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The Ultimate Shunde Foshan Furniture Markets Sourcing Guide[Works GREAT in 2018]

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China, located in Shunde, is famous for its global furniture and attracts many foreign buyers every year. Tips to help you come to China's Foshan furniture market: So if you're first times to visit China furniture markets, you'll love the simple steps in this guide. Let's go start! Step #1. Which Furniture Markets Should You Focus on? Step #2. Choose The Furniture Market According to Actual Demand. Step #3. Pay Attention to The Skills when Buying Furniture. Step [...]

Import Furniture From China: A Complete Guide [Works GREAT in 2018]

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This is the most comprehensive guide to import furniture from China on the planet. The best part? We're going to show you techniques for importing furniture from China that is working right now (in 2018). Let’s get started. Contents CHAPTER 1 How to Import Furniture from Furniture markets(mall) in China? CHAPTER 2 How to Find The Best Furniture Factories [...]