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Small business/Grocer/ Department store

Nowadays, trading is very popular in the whole world. There is one good method will make you successful and get you better life. Especially when you find out there will be profitable opportunities at the local market, it is a good option to begin with small business.No matter what stage you are, just having the thought to start business or already doing business, you may face these problems as below:
1. How to do when you want to find out products’ differentiation but don’t want to waste your time to source new manufacturers?
2. It may need too much time and energy to do resource integration as a wide range of products.
3. You want to verify the manufacturer without flying to China.
4. Insufficient capacity of manufacturer result in missing promotion time.
5. Hard to understand or easily get misunderstand from manufacturers.
6. How to do if you can not find manufacturers suitable to your targeted products? (Manufacturers will not always do at your request)
7. Low prices never fade away. It is more valuable of suitable products with good service.
8. Beside the above questions, welcome to discuss more about it so that we could figure out a tailored plan for you.

We are dedicated to provide good solutions for our customers. when you need us, we are at your service.

Home New Decoration

Are you starting to decorate your new house? Firstly congratulations! The better living environment is coming soon. At this moment, have you thought about looking for the one-stop service to purchase all items you need in the new house? In China, you may purchase all kinds of furniture at a lower price than your market.

Hotel/Restaurant project

It would be mostly customized products when a hotel is building up especially for furniture. We can source manufacturers at your request to customize all furniture needed in a hotel in different level. No matter what you need like furniture for hotel lobbies, suites, public facilities, restaurants, canteens, entertainment venues or outdoor , it will be satisfied all demands.

When you need assistances for your business, our service as follow

Supplier verification & Price Research/ Negotiation
Sample & Prototype Development
Quality Inspections & Quality Control
Product Compliance Consulting & Product Testing
Shipping & Logistics
Customs Clearance
Also welcome to your personalized requirement, we will do our best for you.