Why do we need a purchasing agents?

Why do we need a purchasing agents? Dealing with Chinese suppliers is very time-consuming. Working with a qualified Buying Office or Purchasing Agent can save you much time, cost and energy etc. in China. For example, 90% of the suppliers you met online or at local trade fairs might be a typical trade company while the local sourcing specialists can go to the real manufacturing bases to find out some qualified factories for you in person. Apparently [...]

What can a purchasing agents do?

A purchasing agent could be an individual, a group of the team or a company, helping companies overseas to import from China. A good agent can be an extremely valuable asset in your overall product procurement strategy. Here are the main services offered by your qualified ‘buying office’ or ‘purchasing agent’ in China: I. Keeping finding new products and suppliers. II. Verify, inspect or audit existing suppliers. III. Price negotiations and Supply Chain Management IV. Draft formal [...]