Services And Fees

We provide professional service for your business in Foshan China.

Such as Product Sourcing, Guiding, Translating, Quality Inspect, Documents prepare, Declaring Shipping, etc.

Our procurement service is free; you do not need to pay any fees until you purchase your favorite product.

Our service rate is 3%-10%.

Our Services

1. Markets/Factories Guide

Before you arrive in China, we will pre-set a market route that is equivalent to your budget so that your procurement journey is faster and more comfortable.

If you already have a connection with a local furniture factory, we will also pre-plan the route to get you to where you want.

Before you want to quote some products, we will provide you with 2-3 quotes at the most reasonable price and the best price after 1 or 2 working days. There is no charge for the above services. It’s completely free.

We help you find the right factories or markets in Foshan‘s most significant manufacturing city to address your project’s needs.

2. Product follow up

Home products, building materials, lighting procurement, is different from other small products. Based on our many years of experience, each time a customer purchases, there is a minimum of 10 different types of products, and at most, hundreds of them.

Often, order production would take 30-45days, and it is much longer than to find a supplier

That’s why you need our production follow-up service because we can help you save a lot of time, and you can go all out to expand your business.

We will help you coordinate with the manufacturer to ensure that everything produced to your requirements. When your order completed, you only pay 30% of the total cost.


3. Quality Inspection

Once the production finished, the most important thing to do is quality inspection.

Generally, people will hire a 3rd party inspection company to do an inspection and pay $300 each time. If the quality problem found, you need to negotiate with manufacturers all by yourself. Then you still need to pay for the 2nd or 3rd inspection, until no more quality issues.

However, if you used our product follow up service, we help you inspect quality for free!

We help you collect all your products in our warehouse first, and check the quality. If there’s any quality issue, we will not only let you know but also help you negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf. Our workers can also help you fix quality problems in our warehouse.

We will ensure that your products are intact before you get on the boat.

4. Shipping  Services

You have almost completed all the imports from the Chinese process. The last thing is the shipping.

If you import China yourself, you need to find a professional freight forwarder. You will be involved in trading terms, certificates, calculating shipping costs, choosing the shipping method. That is a headache.

However, our transportation service does not have such trouble.

We will help you calculate all the costs of sending the product to your address. Let you know the cost of shipping and delivery time.

Not only will you advise on shipping methods, but we will also help you prepare all import and export documents to give you an understanding of the compliance certification required for custom customs clearance. You do not need to know anything about shipping or importing.

Our Fees

Our service includes but not limited to, building materials such as Tiles, Doors, Wardrobe, Lighting, Furniture, and so on.

All product price we quote is the supplier’s price, which can be EXW price, FOB or CIF terms(terms depend on you).

We only charge the reasonable percent of product amount as a service charge, and we will follow up producing, inspect products, and manage to ship.

We can work in your sourcing department in China.

Here Are Charge List

The service charge based on the total amount of order, which starts from $0, friendly for small business.
Payment = Product Amount + Service Charge + Shipping Fee (Depends on Trade Terms)

TIPS: 150rmb/day for an agent to serve you when you are in Foshan China. The service includes transportation, translation, and sourcing.

Just A Reminder

Usually, suppliers ask 30% payment as the deposit for production, and 70% paid before loading.

How to pay for suppliers and our company?


If you are a wholesaler and purchase a large number of products from the same supplier, we recommend that you transfer the deposits and balances directly to the supplier.

If you have some products combined in the same container, we can help you pay separately if necessary.

Project Procurement

Same as the wholesaler, if the order amount is significant enough and the supplier accepts USD transfer, please pay to the supplier directly.

If you buy from several suppliers and they hope to receive the Chinese currency Yuan as payment.

We can help you to exchange into RMB and pay to suppliers once receiving your remittance.

Family Purchasing

As to our experience, there would be more than ten suppliers for a family purchasing such as furniture, lights, tiles, sanitary wares.

So we recommend that you were transferring the deposit and balance to us, and we will process the payment for these suppliers for you.