Wholesale Furniture in factory

In Foshan, there are more than 1,000 furniture factories. This is the country’s most famous furniture factory distribution center, exporting billions of furniture to the world every year.

Familiar with the nature of the local furniture factory

Although the task of furniture factories is to manufacture and produce furniture, we can classify these wholesale furniture factories by business type because not all furniture factories are right for you.

Brand wholesale furniture factory

This type of furniture factory will build its own brand-style furniture around its own brand. Often these furniture factories have the latest and fastest market dynamics. Of course, their furniture prices are relatively high. They generally have their own specialty stores

Project wholesale furniture factory

This type of furniture factory is focused on project manufacturing and production of furniture and is generally small for retail. This type of furniture factory usually undertakes some medium and large-scale hotels, offices, townhouses, and other commercial projects. Often they do not have their specialty stores, but they have cooperative relationships with multiple stores.

Processing plant, custom wholesale furniture factory

This type of furniture factory is the most common in Foshan, because they manufacture a wide range of furniture. And the MOQ they accept is not as high as the previous two types. But the disadvantage of these furniture factories is their instability. You must have a certain understanding with them to feel comfortable working with them.

How to choose the right wholesale furniture factory?

We will help you filter according to your project needs. In general, all furniture factories need MOQ. But we will still help you coordinate and communicate with the furniture factory until you find the right furniture factory for you. We usually recommend Processing plant, custom furniture factory, because their MOQ requirements will be lower. And this type of furniture factory is easier to communicate.

Is MOQ a necessary condition for a wholesale furniture factory?

Not necessarily. We have introduced 3 types of wholesale furniture factories above, of which the project-type furniture factory requires a clear MOQ, otherwise they will not take orders. But for processing plants and brand factories. They all produce some regular products, and these products have no MOQ requirements.

But for customers who are not pursuing a brand, a processing plant is more suitable. Because they have no MOQ restrictions on the customization of unconventional products. There are only budget constraints.

Therefore, we have always emphasized with customers that MOQ is not the main factor when looking for a local furniture factory in Foshan. Budget is the most important factor.

What’s the budget for this sourcing options?

Our recommendation is not less than 10,000 USD. It doesn’t matter if your project is about Residence, Commercial, or Business. This budget can be found in Foshan to find the right furniture factory to buy. Otherwise, we do not recommend that you use a direct solution to the furniture factory.

What are the benefits of wholesale furniture factory sourcing?

In addition to saving money, saving time is a significant benefit of direct furniture factory procurement.
When you choose a factory to buy, we will discuss with you the type, style, quantity, budget, etc. of the furniture you need before you come to China. We will help you develop a plan in advance. When you arrive in Foshan, we will go directly to the furniture factory to purchase.

When you arrive at the wholesale furniture factory, you need to determine the fabric, infill, color, etc. of the product. The order will be completed. In our experience, it only takes less than two days to complete the purchase of a furniture project. And you need to sit on the sofa, drink coffee and choose products casually.

This is not possible with market procurement. Our experience If you purchase from the market, you must spend no less than three days to screen and compare. And you have to walk all the time; it’s a long process. Because you have been walking the market for three days, you are already tired.

Importantly, if you order from a furniture factory, you still have plenty of time to purchase other products. This will make your purchase journey more perfect.

What services offer in this solution?

Furniture Sourcing

Create personalized purchase plans for your projects for free. This program will ensure that you have the most suitable and profitable product. We will provide sustainable value for your sourcing from China through good and reliable sources.

Factory audits

Factory audits are the best way to evaluate the reliability, quality, and capabilities of potential suppliers before placing an order. To ensure your order is secure and meets your standards.

Business negotiations

We will assist you in the necessary negotiations in the furniture factory, so that you can get the maximum benefit in this purchase.

Order’s follow up

Production tracking is a time-consuming activity that usually takes weeks or even months. We will closely track your order for regular inspections and checks.

Quality control

Quality inspection is a very important aspect. We implement 3 main inspections for furniture factories:
1. During Production Inspection 
2. Pre-Shipment Inspection 
3.Container Loading Inspection & Supervision

Container Loading

We will arrange a team to help you calculate the loading capacity, and safely transport it to the port after loading.

Do You Have A Sourcing Project We Can Help With?

What is the service process?



1. You must first understand our related service items and service costs.

2. Send us all project-related information, file content, project budget, etc.

3. We will determine the type, style, and budget of all furniture products with you before you come to China. Let us develop the relevant sourcing route in advance. Hope that we can confirm all the designs with some details before you arrived.

4. Determine when to arrive in Foshan and book your hotel.

5. If necessary, we can send you an invitation letter to facilitate your visa to China.


1. When you arrive at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (please tell us in advance if it is another airport), we will drive or arrange a vehicle to pick you up at the hotel.

2. When you are ready to start, we will meet you in the hotel lobby and sign a contract (or go to our office). We can start working on the same day.

3. After signing the transaction, we will arrange an agent to assist you in the factory to confirm the order.

First of all, we will go to visit the factory and check the products which are included in the quotation that we confirmed in advance. Then you can confirm all the details and place the order. Of course, We will try our best to bargain for you to get the lowest price.

You need to pay some cash around US$100-US$200 for the factory to issue the contract. And you need to pay a full 30% of goods amount in the contract via T/T when you go back home.

4. We will arrange all transportation during your stay in Foshan.

After End

1. Before you leave China, we will give you a list of all products and amounts purchased during this period, so that you can confirm again whether there are any remaining products.

2. After receiving the deposit, we will notify the factory to produce and pay the deposit. We will follow up with the production process and share the production process with you at any time.

3. When the production is completed, we will carry out inspection. We will randomly select test samples according to the AQL standard. According to different product categories, we have developed particular inspection standards and checklists.

4. After the inspection is completed, we will prepare an inspection report for you to confirm the order finally. After confirming, pay the remaining 70%.

5. After we receive the final payment, we pay the factory and start collecting products to our warehouse. At this time, we will conduct a second spot check. If problems are found, we will negotiate with the supplier on time. And share the process with you anytime.

6. On your agreed delivery date, we will arrange all the logistics until the product reaches the port. During this period, we will have a commissioner to supervise the loading of the container and produce a photo report.

What is the price of your services?


I want to buy other products besides furniture. How do you charge?

If you need to buy other products, in addition to the above charges. Fees will be charged on the standard of the market sourcing option. Of course, we will have certain discounts.

Does the logistics service option include shipping costs?

Not included. The logistics costs here are just FOB costs.
It is mainly all expenses incurred from Foshan to Guangzhou or Shenzhen ports.

Shipping cost depends on:

  • Container type (20 ft or 40 ft)
  • Country and city of delivery
  • Time of the year
  • Transport type: sea, rail or auto freight

Please choose your region on the left below and the port city nearest to your location or the city of destination on the right.

Attention: The calculator only provides estimated cost without customs clearance in the county of destination.

PS: The following fees already include our service option fee ($ 1200)

       All prices are estimates, please consult us for actual prices.


Shipping cost calculator

Here you can calculate the delivery cost of your products to the nearest port.

If you can’t find the port you need above, you can contact us.




Approximate shipping costs from Foshan (China) to Singapore (Singapore) are 1350$ for 20ft container and 1550$ for 40ft container.

Generally, if you follow logistic by your self, you will need to follow up on the issues below.

  • Coordinating with a freight forwarder
  • Delivery terms
  • Cost calculation
  • Shipping documents
  • Inspections declaration, custom clearance
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Loading monitoring
  • Other issues necessary

As you can see from the above checklist, this is a headache if you are not a professional importer and without a team.

How to quality control?

Quality inspection is an essential aspect. Never underestimate the importance of quality control inspection. Therefore, we must carry out a thorough quality inspection before accepting the goods, and take full responsibility for the loss.

For this we offer 4 types of inspections:

  • During production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Inbound Inspection
  • Container Loading Inspection & Supervision

During Production Inspection (DPI) 

This quality control inspections are conducted during production when only 10-15% of the products are completed. During this inspection, we will identify deviations, and give feedback on corrective measures. In addition, we will re-check defects during the pre-shipment inspection to confirm they have been corrected.

Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI)

The PSI refers to the inspection of the finished product after the goods are 100% complete, and at least 80% of the order is packed. This inspection is performed according to the product’s standard acceptable quality limit (AQL) specification or according to customer requirements. Generally, we check the following during pre-shipment inspections:

  • Quantity
  • Packing
  • Workmanship
  • Artworks
  • On-Site Tests
  • Client Special Requirement
  • Product Specification

Inbound Inspection

When the goods are completed, the manufacturer will ship them to our warehouse. At this time, we will carry out a sampling inspection to ensure that the goods are not damaged during the transportation from the manufacturer to the warehouse and carry out quantity clearing to ensure that all the products are consistent with the order. This is the final Big pass. Generally, we check the following items:

  • Quantity
  • Packaging
  • Label
  • Sampling

Container Loading Inspection & Supervision

Container loading inspection services ensure that we monitor the entire loading process. Your order will be checked for completeness and securely packed in a container before shipment. This inspection is the last chance to confirm that you meet the quantity, sorting, and packaging requirements. We will also check if you need special needs such as fumigation and desiccants, etc.


How to choose a container?

Whether you have full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL), we have sea containers to match your needs. We mainly provide four types of containers; you can choose your own actual needs for installation.

Dry containers

Dry containers 20′ and 40′ (general purpose) are manufactured from either aluminum or steel. They are suitable for most types of cargo. Aluminum dry containers have a slightly larger payload than steel, and steel dry containers have a slightly larger internal cube.

Dry container dimensions

Specific dimensions and capacity of dry containers may vary depending on the container manufacturer, the age of the container and the container owner. The specifications listed below are, however, representative.


20´ dry container

Tare weight Payload capacity Cubic capacity Internal length
 2,300 kg  25,000 kg  33.2 m3  5.9 m
 5,071.5 lbs  55,126.9 lbs 1,172 cu ft 19.4 ft
 Internal width Internal height Door opening width Door opening height
 2.35 m  2.39 m  2.34 m  2.28 m
 7.7 ft  7.9 ft 7.7 ft  7.5 ft


40´ dry container

Tare weight Payload capacity Cubic capacity Internal length
 3,750 kg  27,600 kg  67.7 m3  12.03 m
 8,268.8 lbs  61,200 lbs 2,389 cu ft 39.5 ft
 Internal width Internal height Door opening width Door opening height
 2.35 m  2.39 m  2.34 m  2.28 m
 7.7 ft  7.9 ft 7.7 ft  7.5 ft

High cube dry containers

High cube dry containers ensure that you gain an extra foot in height compared with dry containers. The high cube dry containers are ideal for light, voluminous, or bulky cargo. These additional volume containers are made in 40′ and 45′ sizes in steel and aluminum.

High cube dry container dimensions

Specific dimensions and capacity of high cube dry containers may vary depending on the container manufacturer, the age of the container, and the container owner. The specifications listed below are, however, representative.


40´ high cube dry container

Tare weight  Payload capacity  Cubic capacity  Internal length 
 3,940 kg  28,560 kg  76.4 m3  12.03 m
 8,687.7 lbs  62,974.8 lbs 2,696.9 cu ft  39.5 ft 
 Internal width Internal height  Door opening width  Door opening height 
 2.35 m  2.70 m  2.34 m  2.58 m
 7.7 ft  8.9 ft 7.7 ft   8.5 ft


45´ high cube dry container

Tare weight  Payload capacity  Cubic capacity  Internal length 
 4,820 kg  27,860 kg  86 m3  13.56 m
 10,628.1 lbs  61,431.3 lbs 3,035.8 cu ft  44.5 ft 
 Internal width Internal height  Door opening width  Door opening height 
 2.35 m  2.70 m  2.34 m  2.58 m
 7.7 ft  8.9 ft 7.7 ft   8.5 ft

What is the payment procedure?

We explain the cost of the product and service separately and give examples.

For products

The products ordered by the furniture factory/market in Foshan are 30% deposit and 70% balance.

After 30% of the deposit was received, the factory production. The direct product is completed after the quality inspection is completed. Only the remaining 70% of the balance is charged.

So do we have to take a 30% deposit when ordering in the factory?

Not necessarily. We recommend that customers only need to give 10% of the total price of the product.

After the customer finally confirms the order, he pays the remaining deposit.

Because once the order is canceled, the deposit cannot be refunded.

About service charges

1. When confirming to use our service, you must first pay a service deposit of $ 100. Of course, this $ 100 will be used as a service fee.

2. When selecting the service option, when you arrive in Foshan and sign a service contract with us, please pay a USD 500 deposit. (This is also part of the service fee), after paying 70% of the balance, pay the remaining service fee (10% of the total fee, for furniture only and deducting $ 600).

3. When selecting the “Additional Services” option, please pay all translation and instruction fees before leaving Foshan. ($ 50 per day) and pay the remaining service fee when paying 70% of the balance (10% of the total cost, only for furniture. $ 300 / container, other products only, and deducting $ 600 ).

For more information, see the following:


# Payment amount What are you paying for? When should I pay for it? How to pay?
1 USD $100 Booking the dates At least 3-4 weeks in advance PayPal / Bank Transfer
2 USD $500 The second part of the agency fee deposit. When signing a contract in our office in Foshan on the first day USD, EUR or CNY in cash. Bank transfer to our company’s bank account,before you leave.
3 USD $30 * n days (only for Additional Service) Translation and Guiding ($30/day) fee Before you leave China USD, EUR or CNY in cash. Bank transfer to our company’s bank account,before you leave.
4 30% deposit(Minus the deposit paid in the market.) Deposit for furniture (other goods) When you return home and make sure your order is correct Through our bank account or directly to Chinese factories’ bank accounts
5 70% balance The balance payment for your order After production is done (Standard) / After quality checks (Advanced) Through our bank account or directly to Chinese factories’ bank accounts
$500/container (only in Additional Service) Agency fee balance
8% deduct $600 Agency fee balance

Example (payment routine for $ 20.000 order)

1. Pay $ 100 as the booking date. The $ 100 payment is part of the agency fee.

2. After arriving in Foshan, sign the contract and pay a second deposit of $ 500. This is part of the service fee.

3. Arrive at the furniture factory showroom to select or customize furniture details. After confirming the order, pay a 10% deposit (USD $ 2000).

4. Confirm the order after returning home and pay 30% of the deposit ($ 6000 minus the amount paid in step 2).

5. After passing the quality check, you need to pay 70% of the balance of the order ($ 14000) and service fee ($ 800 minus $ 600).

6. If you use our logistics services, you also need to pay service fees and sea freight. ($ 1200 + shipping).

(PS: If you need to use other services, you will also need to pay for these additional services.)


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Direct furniture in factory FAQS


Is direct furniture in factories cheaper than in the furniture market?

Yes, and it is more time-saving to order directly at the factory, and the delivery time is more stable. The factory order price is about 30% -50% cheaper than the market.

Can I find a furniture factory myself?

Yes. Generally, you can find it on B2B platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, and other platforms. Or attend a furniture exhibition in China.

My budget and MOQ are not enough, can I still order at the factory?

In this case, we do not recommend that you order at the factory, but you can buy some regular products at the factory, which is not MOQ limited.

How many days do I need to purchase in a furniture factory? Will it save time than the market?

Yes, it is more time-saving than in the furniture market. Under normal circumstances, you can buy all the furniture in less than 2 days. Because when you choose the furniture directly in the factory, then we will help you screen the factory and products in advance until you determine the factory and product details. When you arrive in Foshan, you will go directly to the factory to learn the final product details. This is a very time- and money-saving purchasing method.