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Updated April 26, 2024

You cannot get real bathroom facilities without accurate sanitary fittings. It also represents your bathroom in a good look. But many people, especially the buyer, can understand what types of sanitary fittings they need. Sometimes they suffer from buying the wrong accessories.

Mostly, there are different types of fitting for the bathroom. Some are quality, and some are less quality. When you decide to buy bathroom fittings, try to find out what type is convenient for you.

Even if you decide to import sanitary fittings from a reliable source, then China is the best region. Chinese products are standard, safe, convenient and excellent finishing.

In this article, we’ll focus on every point of sanitary fitting and importing procedures.

(Ps: At the end of the article, we created a gallery of sanitary fitting. Welcome to download and watch)

Bathroom Cabinet

1. Types of sanitary fittings

2. What kind of sanitary fittings will be brought for business?

3. Classification of sanitary fittings produced in China

4. Where to find sanitary fittings Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?

5. Some provinces superior for individual sanitary fittings item

6. How to Source bathroom sanitary ware from China?

7. How to Search sanitary fittings Suppliers Online from China?

8. Standard Requirements for Importing sanitary ware products from China

9. Customs duty and taxes when importing from China

10. The problem may arise when importing sanitary fittings from China

11. How to Pay Chinese Suppliers for sanitary fittings importing

    1. Reasons why you need pet furniture cover

    A bathroom gets complete by bathing, grooming, washing hands, faces finally use as storage of bathroom suppliers. Sometimes it uses for infant care, hand laundering, dressing, etc.

    So hopefully you understand a bathroom mainly is a combination of washbasin, toilet, shower stall, bathtub, bidet, dressing cabinet storage shelves, etc. Yet a bathroom has three fixtures such as toilet (WC), washbasin and shower or bath.

    In this section, you will learn about different types of bathroom fixtures and their existing accessories. We hope this section will be obtainable for you.

    1. Washing basin (Sink) or lavatory in bathroom

    From the plumbing angel, a washbasin or sink is bowl-shaped fittings use for washing hands, small objects and face. The sink is usually made with different kinds of materials like Ceramic, cast iron or enamel over steel, stainless steel, plastic, concrete, Terrazzo, stone, glass or glass. But the Ceramic and stainless steel s widely used.

    Moreover, the Ceramic have better using record than stainless steel, especially at the bathroom. Because ceramic get dirt and could be stained for getting touch in water always, but it is cleanable with less effort.

    Anyway, this kind of basin is fixed at the top from the minimum height of 29 inches from the floor. Often the height varies depending on using conveniently.

    Bathroom Fitting-Bathroom-Cold-Clean-Cool-Chrome-Bright-Bath

    There are multiple accessories found in the washing basin, such as:

    • Faucet (TAP): This type generally has taps (faucets). It can supply both hot and cold water along with providing spray facilities that use for faster rinsing. This feature might be fixed in the basin or sometimes may remain on the wall above on the pool.
    • Mirror: You can’t ignore the importance of mirrors at your bathroom. This is must-have stuff. However, generally, the mirror should be a minimum height of 1.6 inches above from the washing basin. The height should be fixed depending on the user’s demand. Sometimes, those have children at their house; they can keep the mirror at an average position so that everyone can use it. You may also install it in front of a medicine cabinet.
    • Self: A self is another essential stuff for a bathroom. You can put necessary tiny objects in it like a brush basket, hand wash, washing brush, etc.
    • Vanity unit: It can be formed with a mirror door. It is suitable for the washbasin. You can use it instead of the medicine cabinet.
    • Soapdish: The suitable position of soap dish is on the wall beside the basin. It is good to install at the height of 3’6’’ inches from the floor. But you have the preferred option of yourself.
    • Electric receptacle: The electric razor or hairdryer should have the right side of the basin.
    • Tumbler holder: It can be placed on the wall on the side of the installed basin. The height is expectable as a wish or the plumber suggestion.
    • Towel bar or ring: It should be placed at a minimum reachable position where you can take and keep towels easily. If you have children, then you may set the ring at a little lower height.

    Bathroom Fitting-Faucet-Bath-Bathroom

    2. Toilet or WC in a bathroom 

    A toilet is part and parcel equipment of the bathroom. It disposes of human waste. Also, flash and send waste to another location by using water within drainpipe. A perfect toilet can run all the functional activities accurately.

    You will find multiple toilets or commodes. The setting type is known as ‘’western’’ commode, and the squatting type is ‘’squat’’. The combination both of squatting and sitting is called ‘’Anglo-Indian”.

    Nowadays the using of western type toilets are increasing day by day. The Asian and Middle East peoples have attended using the western toilet.

    Ordinarily, there are some standard accessories in the maximum toilet like:

    • Health faucet: Health faucet indicates a handheld nozzle that supplies a forceful spray of water to clean a user’s anus or genitals after evacuation or urination.

    While a user uses it ten no need to use his/her hands, because it has a robust power of water spray that can clean human evacuation dust correctly, however, its installation position is on the wall on the right side of the users.

    Bathroom Fitting-Tub-Bathtub-White-Hygiene-Bath-Bathroom-Modern

    • Toilet roll holder: You may call it a toilet paper dispenser that holds a roll of toilet papers. Its perfect remaining position is at the right place of users when setting on the commode.

    Possibly, you know the people usually use their left hand to take toilet paper while they are set in the toilet. As the commode is placed beside a wall, so the paper holder generally remains at the nearest position. The closing fittings will allow picking toilet paper, though if you are on the commode.

    3. Shower stall or shower cubicle in a bathroom

    A shower is also called a shower bath. It has an overhead nozzle that sprays water down to the body. Its standard sizes are 2’8″ x 4’0″, 3’0″ x 3’0″, 3’0″ x 5’0″, etc. You will see some fittings in a shower stall:

    • Showerhead: A showerhead contributes to spraying water from multiple holes of a shower nozzle. It distributes water over a large solid angle. I can supply water from a different perspective. You can move the shower as you want. The plumber fixed its size and height according to the user’s want.

    For all ages, this is perfect for installing at minimum reaching position by all ages persons.

    • Shower control: Shower control is an outstanding feature of a shower. You can control the temperature as you need. It allows controlling cold and hot water temperatures.

    Should have below the showerhead so that is can be used conveniently.

    • Soap and sponge holder: Soap and sponge holder’s most excellent place is the sidewall, opposite the showerhead. Yet make sure to place it at a nearby location for easy access.
    • Shower curtain rod: Shower curtains are curtains consumed in bathtubs with a shower or shower inclusions.

    This is made of vinyl, cloth or plastic. This curtain has two benefits like preventing water from flooding or spraying into the bathroom and creating a privacy sense.

    • Shower ventilator: Though you may seem the ventilator is unnecessary, it is significant to remove steam from the bathroom. It can eradicate the bad odour of the toilet. You can install it to get a blowing environment.
    • Shower stall light: This is optional but should be vapour proof fittings.
    • Towel Bars – Its lengths 1’6″, 2’0″, 2’6″, 3’0″ or 3’6″. It can be secure on the rearmost wall of the shower cubicle. Its minimum height of 4’0″ from the floor.

    A glass shower attachment with glass door can be cast-off in place of a curtain; numerous sorts are accessible in the market.

    • Towel rack: Possible you might have several lengths of towels. The frame is worthy of keeping sheets.

    Bathroom Fitting-Faucet-Nostalgia-Gold-Hot-Water-Connection-Valve

    4. Bathtub in a bathroom

    A bathtub usually needs for bathing on lying position. Most are made of acrylic or fibreglass. But it’s also available in enamel over steel or cast iron. Sometimes com in wood.

    This has some standard sizes like 5’0″ x 2’8″, 5’6″ x 2’8″, and 6 ’0″ x 3’ 0″. Its structure is a combination of the shower. Generally, a bathtub featured in below things:

    • Showerhead: It comes in two categories, like adult persons and children. For adults, bathtub height of 5.9’’ from the floor and for the children the height is 5” from the storey.
    • Shower controls: A shower control standard height is 4’6’’. Although this is optional if you use ten can get the extra charm of bathing. Its set up location is lower in fact, according to the user’s request.
    • Towel Bar: It is close-fitting on the sidewall together to the bathtub at a minimum height of 4’0″. Though, if it has a shower, do not set up the towel bar next to the bath.
    • Bath spout: This element situated above the bathtub. With bath valves above the bath spout.
    • Curtain Rod: Curtain rod remains within the inside face of the tub at a minimum height of 6’0″. Consecutively, glass shower inclusion can be cast-off outside the container for avoiding the water falling on the floor.
    • Soap and sponge holder: Its place inferior to the wall. At the side of the bathtub at a maximum height of 3’0’’ from floor ground.
    • Vertical grab bars: Its lengths 9″, 12″, 15″, 18″ or 24″. ″. All are optional but suggested. They are formfitting to the sidewall together to the bathtub at the height of about 3’6″ from the floor.

    Bathroom Fitting-Summer-Interior-Villa-Hotel-Bathroom-Luxury

    2. What kind of sanitary fittings will be brought for business?

    Often buyers or importer get tension on what type of sanitary fittings they will import for their business.

    This decision depends on the region where the importer’s business or shop is located.

    However, they should justify very well to achieve their actual needs. Here, we will describe several types of bathroom fittings.

    Classic appearance: Classical design continuously has a demanding appeal for all time. It never becomes out of fashion. The white colour is predictable.

    Although it gets dirty or sometimes might be stained but regular cleanliness keeps it fresh. Hite is a popular sanitary colour. If you have demand on whit, it may import depending on the user’s need.

    Convenient and safe: You know people want to use any materials safely and conveniently. The bathroom fittings are not far from this thought.

    When you need to use the bathroom immediately, the over function can disturb you. If you can’t figure out the bathroom at your urgent time, then the remaining fitting is just right for nothing.

    Consequently, before buying any of these, pay attention to its using method so that you and the child can utilize it properly. Remember, over functionalities hampers usability.

    toilet fittings

    Environment-friendly using: With the improvement of global development, the bathroom is being advantageous from the usage angel. But the concern is about environment-friendly using.

    Most consumers now favour bathroom fixtures which are not unhealthy, like attract germs and bacteria. Along with that, the fittings don’t waste a lot of water.

    Luxury market: Every market has individual goodwill for doing business with luxury products. This market pursuit for luxury sanitary wares, artistic designs, private spas, saunas, shower systems, and larger baths that are comfortable and stylish. It’s good to choose this kind of market.

    ceramic sanitary ware

    3. Classification of sanitary fittings produced in China

    China is producing world standard sanitary fittings along with supplying to the many counties.

    The manufactures of China emphasis on quality and classification.

    That is why importer from different countries are involving to China.

    According to the Chinese sanitary ware industry report, Chinese produced bathroom fixtures can be categorised depending on raw materials consumed such as ceramic or non-ceramic.

    • Generally from ceramic, they produce toilet, bidet, urinal, washbasin, sink, soapbox, toilet roll holder and etc.
    • Similarly, using a nonceramic bathtub, faucet, bathroom cabinet, hand dryer, flusher, and another electric part. Otherwise, there is much raw material that can be used by the manufacturer.

    Bathroom Cabinet -Riwick

    4. Where to find sanitary fittings Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?

    Looking for Chinese washroom items suppliers or manufactures is already a concern.

    This more anxious, particularly for a new buyer who doesn’t have any experience of buying from China.

    We have enlisted in products and cities.

    bathroom fittings Manufacturers and Suppliers in China -Riwick

    Guangdong province is recognised as the most prominent bathroom ware manufacturing base in China.

    Possibly, this base is the similarly most extensive base of sanitary items in the world. You will see there are more than thousands of sanitary ware manufacturers. Let’s look at the cities.

    1. Foshan city: 

    Those people expert in buying high-class sanitary fittings, Foshan city is the best region for them. Do you know why? Every huge year number of importer visits this area for dealing.

    A maximum of them communicates in English. In this city, the suppliers are skilled in English. And importer from different countries may come here to deal by speaking in English through many Chinese cities are being cultured in the English language.

    Foshan is the city of ceramic; this is the most significant and most crucial ceramic base in China. You will discover many brands like TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, Suncoo, Roca, Dongpeng and the sales centre here. So this location can be an excellent choice for importing excellence items.

    Moreover, Foshan is well known as the production area of cabinets, shower rooms, and bathtubs. They use high-end furniture technology because of most furniture manufacture in Shunde.

    sanitary fittings

    Possibly, you know Shunde is the most significant furniture town in the world. Also, the leisure sanitary wares production technology is present here whether the other cities don’t have.

    Essentially, Foshan is the right place from where you can buy many kinds of products for your house or projects. Besides this city is famous for building, materials, light, furniture, door, windows and many things.

    Suppliers from here waiting with thousand products on a diverse niche, you can pick directly from them.

    Even you can share your ideas; they must hear from you to provide your customising item. Finally, you can gather a fantastic experience here.

    Note: Foshan is located next to the Guangzhou. To reach there, it takes only 50 minutes from Guangzhou from Baiyun international airport.

    If you contact a specific company before arriving in China, the company could have the facility of car service as you’re a customer of them. So it’s better to contact them before coming so that they can take you away to your destination at the right time.

    Otherwise, they can rent a taxi or airport bust to reach Guangzhou directly. Using a taxi or subway from Foshan is suitable.

    bathroom showrooms

    2. Chaozhou city:

     Chaozhou is the city of eastern Guangdong province. This is a porcelain capital of Guangdong, and you may call a ceramic industry. A large number of ceramic sanitary ware item is producing and exporting from here.

    This city’s export volume is 55%, and 405 is national production. Those businesses are experts and want to import in a significant amount; this city is the most excellent choice for them. Here, we will see honesty, basin, bidet, pedestal, etc.

    Maximum ceramic sanitary ware factories are situated in Guxiang, Denhtang, Fengxi, Fengtang town.

    Note: When you are unknown with Chines language, there are many chines to English translator in Changzhou. Remember, some suppliers of Chaozhu speak in a secret Teochew dialect that could be hard to understand.

    Don’t worry; a translator can convert all their dialect. It is more beneficial if you get a local language speaker.

    Plus, this area is convenient to travel, no hazard will disturb you at the travailing period. Along with you can take high-speed rail from Guangdong to Chaoshan station and say supplier to pick up you.

    3. Kaiping city: 

    Kaiping city is a city of Guangdong. People call this city a sanitary city. Can you imagine why this city is famous for? Yes, almost maximum sanitary products are available here.

    It’s a pillar zone of sanitary and plumbing wear industry. Shuikou town is the most significant base of domestic faucet and hardware fittings manufacturing. Here held the Chinese biggest sanitary wares exhibition.

    Though the product price is slightly higher in the selling zone, unquestionably all products come from the quality standard.

    Suppliers commit to the best sanitary item. If you certainly give importance to quality, then don’t delay to come to Kaipiang.

    sanitary fittings manufacturers

    4. Nan’an city: 

    It is a city of southern Fujian province. This city also has goodwill for ceramic production. From the Chiens history, Nan’an is a centre of celadon production.

    Perhaps, you know celadon wares are a kind of ware like a green glazed bowl with carved and combed or dotted decorations.

    Not only this but also there are many faucets, showers and angel valves factories. This is the best location for those who want a reasonable price and suitable item.

    5. Zhongshan city:

    It’s not a nightmare that Zhongshan city has a capacity of producing 2.8 million sets of shower room products. This revolution began with more than 20 years of development.

    It has an export record of 300 million U.S dollars. This is an essential city of economic exchanges between the east and west coasts of the Pearl River delta.

    Further, it has essential transportation permission in the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary.

    Zhongshan is the most critical shower manufacturing base. Here, I would find verities item. Even more than 100 well-known shower enterprises are in this city.

    Note: You might seem hard during importing shower rooms because of having less exportation tax from the government. It has anti-dumping laws of Europe and the United States on building materials.

    6. Wenzhou city: 

    Wenzhou city locates in Zhejiang province. Here are so many hardware OEM small workshops in this town. But the concern is the quality of hardware accessories is not useful like Kaipiang and Nan’an city.

    Also, Wenzhou’s product price is lower. But this town is suitable who want products within a small budget but don’t care for quality.

    bathroom fittings manufacturers


    5. Some provinces superior for individual sanitary fittings item

    This is true when someone wishes to import bathroom fixtures from China; there arises a concentration.

    This happened because there are several marketplace or regions that are producing. But finding out the best products from an area would be painful.

    Here, we have described some specific areas where you can find only reliable sources.

    A) Importing bathroom basin from China

    No one wants to compromise about the bathroom basin. Because this object creates a charming look with god usage in a bathroom.

    However, you can fill your needs with the perfect basin and by matching with bathroom décor through conducting with suppliers.

    The supplier offers the latest style basin even from vessel sinks to modern sinks. All pools are coming within different sizes and materials.

    This is the most beautiful region to start your bathroom showrooms business within a low budget and high profits.

    In total, the supplier’s emphasis on your satisfaction, your demand always gets priority to them. So if you like to get unique and original products, or have custom ideas, then they will accept the custom order.

    bathroom showrooms

    B) Importing bathroom shower from China

    A shower head is an essential portion of a shower. This object enriches looking and contributes to proper functionality. There is a high-quality shower, especially in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces.

    If you have demand for the high-quality showerhead, can import from here as wishes. Not only this, here will get numerous sizes, designs, and materials used to make it.

    Remember, the showerhead available in this region, all are international standard.

    C) Importing bathroom toilet set from china

    The toilet seat is a part and parcel object of a bathroom. Chinese manufacturers offer numerous toilet seats with great design and ensure high quality.

    It has multiple colours and shapes that fill the actual demand of customers.

    Its material is certified by China sanitary standard board. There are available in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Fujian province on China.

    D) Importing bathtub from China

    A bathroom never gets perfection without a bathtub. Although the traditional bathroom doesn’t belong bathtub nowadays, the demand for it is increasing for available showing.

    Anyway, ‘’Foshan’’ is a worthy choice for buying a bathtub from China. All kinds of bathtub products might be seen in the Foshan area of Nanhai.

    Fushan’s producer can produce a wide range of sizes, shapes, configuration and depths and the design you need.

    bath fittings

     E) Importing bathroom towel rails from China

    A tower rail can organize your untidy bathroom to tidy. Chinese towel rail’s most excellent location in Guangdong and Zhejiang. Here will find numerous designs, style and good material made off.

    The manufacturers will offer you the best products as a possible cheaper rate. You need to ask them for the quality rails which go for a long time.

    F) Importing bathroom toilet roll holder from China

    A bathroom can be beautified with touching of some additional fixtures. A roll holder is a canny choice to enrich your bathroom’s facility. From this perspective, the Chinese toilet roll manufacturer offers a wide range of roll stuff.

    They have updated style, features and design suitable almost for every bathroom. Their price varies by the product’s quality.

    Doesn’t matter you can buy Chinese toilet roll for personal or business purpose, Chines producer always prioritize your satisfaction.

    sanitary ware

    G) Importing bathroom shower curtains from China

    When you want a wide range of bathroom shower curtain manufactures, a Chinese supplier can fill your necessity. They can offer you a wide selection, latest design, solid material, polka dot, striped and patterned option as well-textured, ruffle and waffle.

    Besides, they supply free samples before getting an order from you. This activity allows you to set up what type of curtain you should buy. Plus, they provide customized service.

    H) Importing bathroom heater from China

    Bathroom heater is increasing demand, particularly in the cooling season. In this relaxed situation, you should have a heater that can heat your bathroom fast. Further, it doesn’t affect the room’s humanity.

    China’s producer offers a large number of heater types. They are available in different sizes, designs, styles including portable heater; wall mounted bathroom heater and ceiling heater.

    Guangdong. Zhejiang, Fujian, and Jiangsu provinces are the most fabulous location of the best bathroom heater.

    I) importing detachable bathroom shelves from China

    In China, many high-quality shelves suppliers export shelves in the world. They are mostly in Guangdong province. All the sanitary fittings manufacturers are experienced and supply the standard product.

    Moreover, they have a lot of styles and colours. Both for personal and business usage, Chinese shelves can reach to your satisfaction level.

    J) Importing bathroom cabinet from China

    A bathroom cabinet keeps all the stuff organized. Notably, the china cabinet has more functionality to keep objects conveniently. It has diverse colours, sizes as people ask for, unlike colour.

    So this variance lets you choose your desired item, or the customers want. Chines manufactures able to provide a wide range of bathroom cabinet.

    They also accept custom design. Generally, they take orders for producing wall-hung cabinet, patterned glass cabinet, tile mosaic cabinet, mirrored cabinets. All of them will be adjusted for your bathroom according to having space.

    luxury bathroom accessories

    6. How to Source bathroom sanitary ware from China?

    bathroom essentials

    There are multiple options to source China sanitary ware:

    Searching on the internet

    This way is a cost-effective and easier option. People now using almost every need. So to get a potential source, the search engine is the best option.

    You can search on Google or Bing to get your queries to answer. You can also consider B2B or business to a business platform like,, and global service.

    This platform allows for the filtering of genuine suppliers. As there are many suppliers, so you can rely on positive ratings and feedback. The maximum B2B sourcing platform delivers a list of permitted suppliers and banned suppliers.

    bathroom essentials

    Social media

    Nowadays, many suppliers are getting involved in social media, though they were not aware of social media before. But in the current period, it is one of the great platforms to sell and buy products.

    It can be your most excellent source of products. You can source your products after seeing customer’s feedback, ratings, and comments. So there is a chance of achieving quality products.

    Moreover, there are groups in the LinkedIn profile of Chinese suppliers like as China sourcing and the China sourcing forum. You may get many suppliers’ profiles on social media.

    Trade shows

    The trade show is another way of meeting suppliers and manufacturers. These trade shows allow formatting face to face between supplier and importer. You can discuss company profile, goodwill, products, production capacity, and other necessary info.

    Possible you know the Chinese canton fair is the largest fair. This fair is held twice in a year, the East China Fair, on the other hand, is China’s most significant regional trade fair. In every trade fair about thousands of potential buyers gather.

    The Chinese suppliers also join at maximum industry-specific trade fairs in the US, such as the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Thus, a US importer can quickly get products by attention to the fair.

    Hire a sourcing agent

    A sourcing agent is a person who helps you from choosing products to shipment. Hiring a sourcing agent is becoming popular with importers. Because many importers haven’t enough time to spend in searching, researching, dealing with manufactures.

    A sourcing agent is responsible for doing all the import’s activities himself. If you feel the pain to complete such imprinting tasks or don’t have sufficient time, just try to hire a sourcing agent. He will take all of your responsibilities of buying till shipment. Let’s focus intensely.

    best bathroom fittings

    Why You Need a Sourcing Agent?

    Getting a reliable and high-quality supplier is an essential task. Your importing can be spoiled if you can’t find a reliable product provider at all. This is why a sourcing agent can provide relief from this intention.

    Remember, your manufactures and supplier are a lifeline for your business. Similarly, you are also the lifeline of them. But both should have trustworthiness to run business.

    A supplier has full control of the goods you are buying from him. And the feedback about the quality of purchased products falls upon you. So having a reliable supplier is a must.

    Nevertheless, while importing from China, you will need to hire a sourcing agent to complete all requirements quickly and efficiently. He can find an eminence supplier from his country.

    Another most important benefit is you will get likely guaranteed service from them because they are experts in their industry. They know better than you.

    They know well how t find out the best supplier, how to negotiate, and how to make an excellent deal for you. Other significant benefits include:

    • They visit the factories personally and check the superiority of the products.
    • They are experts in importing procedures.
    • They support you in choosing the final products and the best supplier, depending on your specifications.
    • They negotiate prices with the provider.
    • They do quality control.
    • They offer logistics and shipping support.
    • They say the same language to the suppliers, and they know the culture from the root. Therefore, there are no communication barriers to understand each opinion.
    • They are aware of the business strategies of their country. So they know who needs to consider and those who need to avoid it.

    Don’t worry about thinking you need to have a buying office in China to run all the business activities. A sourcing agent will arrange everything in their own office.

    They will take care of all buying tasks and communicate with you. You won’t be disconnected anymore because they will inform you about every action.

    toilet fittings

    What do you consider a sourcing agent when hiring?

    A sourcing agent does all tasks for you, so he should have some remarkable quality and experience. You should know about him what makes him a perfect agent. Let’s remember his classes.

    Expert in Finding

    At least five years of supplier finding experience make an agent a perfect one. This experience must be a substantial experience that means he has practical knowledge of his duty.

    The substantial experience also refers to well-finding manufactures, knowing seamless providers from all around his country. Attempt to understand successful dealing completed by him. This tactic means he has previous experience in dealing with buyers and suppliers.

    An agent should be capable in the area of quality control, inspecting knowledge and auditing.

    bathroom equipment

    Offers competitive prices

    The best sourcing agent able to provide the most modest prices to his client. He ensures certain products that have a little replacement chance.

    Because once the buyer gets the wrong products, then it needs to exchange and it time expending.

    He should have to negotiate capacity with suppliers for the lowest price but for getting the best item. He can offer competitive prices because they have many suppliers.

    They have a list of the right supplier for every type of product. They make sure for the cheaper rate without compromising qualities.

    A fluent speaker in Cantonese and Mandarin

    Yes, as you want to buy from China, your age must be fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese languages. These languages are mostly used, especially for dealing.

    You know above, many providers don’t know English. Besides, you don’t remember the Chines language. That’s why the agent is the middle man who can operate the total dealing activities in Chines language and dialect.

    So you should focus on his language speaking ability to start a sound business dealing. Any miscommunication could be a reason to lose money.

    steam room

    Have experience dealing with Chinese suppliers

    This is an important thing you should know before hiring him. He must be able to good negotiating. We’re saying for experience agent because you know well how to talk from a business angel with a supplier.

    The supplier also can realize his capacity, so he doesn’t demand special price. For this, both of them can complete dealing successfully. No one becomes disappointed if there occur good contracts.

    Finding a Good Sourcing Agent

    Finally, if you decided to import CP sanitary fittings from China, I knew that a sourcing agent is a perfect person who can help you. He does more leisurely all activities of business or manufacturer and buyer.

    There usually three types of a sourcing agent. Each of them is specified for specific doings.

    Commissioned agent:  the Commissioned agent has extensive experience in the particular products you want to import from China. He will be paid for every order where he already worked.

    The commission rate defined by the order’s FOB price and the scale between 5% and 10%. The request you will place, and he will work, the more you have to pay him.

    Trading Company: It is an ideal choice when you are buying small volumes and you unwilling to attend to all tasks of importing. The buyers work with small factories who accept your low volume of orders.

    In maximum time, these factories are not able to talk directly with clients. An expert purchasing agent likes to go to the production company directly. He knows the factory’s selling rate is cheaper than traders.

    Anyway, if you import from traders, try to inspect the products very thoroughly. You may ask for a pat report of selling. This way will help you to realize how the trader was before.

    bathroom sanitary ware

    Third-party service provider: Those importers want to order in large volumes, a third-party service provider is the best selection for them.

    Tired party’s service is deficient, suppliers are always helpful to the inquiry of third party service provider because they could have a large quantity of order.

    This sort of company needs open investment. It is defensible as they offer professional sourcing and figure out products.

    They can also inform you about the supply chain. Most of the companies provide their service as supply chain management.

    Plus, many companies are handling the products and become a trader for your order. A new importer sometimes gets stuck to choose the best sourcing agent.

    If you confused too, then try to get someone who previous clients from your country. Almost there should have trustworthiness and legality.

    For being China, the cheapest product supplier, often the inability of the assigned agent can’t ensure the best fittings at a low rate.

    bathroom sanitary ware

    7. How to Search sanitary fittings Suppliers Online from China?

    Searching sanitary ware suppliers online is not robust. But getting a reliable supplier could be tough a little bit.

    Because there are huge suppliers, run their business online. They highlight their product’s positive features.
    But in maximum time, they can hide vulnerability cleverly.

    Thus, getting a dependable supplier is a challenge. There are many ways to find out China sanitary fittings supplier online.

    If you go to a trade fair, probably, you’ll need to pay more time to talk with multiple suppliers. It takes more time and needs to expend money only for researching by going physically.

    On the other hand, if you research online, then you can compare several items. This idea helps you to understand potential products and assist in making budget against demanded products.

    However, you can find an online listing of Chinese bathroom objects suppliers easily. is a great online platform where a vast supplier and manufactures are available. Else, the global source is another option of dealers.

    But Alibaba is the biggest China product sourcing website. Every day thousands of small and big business deals are occurring here.

    Nowadays, this website is regarding as middleman between a seller and buyer. We’ll describe Alibaba below after describing the global source.

    luxury bathroom accessories

    # Global source

    Global source started offering an online directory of suppliers like Alibaba. Global sources focus on home and gift items, mobile electronics, fashion, and accessories.

    DHgate or aliexpress is a good example. Theses website accept minimum order quantity (MOQs). So for testing product qualities, you can order in a small amount before placing a big order.

    The new importer prefers these sites to gather initial experience.

    From a vast number of sources lists, it’s easier to look for an online platform. To get desired bathroom items to need to have requirements like

    • For the first time, we need to finalize the product.
    • We are finalizing amount.
    • Your reaming budget.
    • Product getting timeline.

    As an example, if you want to import a small amount, naturally your budget is low. So for a small amount you have to wait for a short period.

    That is why aliexpress and another similar online directory is best. Oppositely, for a significant amount, it will take more time so that you will be ordering in Alibaba for large quantities.

    Well, when you decided all about luxury bathroom accessories, now times for seeking a supplier who can fill each requirement.

    Note: Once selected sanitary fittings companies or a single company with whom will work, don’t forget to keep a backup supplier for every individual order. Because if the placed order is cancelled, then we can handover the request to the backup supplier.

    However, in this online directory, you will see supplier profiles, ratings, reviews, and customer’s feedback: prices, shipping time, other essential information.

    When deciding for any supplier’s directories, make sure the directory site verifies them. Try to see their past feedback from customers — basically, feedback and ratings from international buyers.

    For more security, try to see their business license, production output capacity, quality control system, financial capacity, and history of contract satisfaction.

    washroom items

    # Bathroom fittings from Alibaba

    Before getting involved with Alibaba, you should know why Alibaba regards as an excellent market place. It is the best online option to deal between sellers and buyers. This is called a cheaper online market of B2B.

    Here, every product’s price is lower but of high quality. There are vast and substantial sanitary fittings manufacturers or suppliers most from China.

    At present, Alibaba is doing its business in 190 countries, and 40 has 40 different product categories. People from different countries have access to use Alibaba and doing a secret business deal.

    You will get wholesale products at a low price. This website does not command the retailer or single selling. More benefits-

    • Low purchase costs indicate more retail profits for you.
    • It has a user-friendly design. Categories display every product. Also has filter option so that customer can narrow their search query.
    • It has a supplier verification category to assist probable buyers in deciding dependable and trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers.
    • The verified gold suppliers contain a gold supplier seal/logo on their Alibaba page. This seal indicates the suppliers/manufacturers have accepted by the severe third party verification process.

    bathroom sanitary ware

    8. Standard Requirements for Importing sanitary ware products from China

    Importing sanitary bathroom ware from China is not tight, but it has some requirements you need to obey.

    Importer from different countries must abide by introducing rules.

    In this section, we’ve described the essential elements an importer requires to follow.

    Registration to act as an importer

    This is the first thing that needs to be done by an importer. No importing deals can be started without registration in import act. Government registration is mandatory to become an importer in your own country.

    Perhaps, this kind of authorisation trained by a country’s foreign trade government office. From where an importer can register their name. Yet, certified as an importer, know before how could you be an importer by your country’s act.

    Otherwise, you might fall into any issue during dealing with a different region. Know terms and conditions well in this regard.

    sanitary items

    Procedures to import

    After the buyer and seller did with mutual agreement, they will go to the next step. The shipping cost, specification, ay of payment, qualities, pricing and mode of transport all are agreed upon the mentioned order.

    You know importing or exporting for both activities some necessary documents need to submit to the customs office.

    During importing bathroom equipment from China, import entry papers with carrier’s document (Bill of Lading /Airway bill), commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and other required documents want to fill.

    In total, all necessary procedures have to complete to deliver bought goods.

    Certification of Origin

    To the country you want to import, you have to show the source of accreditation. China’s authority delivers this kind of certification. This certification helps to determine the export country’s goods release legally through import duties and taxes.

    Restriction to Import

    In spite of China are producing every kind of item, but all products won’t be favoured in your country. Obviously, for the best sanitary fittings, there are no barriers to import from China. Yet be careful before introducing whether you have any restricted item.

    bathroom sanitary ware

    9. Customs duty and taxes when importing from China

    Importing sanitary fittings from China involves several custom duties and taxes.

    Taxes specify depending on which country the products will go.

    Custom duty ordinarily applicable to all products. Few goods have a low obligation, and few have high.

    The duty charge on an imported commodity is called imported custom duty.

    Generally, total duties classified according to goods prices, weight, and other goods specifications. Let’s look at the details.

    Types of custom duty: Custom duty is must applicable to approximately all goods imported to the country. But custom duty is not relevant to the item like lifesaving drugs/equipment, fertilizers, food grains, etc.

    Again the import duties are classifieds into essential tax and additional customs duty, protective duty, actual countervailing duty, education, and anti-dumping duty or protection duty. Customs duties vary by courtier’s act.

    china bathroom fittings

    We’ve seen a considerable quantity of bath fittings are being imported from China to India. Here, we have described mainly importing from China to India because this description will help to understand realizing nearly all the country’s customs duties.

    • Primary custom duty: Basic customs duty is imposed on the imported item, which goes under the ambit of section 12 of the customs act, 1962.

    Kind of duty is charged according to the prescribed rates of the first schedule to custom tariff act, 1975 under the terms detailed in section 2 of the action.

    Levied is generally might be standard or special as per the importing country. The necessary custom levied on imported good sin India depends on the HSN code of the goods.

    HSN codes of bathroom essentials are 74182010, 73249000, and 39221000. In India, the essential customs duties on importing bathroom accessories are 10%.

    • Additional Customs Duty (Countervailing Duty (CVD)): This duty falls upon the imported goods under section 3 of the customs tariff act, 1975. T seems equal to the central excise duty that is levied on products manufactured in China.

    This duty is calculated on the collective value of goods, including BDC and landing charges.

    Any Chinese toilet accessories charge 12% of CVD, plus, 4% of special customs duty is charged for custom duty.

    sanitary ware products

    Protective duty

    Protective duty is levied for the safety of the national industry against imports at a rate recommended by the tariff commissioner.

    Education Cess

    This duty is charged at 2% and higher education cess at another 1% of the collective of other customs duty.

    Anti-dumping Duty

    When imported goods are below fair market price, then anti-dumping duty may be imposed. The Chinese government has provided specific industries and domestic manufactures with grants.

    It indicates the related Chinese producers are permissible to sell products below the market price. As anti-dumping duty range 40-60%, it is must applicable duty as a comparison, the average duty rate is around 5% in maximum western states.

    Safeguard Duty

    If the government seems for a sudden increase in exports that have the possibility of damaging the domestic industry, safeguarded duty is then must applicable is taken by the government.

    bathroom fittings companies


    The amount of GST depends on HSN and GTF on HSN code 73249000, 392211000 is 28%, and 74182010 is 18%. GST applies to imported goods in India.

    In this perspective, you will need to hire a professional customs broker agent.

    Those can review all the documents and responsibilities of calculating payment of taxes, transport costs, duties, excise, handling charges, and communicating with essential authorities.

    10. The problem may arise when importing sanitary fittings from China

    Poor product quality: You’re not sure whether you will get quality products from China suppliers. The bathroom fixture’s materials could be several.

    But the materials you told forgiving, the supplier may give low standard or even can provide different materials.

    That’s why you will want to exchange the shipped products. So before occurring such a kind of incident, make sure your supplier is committed to giving you exact fixtures.

    bath fittings

    Incorrect items or wrong product details: There is a possibility of incorrect items and wrong product details. By any mistakes, you might receive the faulty item.

    Sometimes, you may get incorrect items. As an example, you ordered a bathroom tap, but your supplier provided hand showers. So discuss with the supplier clearly so that he produce and supply exact products.

    Now focus on product details. Remind the supplier about product details. Thus he will make emphasis on the details to decrease the chance of inaccurate information.

    Delays in delivery: Sometimes, the supplier can deliver your ordered item lately. The shipment could be late for production delay, political issues, natural disasters, etc.

    If it happens something like that, the supplier is unable to take steps against the problems. But forecasting the potential environment can reduce the chance of delay delivery.

    Suppliers have gone missing: To hear such a kind of news all of a sudden that the supplier is missing is depressing. Though this incident rare but often importer gets stuck to face such a problem.

    To overcome this, it’s better to keep a backup supplier always. On the other hand, try to know how many years the supplier has been working in exporting toilet fittings. This knowing ensures how long he will exist in the industry. Yet if happen so, get help from the supplier you have kept as optional.

    luxury bathroom accessories

    11. How to Pay Chinese Suppliers for sanitary fittings importing?

    Essentially, the paying procedure preferable depending on how much you will pay.

    For a short amount, a specific way is better. But for vast amounts adopting a convenient way is canny.

    Here, we’ve focused on some standard payment ways. Let’s dive into it.

    International Wire Transfer

    This is an old process of payment. This way is used for small and medium-sized transactions. The importer makes a down payment to the supplier before starting production. The next payment schedule defines by both supplier and importer agreement.

    Letter of Credit

    Leer of credit (LC) is one of the best secure payment ways. When the payment transaction reaches over $50,000, then LC ensures a secure payment.

    It involves a lot of paperwork with the bank, and the bank charges a charge for conducting this procedure.

    sanitary ware

    Online Escrow

    For the below $5,000 transaction, this payment term is appropriate. This service available on the internet. You can access the service easily by using the internet.

    But remember this way don’t involve enough documents. Thus, It is less secure.

    Sourcing Agents / Companies

    We don’t call the sourcing agent and companies as an actual way of payment, but this is a way of adopting the third person who completes the payment process as your client. If you want to make a small payment, this method will be helpful for you. It is safe than an online escrow service.

    In this procedure, the agent/companies pay the China supplier or manufacturer through COD. This is good because the supplier’s products are not quality and not as required. He can reject the payment until getting fundamental requirements.

    bathroom essentials


    PayPal is a more accessible credit card payment system. By PayPal. You can attach your credit card with it. Finally can pay through an email account of the payer’s PayPal account. This account is classified into a personal and business account.

    With a personal account, you can pay and receive a small number of transactions. Besides with business account, you can transact a significant amount.

    But both account also features the same. For a business account, you will want t submit require business documents. Yet PayPal is suitable for small orders.

    luxury bathroom accessories


    Paying in cash though risky but still now many importers make the payment in cash. The importers have an international credit card. The card recharged with dollars. When they are in any country, they can withdraw the dollars from their existing country.

    The dollars convert into money from which country the card carrier withdraws — moreover, the buyer source an agent who convert the buyer money into Chinese currency. The agent initially gets pay for importer and finally pay the supplier into Chinese currency.

    Western Union

    A western union is a second option after PayPal. This is the easiest payment method you can adopt for making the small payment.

    Honestly, many Chinese suppliers prefer this mode. But has high risk, especially for importers. Yet it is a fast and low charge deficient.


    China is being worlded’s number one exporting country; they’re increasing production day by day. Sanitary fittings of China are superior to the other countries in the world.

    High quality, best design, best materials durability, and finishing all features goes to Chinese bathroom fixtures.

    Finally, we want to say if this is your first-time experience of importing sanitary fittings from China, we can find assuredly this article will clarify all of your hesitations. Yet if you have any queries, so don’t delay to tell us. We’ll get back soon with your answer.

    Have a good deal!

    (Gallery of sanitary fittings, download and watch)

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    He founded Riwick in 2015 and is in charge of web promotion and running the business.

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