What’s Metal Furniture?

What’s metal furniture? Most of us agree that furniture of steel and wood are metal furniture. Actually they are just one of metal furniture. Some people may say, metal furniture are cool “Iron man”. In these days, these” Iron man” are taking part in our lives with different forms. Let’s go further to know more about metal furniture.   Lacquer Furniture Chromed Furniture 1.Types of metal furniture: Chromed furniture [...]

7Tips of Metal Furniture Maintenance

7 Tips of Metal Furniture Maintenance 1.Wipe with a soft dry cloth. Do not use strong cleaning agents or abrasive type cleaner. 2.To be placed in a dry, ventilated place, not in a dark and damp place, to prevent corrosion of steel, no wipe with a damp cloth also not directly wash with water.Wholesale Metal furniture in China. Metal Dining Set 3.To avoid the bump in case chrome and paint peeling [...]