What you should do to keep doors and windows durable

The solidest things will be gradually damaged if we keep using them without any maintenance. In order to keep things with a long life cycle,  let’s have a look at the method of maintenance for doors and windows.


Riwick sourcing agentFirstly, don’t hang too heavy items on the doors and avoid sharp bumps, scratches. Don’t  struck too hard when opening or closing the leaf.

Secondly, do not open the door with wet hands, or corrosive solvent spillage on the wooden door and lock. Do not overexert when turning the key of lock and the handle of the door.  Tighten immediately when finding out looseness of the hinges, locks and other regular activities of hardware. And you could add the right amount of pencil powder into keyhole if the lock is not smooth.

Thirdly, do not allow the detergent or water into the gap of glass bead in case deformation. Do not overexert when wiping the glass in case that would cause glass damage and personal injury. Broken glass must be repaired by professional people.

Last but not least, when cleaning the stain on the door like finger, breathe upon the stain on the door ,wipe with soft cloth. If the stains are too heavy, you could use neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture cleaning detergent to wipe it. Please noted that hard cloth is very easy to scratch the surface.  Do not rub the edge of the doors , so as to avoid decorative of edge damage. When you are not using soft cloth to wipe the dust, you could use vacuum cleaner instead. In order to keep the door surface gloss and long service life, please clean and dusting regularly with some specific maintenance products.Riwick sourcing agent


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