Tips for genuine leather sofa maintenance

With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more families tend to purchase high-end genuine leather sofa. Most of them prefer to buy white or ivory color for their sofa. But have you ever thought about how to maintain a good sofa?

Firstly, you could put wax as protective film on the sofa when receiving the sofa. It can avoid dirt, sweat into the sofa. Or it is difficult to clean it in the future.

Secondly, doing wax maintenance every month; in summer, due to people sweat more than usual, it is better to do wax maintenance every week. It is hard to clean as it is if you clean it after getting dirty.


What’s more, cleaners are always harmful to leather. It is hard to find out what the problem is at the beginning. The genuine leather is as precious as skin of people. You have to keep it maintenance carefully so that it looks as new as before.


1, Do not use water to wipe the genuine leather sofa. Because it will be getting hard after a long time.

2, Do not use cleaner to clean sofa casually. It will cause leather to get fade and to get hard. once the leather is dirty, it is better to use specific cleaner to do the maintenance.

Nowadays many genuine leather sofa are getting damage because of long time non-maintenance. The owners are often afraid that they cannot do good maintenance by themselves or hiring someone to clean it. Actually you should pay attention to below several points when cleaning genuine leather sofa:

  • 1111, General cleaning: wipe the dust with clean soft cloth first; then twist dry the cloth with soap-suds, clean the dirt softly.
  • 2, If the genuine leather sofa is messy seriously, it includes losing the glossy of leather and the dirt into grain of leather. In order to clean all these dirt, it needs a specific steamer and cleaner for sofa. Before using the steamer, you could do the test in some hidden areas to check whether it will be fade or not. If yes, please choose another option instead.
  • 3,Removing adhesive materials(such as gum): chilling with ice bag or ice water, wipe softly with soft cloth.
  • 4,Removing marks of ball-point pen or ink: in order to avoid the color fade out, you could drop several drops of water on the dirt. Wipe it with soft eraser.
  • 5,Avoid using alcohol and corrosive chemical solutions.
  • 6,After cleaning, it is better to put a layer of protective liquid on sofa in case secondary pollution.  For protective liquid, it is better to choose liquid wax specific for genuine leather. Or the leather will getting aging rapidly.

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