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If you are planning to purchase furniture for your home decoration, restaurant or hotel stuff in China, please pay attention to the below 7 tips that make your trips much easier and efficiently.

  1. Drawing

First of all, it is very necessary to bring your drawings along with the trip no matter purchasing for home, restaurant or hotel.

That’s the soul of the trip, especially for your own home case.

Why am I telling this?

For an instant, last time my client came to buy their home furniture and decorations with his family, but all of them forgot to take the drawing.

You can image the probable size of the sofa, dining set or TV cabinet, but it’s hard to order the window, door, sanitary, kitchen cabinet, and wardrobes without the detail dimensions.

Then the clients only can confirm the order after back to their country.

In this case, we spent a lot of time in the confirming process and the production day also would be delayed.

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  1. Item list

Most of the customers will ignore the list.

It is better you can give us a detail item list so that we can suggest the best route for you.

And when you finish one item, you can mark on that, it’s more effective to avoid repeating the order.

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  1. Time

Many customers come to China not only for furniture business but also love to travel to HK, Macao or somewhere else.

If so, we suggest that you can take more than 4days for the business trip.

For example, the home stuff, one of our clients came to order for his 400 square meters house, there are so many items you need to check, like sanitary, construction and lighting.

But he only stayed with us 3days for purchasing.

Only the furniture market we already spent almost 2days for check the price, design, and dimension, just a little time for the rest items.

At last, he had to confirm the order in hurry and feel exhausted.

So please arrange more than 4days for your perfect ideas.

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  1. Comfortable sneakers

Just for the kind reminder.

We have been met many clients wearing flat shoes to go to the market. That’s painful after 2-3days lasting walking when your ankle gets hurt.

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  1. Currency

We use CNY (RMB) in China market, it is better you have some exchange in advanced.

Otherwise, we also can exchange for you depending on the daily rate.

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  1. Food

Every country and area have their own diet habits, do not worry to tell us, there are so many different tastes in China, we will arrange the best restaurant for you.

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  1. Sim card and VPN

We can’t visit Google, YouTube, FaceBook something like this website in China due to the government policy.

You need to arrange a VPN account if you have to enter it.

We can manage this problem if you necessary.

Besides, it is better you have a temporary sim card in the period.

You can buy it at the airport or we can solve this.

The location of the google map corresponding to each furniture wholesale market is as follows:



SunLink (north)


SunLink (south)


Red Star Macalline


Tuan Yi




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