burning white marks. Statement from internet: cigarette butts, cigarette ashes or burning matches etc. sometimes leave scorch marks on the furniture. If just finish burned, you could cover the toothpicks with a hard cloth, wipe the scorch slightly, then coat with a thin layer of wax. If it burns the wood under the paint, the above method is useless. If you accidentally put hot cup on the wood furniture, it will appear a white circle on the surface. At this case, you could spread petroleum jelly on it for 2 days, then wipe gently with a soft leather. The marks can be removed.

Advises from experts: both of these methods have no effect.  Handling with burn marks, you only can remove the charred parts, patching the hole, spraying paint.  If it occurs white scald marks, it means the dry heat resistance properties are not qualified. It is the phenomenon caused by chemicals reaction under high temperature. If it is tried to be solved by petroleum jelly, it is not possible. The expedient method is using color-remanding agent to fix it , then re-paint it. If you want to completely solve this problem, you only can remove all the film of paint, re-paint it with qualified paint.


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