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Where Import Ceramic Tiles From Foshan Ceramic Tiles Markets?

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Foshan ceramics in China's ceramic industry has a pivotal position. At present, Foshan ceramic production area more than 350 existing ceramic enterprises, more than 1,200 production lines. The Shiwan producing areas to 2004 only, the annual output value of ceramics has more than 20 billion yuan; have a lot of strong enterprises and highly known brand. Shiwan ceramic enterprises in product quality, technology development has been walking in the forefront of domestic counterparts in the development of [...]

Foshan Ceramic Tiles Markets

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China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Popularity: 5 Category: Ceramics, sanitary wares, tiles, bathroom accessories,roof tile,floor tile,shower cubicle Business Hours:09:00-18:00 Level: High end Scale:330000 Square Meters Address: Wugang road Jihuang road west Shiwan Chancheng District Description Foshan Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary Situated in the intersection of Jihua 4th Road and Wugang Road in Chancheng District, Foshan, China, Casa Ceramics and Sanitary wares Mall is convenient in situation and easy in access. Developed by Hedang Stock Economic Association of Lanshi Street, [...]