Sourcing Home Improvement Products From China.

Located in the Longjiang town of Foshan City, Riwick Import and Export Company is a one-stop exports agent company dedicated to helping their ever expanding customer base to source their home improvement products like doors, furniture, sanitary products, tiles, etc. from China. While there are several manufacturers doing supply of qualified goods from China, Riwick assists their clients to find reliable manufacturers producing quality products at the most affordable prices.

Being promoters and sharers in the latest home improvement products designs, Riwick offers their clients a chance to top grade furniture products with advanced designs and superior quality. Besides sourcing, the company also offers other one-stop services including product inspection, negotiation, international logistics, and quality control.

The company has earned itself a deserved approval and good reputation among its customer base across the world. This is because, among other reasons, Riwick has prioritized customer service and satisfaction. For instance, Riwick has addressed and in a larger part solved many problems that overseas buyers face while purchasing home improvement products from China. Riwick, for example, escorts clients and guides them through China’s mass markets thereby increasing the range of options for the customers.

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Sourcing with Riwick has many advantages which include, among others;

• The company has been in the industry for many years. This means they have the right experience to meet your needs in sourcing goods and services from China.

• Riwick has qualified professionals familiar with the home improvement product market in China. They are sure to get you the right products at the right prices.

• The company not only guarantees quality goods but also assures value for your money.

• You get one-stop purchasing services at Riwick. They offer clients free product sourcing and market guiding. Also, they do a quality inspection for you and follow up on your goods. They also organize shipping for your products.

• The services at Riwick are affordable. You will only be charged 5 % of your total order as the service fee.

• They offer a broad range of products with different styles and designs. You are sure to find exactly what you need.

The services.

This is probably the first time you want to source your home products from China, so you are a little worried just how and where the get the right quality goods. You need not worry because as noted before, Riwick will guide you through the market. The company offers clients business assistants who provide guidance through the commercial market booths, factories, and shopping malls in China. They also help clients to place their orders.

On quality control and Inspection, the company gives you a business assistant who will help you inspect the goods, ensure that they are well produced, take valuable data and photos, and see to it that your products are loaded and packed properly before organizing shipping.

In case you are not in China, you need not worry about the safety and delivery of your goods as Riwick will do a strict follow up on the products you ordered on your behalf and ensure they are delivered to you just as you wanted them.

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On shipping, while you can ship your products on your own, Riwick Import and Export Company has partnered with several products shipping lines that can help you ship your goods at affordable charges. Such shipping firms include CMA, OOCL, APL, PIL, and MSC.

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