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Updated April 26, 2024

Working from home is a phantom dream for many people, but it comes with its own set of difficulties.

It may be tough to psychologically transition from “home mode” to “work mode” if you seldom leave your house and your mattress is just by the corner of your table.

Though many of us have had time to adapt to working from home, it still can be difficult to work efficiently while you are in the comforts of your home.

While it may be tempting to lay down on the sofa in your sweats and designate it in your new workplace, working is essential to keep your life going and to sustain your needs as a human being.

As a remote worker, investing the effort to carefully choose office furniture accessories for your work from the home setup is worth the investment.

When you begin to set up a home office, one of two things may happen.

You’ll either underestimate or overestimate what you’ll need to get your workplace up and operating. In any scenario, you may soon find yourself struggling.

To assist you in getting your home office up to speed for optimum productivity, we’ve compiled a list of modern office furniture accessories to have for your work home from setup.

Modern Office Furniture Accessories

1. Necessary work-from-home equipment.
2. Importance of Office Chair Accessories.
3. Takeaways.

    1. Necessary work-from-home equipment

    1. Under Desk Footrest

    Under Desk Footrest

    Opting for an under-desk footrest for your work-from-home setup is a must!

    Ergonomic under desk footrests make extended periods of sitting at a desk or sitting workplace more comfortable.

    Footrests relieve back pain and enable workers to shift postures by redistributing their weight.

    This essential piece of equipment helps to correct posture, decrease tiredness, and alleviate discomfort in the foot, knees, ankles, and joints.

    Good posture, whether sitting or standing, helps to coordinate the body so that it can operate effectively.

    Footrests are proven to improve blood flow when they are adjusted to naturally angle the foot. The optimum footrest angle depends on the person.

    Quality is an essential consideration when searching for a decent under desk footrest.

    You should be able to position your legs and feet in a comfortable and strain-relieving posture.

    The under-desk footrest must be checked for rocking ease. The easier the back-and-forth rocking, the better it is to incorporate movement into your workspace.

    If the footrest’s rocking motion is clunky or loud, it will disturb you from your working productively.

    2. Keyboard tray for chair

    Keyboard tray for chair

    A keyboard tray for your chair enables you to make precise changes to your typing posture, thus avoiding and alleviating discomfort and repetitive stress injuries.

    If you’re like the majority of computer users who don’t have a keyboard tray, you rest your forearms on the desktop when typing or using the mouse.

    This takes less effort than attempting to keep your hands slightly above the keyboard, particularly if you use the keyboard all day.

    Adding an ergonomic keyboard tray for your chair to your workstation may immediately save up desk space.

    Another good thing about adding a keyboard tray for your chair is that you’ll have some additional room for a notepad for short notes. Simply slide the keyboard tray beneath the desk if you feel the need to focus on more intense paperwork duties.

    When not in use, the keyboard and mouse may be conveniently stowed.

    Because most keyboard trays for chairs have wrist rests, you’ll have a more comfortable spot to rest your wrists when you get tired of typing.

    Some people may just lay their wrists on the pad all the time.

    While most ergonomists do not suggest this, it is a better option than laying them on your office’s hard surface.

    3. Lumbar support

    Work from home setup may cause you to sit longer than you used to before the pandemic began.

    Lumbar support pertains to furniture that offers appropriate help to the lumbar area in order to maintain the spine’s natural curvature.

    Lumbar-support furniture prevents muscles from overworking themselves, which may aid in the healing of a lumbar strain.

    This office chair accessory promotes excellent posture by simply filling the space between the lumbar spine and the chair, thus maintaining the lower back’s natural inward curvature.

    The muscles around the spine are freed of most of the burden of needing to maintain the spine naturally bent with adequate lumbar back support from the office chair.

    This support is particularly essential while sitting for an incredibly long time.

    It is more difficult to maintain good posture without lumbar back support, and the lumbar spine and major muscle group in the lower back have to put more effort to sustain the right curvature and alignment.

    As the body wears, the muscles that maintain the spine in this posture weaken, and the head and upper back tend to tilt forward to adjust for the weakness of the lumbar muscles.

    4. Chair slipcovers

    Furniture Covers

    Slipcovers are fitting pieces of cloth that may be used as an additional layer over a chair’s seat. They are available in a number of colors and can be fitted to a variety of chair sizes, making them an excellent and easy option for extending the life of your office chairs.

    Because this kind of office chair accessory is used so often, they are unavoidably filthy.

    Working long hours may cause you to sweat, which permeates into the fabric of your chair.

    It’s always a good idea to maintain your work environment as clean as possible, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is critical it’s to wash surfaces regularly to limit the transmission of viruses.

    Furthermore, after months or years of use, the fabric of the chair seat may get torn or faded. By using a slipcover to protect the surface of an office chair, you may prolong its life by preventing scuffs and damage.

    5. Cupholder

    Some manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of coffee cup holders.

    For many years, these cup holders have been made from strong texturized pulp fiber and durable cardboard-type paper. Each container type enables you to transport two to four hot or cold beverages securely.

    Some cup holders are simple squares, while others are more defined and nearly resemble an origami shape since the edges of the container are considerably higher.

    They are also constructed with well-defined edges, and the equipment is completed with a handle that enables you to slide your fingers in the middle for a firmer grasp on the container.

    If you are one to enjoy drinking while working, having a cupholder by your office table is important. A lot of workers consider buying this type of office chair accessory to conveniently place their mugs or cups safely.

    A cupholder will basically hold the mug steadily for you and avoid spilling all over the place.

    6. Side shelves

    If you want to organize your workplace, side shelves are a great option. You can keep all of your belongings in the most orderly way.

    Shelving makes the most of the available space. It makes the most of the available area.

    Your workplace will seem even more organized and spacious.

    Archive shelving and side shelves may help you remodel your workplace.

    Shelving allows you to maximize your storage capacity. Storage shelves solutions are neither costly nor difficult to install. There are many storage shelf options that may be integrated into your workplace or home.

    Shelving units must be properly fitted. They will then improve the aesthetics of your house and workplace.

    They will liven up your general décor and make your house or workplace seem less cluttered. A stress-free, clutter-free atmosphere is essential for creativity and mental clarity.

    Shelving organizes your company’s papers, documents, and paperwork, resulting in increased business efficiency and production. Side shelves may be bought to meet all of your demands and specifications.

    2. Importance of Office Chair Accessories

    Swivel Plates

    Sitting in an office about 8 hours a day is fairly the standard for office employees, regardless of how detrimental this routine may be.

    Sitting in one place for a long period of time will not only tire you, but will also raise your chance of contracting fatal illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and others.

    Office chair accessories are the finest and most widely accessible option for reducing the effects of sitting illness in the workplace.

    Even the little switch switching to ergonomic mouse or ergonomic keyboards is a little adjustment, it will bring benefits in the long term.

    Our posture is among the first things that people notice when they meet us, therefore poor posture will certainly strike a negative chord.

    Unfortunately, inactivity is likely to damage your posture, thus impacting the initial impressions that people may have of you.

    Office chair accessories, particularly lumbar support, can assist you in sitting straighter and maintaining eye contact with the monitor.


    Having a work-from-home setup is essential nowadays. This setting will keep you and your family safe from the virus and keeps you on top of your game at all times.

    There is more office equipment that will be required at your home office, depending on the kind of job you perform and the amount of space you have available.

    However, if you follow this checklist to get started thinking about the basics, you’ll be well on your way to establishing an organized and effective home office setup.

    Every big change begins with a little one, and by using office furniture accessories, you may impact your work productivity.

    Although they may seem little, ergonomic accessories will and should be valuable tools in your workplace.

    Jason Liao

    Jason Liao


    One of the founders of Riwick and worked for 4 years in the management of a large furniture factory.

    He founded Riwick in 2015 and is in charge of web promotion and running the business.

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