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In a fast-paced world where the demands of the people should be met by an equally fast and efficient way of supplying items, be them products or services, a proper resource is the most effective solution. Time is always a factor that is lacking. Just ask anyone and they would definitely consider proper timing and scheduling as important factors in their lives. And while some would like to speed up time while anxiously waiting for something, a handful of others would consider that turning it back is much more important. But regardless of what the issue may be, what is truly important is the present, and that diminishing the effort, stress and time wasted is a better opportunity for the planned goals to properly be attained.


  • The digital world is definitely a good contributor to meet the demands of quick accesses and ordering. But the problem that lies in this platform is also its own advantage. Due to globalization and improved innovative solutions to make all our lives better, a huge selection is made available in the market, and with thousands upon thousands of categories to choose from, it would be too confusing to know where to start. Not to mention that with competition, the games of the economy continue to roll, and we all tend to base our decisions on the prices of these products instead of on what we truly want for ourselves. What if we would simply like an overhaul of the look of our own homes? The perfect furniture pieces that can be collectively delivered are hard to find, much more so if we have businesses that require uniformity and customization on every item. Worse is when we would need to get supplies for a larger quantity, for an occasion that cannot be messed up with. Eventually, we all would get back to square one.

  • But there is a better solution to this. Instead of searching through the web pages that only confuse us with varying prices for products that are relatively the same, why not depend on just one provider that is fully dedicated to giving a compassionate service to their clients? With one sourcing agency, all of the client’s needs from home improvement to customized solutions to wholesale purchases would be properly handled, and there would be no more additional fuss or stress. All the items will be delivered accordingly, and it will be a win-win progress for both!

Riwick is one such agency. With headquarters located in Foshan City in Guangdong, China, a team of experts can handle even the most demanding of needs of the clients. Trust issues never come unquestioned, as the company is legally registered under the Chinese government with a reported 100,000 RMB as their initial capital. Their unique products boast not only of style and the latest trends in furniture but of convenience and value for money as well. As an experienced sourcing agency, Riwick, based on the client’s requirements, would scout for the best available products in China’s market, and this would prove very favorable to both ends. China is known for mass production with various designs and styles to pick from, so prices are kept at a relatively low range, which then trickles to the eventual savings for costs for shipping and Customs clearances. So even without the need to fly to China yet which incurs an additional cost for airfare tickets, the communications team will still be able to give constant updates that would never leave clients in the dark about their custom orders. And once everything has been settled and the purchasing of the products will be made final, an assistant will readily be made available to brief the client once they would arrive to check on their items.


To name a few, Riwick can provide advice on the basic home renovation requirements. Furniture such as sofa sets, tables, cabinets, drawers, and even the occasional mattresses and bed selections are included in the company’s catalog. But don’t judge them on those items alone! The company also has a great selection of windows, doors, lighting, kitchen, and bathroom supplies which would surely be acquired from the best possible manufacturers in the country. As they are less than an hour’s drive away from the sources of these products, selection and comparison, if needed, can easily be arranged. Various decorative items are also available for browsing, and we personally recommend that you check their rugs, beddings, certain displays, and wallpaper designs to suit any of your rooms. 

And for those who want to get to the basics of things and build their own structures with their own hands, Riwick is also a capable supplier of hardware tools, materials, ceramic tiles and woodwork machinery. Whatever it is that is needed, the company would most definitely exert all possible efforts to attend to the customers’ select choices.
With an experience of six years on furniture and international business, the team of Riwick is more than just capable of helping clients find the right choices for their own needs. While competition is based on the affordability of products, they also ensure that the quality would not go below their own standards. They charge a minimal amount of 5% for their services, which, if we would weigh-in total for all their devoted and enthusiastic assistance, would be very much worth it.

An advantage of dealing with their good company is that they also handle the manner by which the products would be delivered. Options would be given to the clients depending on their preference and budget, and this allows more flexibility without the full constraints usually imposed on similar partnerships. Some of these options are enumerated below:

• Ex-works (EXW) wherein the customers will have free reign to arrange methods for the transport from Riwick’s factory to a particular port.

• Free on Board (FOB) which ships the products from Riwick’s warehouse in Guangdong to Guangzhou or Shenzhen, and the customer will be the one to arrange further transport to the preferred destination.

• Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) which lets Riwick ship the customer’s products to their preferred port, but pick-up and further handling will have to be under the client’s responsibility.

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Of course, reaching out to the management team is essential for the arrangement of requirements. That would be rather easy to do nowadays, what with the developments in global communication. They can be contacted in their corporate office at 0086757-23391183 and at their international line at 0086-18022248928. Alternatively, their email address is Their promise is that upon contact, they will be able to get back to their messages within 24 hours. If that isn’t good customer services, we don’t know what else it would be called as.

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