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China Tile

Updated April 26, 2024

For a couple of decades, the demand for Chinese tiles has been growing progressively because Chinese tiles are favorable in the world for having extraordinary quality.

However, often while the importer or small lot buyer wants to wholesale tiles, they face numerous problems in sourcing, dealing with suppliers until shifting to their destination. Plus, some of the importers are unknown about what tiles they would import.

On the other hand, many clients complain that they don’t find their reliable source from China because it is nearly problematic to find out a reliable source from approximately 3000+ companies.

All the companies upright their quality, features, advantage, design to attract a buyer; this is indeterminate whether they would get reliable products.

As every company shows its right side, the real customers get stuck to think of what exporter he/she should choose. These reasons create a headache, and for the purpose, sometimes, many buyers show an unwillingness to import tiles because they’re being experienced numerous concerns.

If you are a buyer or importer and want to wholesale tile from China, a proper guideline assuredly can help you to overwhelm every trouble for importing tiles from the China region.

In this article, we’re going to describe a complete guideline from the root level about wholesale tiles from china. Plus, we’ll focus on more than a few problems and their solutions so that you can perceive every single part.


The statistics of Chinese tile companies

Nowadays, maximum Chinese companies produce roughly 25,000 square meters of tiles in a single day. This quantity is adequate to fill the entire demand for domestic’s needs and exporting.

As well, they can produce a small or large quantity amount of tiles as customers order. They upsurge the production capacity depending on the buyer, so there is no chance of delaying.

The companies never miss the delivery schedule; lest they should lose the next order from the buyer.

At present, a lot of tile enterprises in the world have been re-birthing by the touch of chines tile’s revolution. China always offers standard quality within an affordable cost; this is why tile industries are paying attention to China.

Further, maximum countries in the world don’t belong anti-dumping burden on Chinese tile. Plus, the exporters might get 9% taxation refund security by the Chinese government. Indeed, this rule depends on the tile’s type, suppliers.

The selling price could be 30% to 500% lesser than another country’s worth, but not means the quality is worst, you would get 10% reliable product with a satisfying guaranty. We’ve distributed these details into several sections below.

Let’s jump over the topic.

1. What kind of tile will be bringing for your business?

2. The classification of tiles produced in China

3. What should you consider before wholesale tiles?

4. Types of tile-based on Application

5. The design and specification of Chines tile

6. Selection of the accurate Chinese Floor and wall tiles

7. Most asked questions and answer on China tiles – FAQ

8. Where to find out the manufacturer and suppliers in China?

9. How to search for Suppliers and manufactures in China online?

10. Procedures for wholesale Tiles from China?

11. Problems have a chance to arise when wholesale tiles from China?

1. What kind of tile will be bringing for your business?

Indeed, many importers cannot decide to choose what type of tile they need.

Even someone regrets after buying the wrong item and design.

To keep far from this intention, initially, you will need to fix the tile you’re going to import according to want.

After a long time of research, our team has found that the large format ceramic tile is getting approval among the user and importer too. The format is simple like rustic tile or classical marble, all are displayed in large format.

According to Chinese statistics, the rustic tile amount is only 10% than other tiles in China. About 80% of the lines of rustic tiles are spreading in Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hunan, Hubei and Guangdong providences.

In the current year, 50new lines for the rustic tiles are distributed in Guangdong, Linyi, Fujian, and Gaoan. As well, these areas have 10 more lines for rustic tiles.


Essentially, perhaps Glazed polished marble tiles can be natural stone, travertine, limestone and more. Basically, this kind of tile (Glazed polished tile) is more expensive than soluble salt tiles.

The soluble salt tile is well-known as ceramic floor tile, but it is commonly cheaper than another floor tile. Terracotta is usually used for indoor usage, it has some pre-sealed and salt-safe tiles. You will see this is porous, prone, to staining, cracking and chipping. Thus, you can simply pick as you need.
On the other hand, Porcelain tiles could be glazed porcelain, glazed through-body porcelain, Bullnose, Round edge and double charged. So you can rely on the Chinese tile industry because they are leading the world’s tiles engineering now.

2. The classification of tiles produced in China

  • Porcelain floor tiles
  • Glazed tiles
  • Nonslip tiles
  • Ceramic stone tiles
  • Antique tiles
  • Square tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Industrial tiles
  • Wood-look tiles

The above item is typically producing in China. Nevertheless, confidently the mentioned types of tile are standard for all the regions of the world.

The more details of Tiles types

Tiles are grabbing nearly most of the houses, offices, and public spaces gradually. Usually, it com with different brands, design, and style according to the user request.

Therefore, there are many ready-made tiles available in china, but if you want as request, then you can order for the exact item. All of them are not produced in the same features and superiority. Each kind of tile contains individual strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, no more talk, let’s gain about.

  • Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are extensively used; it is seen practically at every construction. It is made with thin slabs of clay and other essential material.

At first, the entire material needs to melt on the oven properly to give any shape precisely essential. After shaping, it is coated with a glaze finish that makes a shiny look.

Ceramic tiles are pedestrian for better cleaning. Once it gets dirty, it is easier to remove the dirt. Furthermore, it goes for an extended period.

There are many old constructed buildings used ceramic tiles, though the buildings are losing temper, the tiles are shining till now.

This item is suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, and for the place always is crowded like the hospital’s bathroom, road’s wall, etc. This tile is not porous, that means easy to use. Plus, it obstacle the germs and bacteria from sticking up.

  • Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles

Justly, the porcelain tile is familiar as under the ceramic tiles. But it has better quality than the classical ceramic tiles that introduced newly. They are enough kiln and dried even at a higher temperature. It is ample harder, durable, absorbent, and stain-resistant.

It is desirable for wet areas like radiate heating and clothing structure, bathroom, and kitchen. You can pick it into diverse designs like wood and stone natural materials.

  • Marble tiles

Marble tiles

Marble tiles are the supreme attractive tiles in the world. It comes with unlike veiny surface in multiple shades of colors. It has been using over the decade for high designing. Perhaps, you have seen it has an unusual appearance that upright itself by way of attractive and unique.

Those wishing to do a pretty design, these marble tiles are a smart selection for bathroom and kitchen furnishings. 

Similarly, it’s every design and color that is frequently different from another, while purchasing from China, try to get the same original lot for an unvarying design.

  • Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles grasping the user’s mind with outstanding looking. Those people wish to have customized designs to their bathroom walls and floor; no other type can fill their desires except this item.

It is stain-resistant and durable. The small glass tiles come with different mosaic designs into the varied color shade. 

But the concern is the glass tiles get dirty quickly; you may use it for a notable time by caring well. You would need to pay more attention to ceramic and porcelain tiles to retain its usability.

  • Limestone Tiles

Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles mainly made from sedimentary carbonate rock, and it can be polished and textured. It has no artificial. The solid looks make it appropriate for the floor. It can absorb moisture from the atmosphere very fast.

This type also apt for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. A new viewing will be created once you use these tiles. But remember, these tiles should not apply in a crowded area, least it should be stained or scratched quickly.

  • Slats Tiles

Slats Tiles

For roofing flawlessly, considering slate tiles is the best option. You will be getting an ideal roof when expending this. It is formed with metamorphic rocks, naturally textured and colored dark like black, purple, and gray. It is durable that allows for a notable using.

Slats tiles are adjustable for kitchen, mudrooms, foyer, hallway, and patio or even can use in gathering areas. Plus, it can fight against scratches and breaks.

  • Granite Tiles

Granite Tiles

Granite tiles usually stoned tiles came with peculiar viewing than another tiles category. Every surface contains veins and specks on different natural pigments from white to gray and pink. Granite is capable of resisting bacteria, germs, and scrapes since not being permeable.

This can be a sound selection for shower walls, counters, and in-floor that get touched by thousands of people. But you will need to pay more attention to retain its quality like marbles and limestone tiles. Just try to buy from China in batches to math all tiles.

  • Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles

To make these tiles, they need various materials like marbles, glass, metallic, and natural aggregates like the mother of pearl. This is a multipurpose tile, and every element is noticeable on the surface that is polished and shiny.

They are sturdy, that is why much public building uses it for rough handling. It needs it refinished frequently while producing. As a result, they always look smooth, shiny though it tends to be greasy.

  • Linoleum Tiles

Linoleum Tiles

This is another versatile featured tiles that is something exception than others. They are available in numerous designs and colors like stone, mimic wood, and would find multiple effects.

You won’t require more attention maintaining for being dust resistant. Linoleum is especially suitable for the restaurant’s kitchen and stock room.

  • Pebble Tiles

Pebble Tiles

Maybe, you have seen pebble tiles used in the outer area of a house, resort, and public spaces. Somewhere pebble tiles can be seen at the outer wall and mudrooms and the surrounding area of pools. Their main raw material is river rock pebble that gives it an authentic-looking.

Each pebble is evident on the surface. But this becomes dirt in a short time. Thus it’s greater to use at the outer area of the house or outside.

3. What should you consider before wholesale tiles?

After gaining information about the types of tiles, your next step is to focus on some consideration before making a final purchase.

In this section, we’ve highlighted each tile’s inspectional thinks.

Therefore, let’s dive again into the main topic.

Get samples from showroom

You should not get any tiles before the inspection of its sample accurately. Someone makes a mistake. As a result, they have to regret not getting necessitated tiles at all. Anyway, attempt to collect some samples of tiles from a showroom or suppliers.

All the samples are typical exhibit in the showroom so that you can pick your preferred tiles effortlessly. Generally, the exhibition tiles size less than two square feet. While your floor will not include thousand but include hundreds of time that area and again, no two pieces are indeed the same.

A sample remains aged for a hesitating time and changing degrees of revelation. When you choose a new floor, pick tiles that get matches on the floors depending on colors, glaze. Besides, take some tiles launched recently so ta may get at least the best design, color, and durability.

Don’t rush at all; take enough time to get perfect tiles before going to purchase. It’s a good thing to consult with a tiles expertise or an engineer. They can suggest the best one by seeing the collected samples.


Maintenance and warranties

Only the manufacturer can provide the best item, and the building constructor can set the tiles accurately. But the maintaining responsibilities fall upon you. If you take proper care, then expect better looking and durability. However, you have to gain the floor observation knowledge to maintain conveniently.

For this, attempt to gain upkeeping requirements and warranties. Use appropriate cleaning supplies recommended by the manufacturer.

Often, the seller also suggests what to do or not; you need to obey the remuneration to keep warranties intact. Nonetheless, in maximum time, the breakage issue doesn’t fall in warranties conditions. In total, perceive an entire guideline and warranty conditions earlier buying.

Related to another floor

Two floors cannot be similar; two houses could not be the same; even the next-door neighbor’s floors might be alike. Then consider some adjusting,

  • Was the floor constructed under the same condition by the same squad?
  • Is the same floor grade, brand, thickness, and indistinguishable in all compliments?
  • Were the floor sustained in the same way?
  • When was the floor inspected?

After getting the answer to think about buying new tiles. Once you get a positive result, go to the next step.



The glossy coated tile appropriate for protecting stains and moistures penetration. But this is not sure whether any stain would make stain over the surface, there could have a chance to get scratch. Almost maximum tiles catch scratching sooner or later; they also rely on how could the user do maintain.

Yet many manufacturers produce tiles with confirming for scratch proof though it falls upon on user behavior. However, after ensuring scratch proofing, agree to purchase.

The more guaranty from the seller or manufacturer would provide you more probabilities to have good using. Be careful about unprotected furniture moving and pets as they are the other reasons for getting scratched and dents.


Commonly all tiles present natural variation in shapes, color, and clipper. The size of plaster lines is consumed to lessen the noticeability of adjustment.

It’s not sure the settled tiles won’t need to replace it with a new one. Consult with sellers who can provide this security.


Often tiles get broken or cracked at the time of shipping. Even sometimes, it might be paused while they need to cut. It happens when the used material is lower. Thus, select the product has enough strength.

During the convening, the manufacture warrant for braking issues, but when breaking a single item, then do not get a warrant for the product. But for the best amount of breaking subjects, you’ll get replacing the warranty.



Industry-standard recommends adding 5% to 12% of flooring to the unrushed amount wanted for the project. This added amount for the amount will not be used, breakage, and installation error. A large tile is responsible for a large percentage of essential overage.

Moreover, Natural Stone flooring-

  • Have a higher degree of variance
  • Have a higher percentage of breaking
  • Need a higher rate of excess


Cleaning thought is most important during deciding to wholesale tiles as all tiles don’t allow for easy cleaning. The grout of tiles store dust, for this, requires to clean the grout entirely regularly. Think of –

  • Will be the tiles grout too much dirt?
  • Would you need to fill the grout regularly?
  • Is there an absorbent surface to trap and hold moisture and dirt?
  • Will the floor show every smudge of footprint or water drops?
  • Do you need specific cleaner and tools to get expected cleaning?
  • Would it be too slippery when it is wet?


Does weight carry a value depending on where you want to put the tile? Like a vertical structure, the heavy tile has less strength to be steady. But for the horizontal structure, it doesn’t matter anymore.

On the other hand, try to buy in the same batches or lot with a few extra to tackle damage or breaking issues in the future.

4. Types of tile-based on Application

Tiles usually use in multiple areas of building or construction.

The variation brought a revelation change of tiles.

By the angle of types, design, durability, and color, everything makes sense of using tiles on diverse applications.

The current world is categorizing tiles to help people understanding what kind of tile would be precise for them. But unluckily, the Chinese manufacturers don’t care for this attitude. Anyway, its matter to you for realizing what types can be pedestrian.

In this section, we’ll clarify the concept so that you don’t hesitate while wholesale tile from China, rendering to requirements.

Tiles for floor

The selection of floor tiles depends on which portion of the house will be used, would be it useful for you? It can represent the floor’s beauty. This is available in glazed and unglazed formulas.


The floor is the place the substantial activities occur every day; for this reason, the tiles need to be sturdy and tolerable. Every day it faces higher load, pressure, friction level, and another materials action; if tiles become weak, then they break down or searched.

Moreover, for using a crowded area, it becomes dirt continuously. To prevent such this issue, it needs to be stronger, durable, should have the aptitude of a good cleaning. Generally, every floor tiles should have 3% of absorption capacity.

The ceramic tiles contain a COF (coefficient of friction) rating, it requires to have a COF at least 0.50, and it’s a minimum level of resistance that ensures safety to do work on roughly.

Tile for wall

Wall tiles habitually used for interior and exterior walls of buildings according to the decoration of architects. It comes with white and off-white colors; the primary material is ceramic. It is also obtainable in glazed and unglazed like the floor tiles. He glassy layer remains thin on it.

Wall tiles produce in slicker, softer, and low durability than floor tiles. Yet it should remain at least 10% of the absorption level.


Tiles for roofing

A building doesn’t get its superiority until the roof is not tiled. Though the roof often invisible from people, but tiling give the whole building a new attraction. However, this kind of tile like ceramic.

They are produced with high temperatures than other tile types.  You’ll get glazed, durable features in it, definitely the slates tile is perfect for roofing well.

Tiles for Partition

Partition tiles use in building interior partitions to divide between 2 areas or room. It is almost lightweight, smaller in size. These tiles are existing in ceramic, porcelain, and glass.

Tiles for Kitchen

We know the kitchen floor is the hardest area in a house. This area gets anguish even every day. So it remains dirty, grimy, oily, and greasy every time. No kitchen can be found that has no experience with the weightiest foot traffics.

So it very important to find suitable tiles specially made for kitchen usage. In this section, we defined the kitchen’s tile as this space is not negotiable during planning what type of tile is most excellent.

Kitchen tiles

  • Use glazed ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is an ideal selection for the kitchen floor. You need to make sure the ceramic has a transparent layer because it is not only durable but also easy to keep clean all the time.

Moreover, often we drop down any smoking materials or hot pot on the floor unexpectedly; the ceramic tiles protect from damaging or breaking.

Once it gets damaged for heavy usage, no need to worry about it because you can replace only the damaged tile any time-deprived, changing the entire floor; these tiles also available in numerous designs with striking paint. It allows for finding out the most reliable design from its vast collection.

Then this tile could be uncomfortable underfoot as its material is weighty. Plus, it might not be healthier for the storied upper kitchen.

  • Chose porcelain tiles

Though ceramic and porcelain are similar from maximum angels, the enamel has some specific features than ceramic. Thus, porcelain tiles are recognized as more and more water-resistant than ceramic type.

Even most of the commercial kitchens are using porcelain tiles since their floor introduces a lot of heavy foot traffic daily.

This item is easy to maintain, simple to swiping and mopping off grime and cleaning dirt with a moist rag. Less effort can clean them correctly.

But you have to count slightly more money to buy this tile even its installation service is expensive a little bit than the ceramic tiles fitting.

  • Tile dimension

Before going to an aspect, initially, you’ll need to settle thickness. The thickness will increase the cost of tiles. Maximum tiles come in between a half and 1 inch thick.

Secondly, you have to decide on the width and length of your choosing tiles. Generally, it will be between 3×3 inches and 24×24 inches. Yet it arrives in diverse shapes like octagon, hexagons, and rectangle.

  • Tile rating

The rating defines by on porcelain and ceramic tile’s durability. A PEI rating under 3 indicates that the tiles tolerable with light to medium foot traffic. But this rated tiles typically use for wall and on less traffics area.

  • Color, texture, and finishing

The final task is to determine the potential color, texture, and finishing. The color you are going to select should match the wall style and color. We belong high class finished, matte-finished, and textured surface tiles with slip hardy defense.

Recommending not to neglect the safety factor for tile as every tile contains different safety protection. Avoid picking dark colored tile for small-sized rooms since they make the room looking smaller than original.

Tiles for bathroom


Rusty bathroom is painful to all people. Everyone desire a neat and clean bathroom. It became dirty, slippery then there might be an accident for sudden slipping. Anyway, proper tiles installment can save you from unexpected incidents.

Mostly, a bathroom is tiny sized from other rooms in a house so that small-sized tiles can cover the whole spaces faultlessly. Selection of large size never allows for a decent looking and tiles might break during the construction period.

However, small mosaic tiles are the best choice for bathroom floors as they belong more grout and more resistance. But too much grout lines store extra dust that makes an ugly looking amongst the space.

If the mosaic tile is the best for the floor, then porcelain tiles are an excellent option for bathroom walls. You may consider larger tiles if it becomes bush-hammered and textured like terrazzo and slate tiles; we’re saying this because this is protective from sudden slipping out.

They make your bathroom feeling expansive, particularly once they’re a pain. If you don’t get suitable large tiles for the bathroom, so don’t try to insert forcefully. Otherwise, there will have arisen strange looks.

Tiles for bedroom

No one can ignore the necessity of bedroom floor tiles. Honestly, you won’t get the real comfort of living unless you don’t use correct tiles for your bedroom. Natural stones and Travertine tiles are the precise tiles for the bedroom floor. They are sturdy and have a smooth finish that will help you to feel an exquisite sense under your feet.

They’re massive, for that these tiles require to use on upper floors carefully for loading, noise, and variability of the subfloor. Besides, natural stones tiles accomplished for periodic chill climates since they can allocate radiate heating goodly than wood.

Tiles for laundry room

No other tiles would be best for the laundry room is as best as porcelain tiles.  Those have a laundry room, may consider porcelain tiles to get a seamless floor designing.

It is perfect for mudroom too because they are hard-wearing and impermeable to moisture. Try to select that are looking like slate to achieve rustic and causal effects.

Tiles for walkways

The walkways tiling need to be stronger as it faces the highest for traffics every day. For sidewalks, natural stone tiles like marble, limestone, and granite all are apt. They can survive for an extended time for having great sturdiness.

On the other hand, slate tile is a decent substitute for those who have a more textured surface to escape from sudden slippery coincidences.

Tiles for entryways

Entryways are a more tortured space where people frequently use it in a day. This zone wants to more durable tiles, for this natural stone and slate can be fittest from vinyl and wood. Further, stone and slate tiles come with a different texture.

5. The design and specification of Chines tile

China is manufacturing tiles in different shapes, shades, and texture.

They maintain the quality that has taken away them to the peak position of the tiles manufacturing.

Here you’re going to discover the full specification guide.


Generally, the standard tile’s range starts from 2 inches to 18 inches. The floor tiles sizes can be classified into three sections, they are-

  • Small
  • Medium and
  • Large

In more details-

  1. Smaller tiles: This is standard tiles accessible in the market place, and this is demandable to maximum people or importer. The sizes are 2 inches, 4 inches 6 inches and 8 inches. 2 and 4 sized are used in a bathroom and shower floors, the smaller size also makes a more grout between 2 tiles.
  2. Medium tiles: Medium-sized refers to 12 inches, which adjustable almost anywhere. Many constructions use it approximately 70% of the total amount of using tiles. It has a customer’s demand too.
  3. Larger tile: Larger tile means an 18-inch sized tile often use in ample space to generate more great illusion. Large size makes very fewer grout lines. So fewer lines grout make a tidier look among the floor.

Except for the mentioned size, there is a standard and non-standard size starting range from 24 inches. These tiles use in larger spaces and need to use grander tools to install. The standard and medium constructor can’t work with it; the only expert can ensure its accurate fitting.



The size means the actual form of ant tiles. Rectangle and square are the most common size in this regard. Otherwise, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon are also available in the market place. Importer chooses to this what kind of tiles are tending in their country.


Shade indicates the color tone that uses for every lot or batch. From an industrial perspective, it is quite tough to gain the same color tone for different quantities. In this section, it’s important to avoid mixed colors. You need to make sure to select the same colored tone that is universally marked alone.


The pattern of tiles differs on natural looks, the vein, and speck pattern consumed on natural stone tiles, granite, and speck. The ceramic, porcelain, and linoleum tiles designed with a synthetic profile; this pattern exhausting depends on the manufacturer.

Because the manufacturer continues its production on the importer or customer demand, sometimes raw materials contribute to whether which pattern they would apply.

Currently, many producers have started using digital ink injection to distinguish Chinese tiles design. This is a newly invented technology permits to make various patterns on glazed ceramic floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, including wood, rustic, marble, and other effects.


Perhaps the textures of tiles could be matte, semi-polished, bush-hammered, or textured. Plus matte and semi-polished finishes obtainable through placing glaze finish on the tiles.

On the bush-hammered mere surface can work with chisel, cap, etc. for gaining rustic or rough watching. Textured tile is convenient for the wet and moist floor. Similarly, bush- hammered and textured tiles suitable for tiles such as terrazzo, granite, and slate.


A vast number of wholesalers and contractors don’t meet with the concept of tile manufacturing. A glaze substance-


  • Glaze tiles glaze refers to the enamel, and liquid combinational coating applies to porcelain and ceramic tiles. Maximum tiles are available in a glazed condition that can dull or glossy irrespective of color finish.
  • Unglazed tiles indicate that the tiles inherit its appearance, whichever the mineral deposit that has remained in the clay from where the tiles were prepared with natural colors. The colors can be intended into a pattern. This is why unglazed tiles habitually contain a plain and natural entrance.

Additionally, unglazed tiles have a robust absorbent capability than the glazed tiles. Do you why? It is not coated with liquid glass protective. But anxiety is that these products have low stain protection capacity until a shielding sealant covers them.

Ratings # Chinese ceramic floor tiles ratings and ceramic wall tiles of China

Tiles are classified into five grades according to the durability and toughness. Now you’ll learn more about the scores to clarify hesitation.

  • Grade 1: Grade 1 tiles maneuver at the bottom class of tiles sectors. You can’t utilize them for rough using or in a crowded area where people gather heavily. It has low toughness and durability.
  • At any time, it may break. Fortunately, this item is perfect for the wall as the wall doesn’t meet a high footprint.
  • Grade 2: This item is slightly better than class 1. The light traffics area is suitable for them. Moreover, for soft usage, the residential bathroom floor and walls likely seamless for the Grade 2 tiles. Plus, the commercial building can use them on the wall.
  • Grade 3: Well, for light traffic spaces, suitable for most residential and commercial buildings. Specifically, for kitchen, countertops, and floor may consider this item. Surely grade 1 and grade 2 are less eligible to be durable than grade 3.
  • Grade 4: People pick grade 4 for floor, countertops, and offices; it doesn’t matter whether the used space introduces with a large traffics daily. For getting a standard usage, grade 4 fills the desires.
  • Grade 5: Most more robust and durable tiles are in grade 5. It can tolerate heavy foot pressure. That’s why you’ll see this tile at a shopping mall, hospital, airports, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and many busiest zones.


Chinese Porcelain tiles ratings

Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) has categorized the porcelain tiles into a different rating system. But the PEI rating system stands on parallel principles such as ceramic tiles. Frequently, the PEI ratings refer to the tiles stiffness. These ratings begin from 0 to 5. Let’s check.

  • Group 0 or PEI 0: These types recommend only for wall, not for flooring. Group 0 has a low hardness that can’t tolerate any pressure of foot traffics.
  • Group 1 or PEI 1: This group a bit updated than group 0. Best for light spaces where typically shoes need to wear like the bathroom floor. Otherwise, they may use on commercial and residential walls.
  • Group 2 or PEI 2: This is generally faultless for a slight footed area where people wear soft-soled sandals or slippers. It comes to accept the pressure of general traffics areas. But not well for the kitchen, entrance halls, and stairs. 
  • Group 3 or PEI 3: Improved residential and light commercial areas like countertops, interior walls, offices, and residential bathroom floors. If used at an industrial entryway, then it would be a wrong decision because these tiles can’t bear the pressure of weighty footing.
  • Group 4 or PEI 4: Best choice for moderate traffics location. Residential and commercial places may use at their kitchens, restaurants, hotels, hospital lobbies, and corridors. Many small and large building also consider this item.
  • Group 5 or PEI 4: Areas that welcome huge traffics every day, group 5 is the finest selection for such areas. The zones disposed to scratch and wetness like malls, building entering the zone, and public buildings and pool garnish by this type of stronger tiles.

6. Selection of the accurate Chinese Floor and wall tiles

In the above, you’ve learned about the usage of the tile on a different application.

But when deciding for Chinese tiles, you want to consider and compare multiple tiles category.

If you are an importer who wants import for their region, try to equate every tiles section for filling your customers’ requirements.

If you are a wholesaler, contractor, tile supplier to the construction site or property developer, or retailer, perhaps you know the Chinese tile’s specifications.

If you are like that so can skip the section or can enlarge your knowledge by reading this section, we’ve described the difference from one kind of tile to another. Hopefully, this discussion will assist you to perceive experience from the root level.

Variance between tiles 

For a new buyer, it is already confusing to compare manifold tiles since every item looks near to the same. However, each tile has, unlike advantages and disadvantages. Below we’ve uploaded the detail that must clarify your confusion.

  1. Ceramic VS Porcelain tiles: From the mentioned description, possibly gained porcelain tiles slightly upper leveled than ceramic tiles. Porcelain belongs to something less tone from traditional ceramic tiles.

Primarily, ceramic tiles are produced in low temperatures, and porcelain tiles baked in higher heat. This same temperature gives both of them different toughness. Ceramic is laxer, more porous, lighter, and cheaper; oppositely, the porcelain is more laborious, less leaky, thicker, and expensive than ceramic.

But both are fittest for high traffics areas and ensures extend durability. Also, capable of protecting the floor from stain and scratches. The commercial places can use unglazed porcelain tiles as they never wear down recklessly.


Here’s some additional information between ceramic and porcelain tiles:

Subject Ceramic Tiles Porcelain Tiles
Design Varied (size, shape, shade, pattern, texture) Varied Varied
Cost More affordable Less affordable
Durability Less durable More durable
Porosity More porous Less porous
Heat Resistance Can withstand extreme heat Cannot withstand extreme heat
Water Resistance High absorption rate Low absorption rate
Stain Resistance Less resistant More resistant
DIY-friendly Yes No
Maintenance Easy and affordable Relatively easy and expensive
Resale Value Smaller ROI Bigger ROI

Marble tiles VS Limestone VS Granite Tiles

Marble, limestone, and granite tiles are similarly formed with attractive basics use in house, small and large buildings. All have a quiet strength, durability, toughness, but they have something variance.

Granite tiles remain dappled or freckled patterns that give off delicate sparkles occasionally. It is available in black and white to yellow, blue, and red colors.

On the other hand, marble tiles have veins and specks patterns that mainly use in luxurious bathrooms and bedrooms. You will see its multiple colors, such as green, white, and black.

Limestone tiles are more complicated, and their color ranges in a subtle shade of cream to brown. Some arrive in the wood shade.

Additionally, granite tiles are protective from stains and scratches, not to cracks and fries. Oppositely, marble tile is more porous than granite but weak to stain by any acidic liquids like red wine and juice. Similarly, limestone tiles also vulnerable and permeable to stains.

From the expending angle, limestone is the very low pricey because it is not rare like another. Again, for being marble tiles most corporate natural stoned style, it is indeed expensive.

Subject Marble Tiles Limestone Tiles Granite Tiles
Patterns Veiny Speckled Grains
Common Colors White Cream Grey
Heat Resistance Yes Yes Yes
Water Resistance Must be sealed Must be sealed Seal advised
Stain Resistance Must be sealed Must be sealed Seal advised
Scratch Resistance Yes Yes Yes


7. Most asked questions and answer on China tiles – FAQ

Often people or importer throws some Chinese tiles related queries before making their purchase.

In this segment, we’ve gathered the most asked question and provided the answer.

Hopefully, these answers will fill your thirst with China tiles industry.

  1. Is the ceramic tile safe from China?

Answer: Yes, possibly, you know ceramic tiles are common types in the world. China supplies high graded ceramic tiles almost in maximum regions. This tile is non-toxic and

  1. Is porcelain tile safe if I import from China?

Answer- This is safe from burn as the manufacture produces with doing fireproofing. If there is any fire, the tile won’t create smoke or any toxic fumes.

  1. Are all tiles able to tolerate heavy foot traffics?

Answer the temper depends on the tile’s quality, toughness, and types. These tiles have five grades, which classified each one by quality. Mostly, grade 1 is robust for floor tiles, and grade 3 mightn’t be worthy of the floor.

  1. Is the China porcelain tiles resistant to abrasions?

Answer- If you want to wholesale tiles from China, be sure about the PEI rating, PEI means porcelain enamel institute. PEI 3 group is an excellent choice for residential purposes, such as flooring.

Plus, PEI 4 and PEI 5 good enough for commercial flooring. Remember, most of the porcelain tiles of china are scratches resistant.

  1. What type of tiles do I need for underfloor heating?

Answer- Textured tile is a careful selection for underfloor heating. It’s like standard floor tiles can give you more friction during the wet floor.

  1. How many tiles should I extra buy to replace in the future?

Answer- Well, this question is essential for stocking tile for future recovering issues. However, you need to sock at least 10% more than of total tiles. This stocking is necessary to keep the consistency of the surface.

Because it’s tough to get the same designed tiles again from china, for non-matching hesitation, it’s better to purchase a minimum of 10% more than required.

  1. Do the tiles need to be sealed?

Answer- Essentially, all tiles no need to be sealed at all. But some specific tiles must require to seal such as glazed or sealed tiles absorb liquid like water, juice, wine, and coffee. Some are porous naturally. So there is a chance to scratch one. They are not glazed.

Yet, marble tiles, terracotta tiles, limestone tiles, china porcelain tiles for flooring, granite tiles, and ceramic floor tiles from the Chinese region required for sealing.

  1. Can I get a refund if I didn’t get ordered tiles from China?

Answer- Yes, essentially, this case is rare that any importer didn’t get his demanded tiles from Chia. Yet, it’s right manufacturer provide a 100% refund guarantee or replacing.


8. Where to find out the manufacturer and suppliers in China?

Many importers from abroad initially fall in tension in this regard.

Actually, looking for some reliable tile manufacturer and supplier is quietly significant you need to emphasis.

Because a good supplier and title company ensure the standard item.

Most cities in China are well known for any product manufacturer. Moreover, most suppliers work in a grouped system for a particular product. You will get them all together in a specific area of China.

As Example, if you search furniture in China, you would see the furniture market, particularly in ‘’Shunde’’ providence. In this area, you can see the world’s first-class furniture.

So this concept helps an importer to get all the similar product’s sources in a specific location. If you look forward to the cause of tiles from China, the below sites are seamless to get your stuff. 

1. Foshan, Guangdong Province, World’s Capital of Tile

Foshan is the central zone of ceramic tiles in China. Every year thousands of importer and local customers gather here to fill their ceramic needs.

About 1.2 billion square meters of ceramic tiles produce in Foshan by 350 manufacturers. Past ten years, 54% of China’s total ceramic tile output and 25% of worlds; total production supplied among the word from Foshan.

Foshan has a long period of tile producing experience of about 5000 years. Can you imagine how experienced the Foshan is for manufacturing tiles?

The manufacturer in this region is continuing their designing activities to get the best item; the never compromise to give their customer first-class products.

They bring a similarity and quality like the tile producing in Spin and Italy. The primary target is to achieve buyer satisfaction and their goals.


2. Zibo, Shandong Province, Where Low-Value and Glazed Polished Tile Are Mainly Produced

These locations are famous for producing the quality of tile from 2012. In Shandong, the producer has improved their conditions. You will get a superb cost advantage, this cost-benefit attracts the foreign customer, and they are engaging day by day.

Moreover, they are breaking their previous records by constructing better to best items. Every year buyers come from Europe, United States, Middle East, and central Asia to import.

3. Fujian, For Low-Value and Wall Tile, Are Mainly Produced

Generally, at Fujian, tiles are producing in a family workshop. The maximums workshop doesn’t belong to a large number of the worker; they manufacture in a short amount.

Yet their production is quietly filling the domestic needs. While you will need a less amount of tiles within a lower budget, this place can offer you to get such an item.

Sometimes, many importers don’t want to purchase a large amount; they look only medium standard tiles in a small budget. If you are something like that, then this place can be a worthy choice. Fujian is most famous for those who do not care for much quality.

9. How to search for Suppliers and manufactures in China online?

This asking query is being crowded in the internet world, mainly throws by the importers who are going to make tiles purchasing from China.

For the first time, no buyer doesn’t come directly without research about tiles.

That’s why they study online to achieve an accurate product.

You can easily find out numerous sources online that might help you to compare every single product, quality, price, and everything. Further, you may visit suppliers or meet with a manufacturing company to inspect their standard. We’ll focus on this topic right now. Let’s get started.


Very few entrepreneurs who don’t know about Alibaba. Alibaba is a giant platform from the worlds’ biggest business product importing deal that occurs every day. It can be a great source of first-class tiles. Their official website is alibaba.com; its primary purpose is to wholesale industrial products.

Here you will find both suppliers and manufacturers; plus, it is a perfect place you can contact suppliers directly instead of traders.

Importer from different countries is being involved in this platform to make their reliable deal every da. So, initially, you can visit the site to achieve a trustworthy tile source.

China tiles manufacture bases

Some manufacturers in china can be found in some specific provinces. Here may get a lot of suppliers. The importer is engaging in this area by knowing from the internet. If this is your first visiting, search online to get the exact location so that going directly to the site.


Trade Shows

For meeting and dealing, face to a face trade show is the most beautiful place. There are many manufacturers and buyer gets together to come in a mutual agreement.

Every year there held trade fair which helps to find China floor tiles, China porcelain tiles, ceramic floor tiles from China, bathroom tiles made in China, marble tiles China, China, China kitchen tiles, China mosaic tiles for the terrace, stone-coated roofing tiles ceramic wall tiles China and a lot.

We’ve highlighted the mentioned trade fair names and locations below.

Trade Fair Name Locations
Roof tile China Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou
Ceramics China China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou
China International Ceramic and Bathroom China Ceramics Market, Foshan
International Ceramics, Tile & Sanitary Ware Expo Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai
Shanghai International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition & Conference Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai
DOMOTEX Asia/  China Floor Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai
International Natural Stone Fair Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Centre, Xiamen

Sourcing agents

If you feel the pain to do all the tiles importing process, it’s ideal for you to contact to sourcing agents. A sourcing agent mainly conducts everything from first to last of introducing.

They can relief you from tile’s buying headache while you don’t have sufficient time or don’t know what to do. Just do searching Chines sources link on the internet and contact to make a deal.

10. Procedures for wholesale Tiles from China?

Many importers get puzzled after coming to this buying section.

Importing from China is not the process of buying something from the nearest shop.

First of all, you need to do everything from sourcing to shipping.

If once the process faces vulnerability, it can be complicated to get predictable tiles. We’ve garnished this section with the buying procedures from China.

How to know the price of tiles from China? 

Each tile contains individual prices depending on consumed materials, toughness, and quality. Yet, finding the prices is not complicated at all. Just walk on-

  1. Go to USITC.gov
  2. Now in the search bar, type the ten digits subject code of tile name. If this step seems harsh, search by using a keyword to get the HS code.
  3. Now, inspect the corresponding rate in percentage in a general table. Remember, the prices are dissimilar according to shape, surface finish, sizes.
  • 5% of Ceramic roofing tiles
  • 10% of unglazed ceramic tiles
  • 10% of Glazed ceramic tiles
  • 3% Vinyl style tiles

Anti-dumping tariff on tiles from China

Perhaps, you know the United States does not belong to the anti-dumping duty from China like another country. This facility decrease 9% of tax deduction from China manufactures and importers by China government.

That means China suppliers can deliver up to 50% of the lower price from other countries.

You know there is going a trading war between the United States and China, but till now, China is not forcing any anti-dumping duty on tiles. Essentially, anti-dumping duty is a system of tariff applied to choice imports that already sold at fewer amounts than the charge of exporter’s state.

Importing tax of tiles from China 

To wholesale tiles from China to the United States, the fee will be intended by their HS code and the customs charge on the financial statement. From this perspective, you have to pay courtesy while finding a specific tile’s system. A fault code lets you suffer at the customs house.

You will be cleary this example, suppose, you are shipping 25,000 pieces of porcelain tiles at the rate of 55,000$, the import tax is 200$. Then only the two costing facts won’t affect your charge. There are other customs fees you have to pay. It is just a necessary approximation of importing fees.

How to escape from Chinese tiles tariffs legally?

You are paying too much tariffs impact on your total importing cost. Fortunately, you can hold the tariffs tongue so that no adverse effects can hamper your business. However, Chines e tiles manufacturers continue their production in a different location without the central zone.

These plants are positioned in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, and India. The United States does not restrict these mention locations. If you import from these regions, you can decrease the tariffs amount, but make sure the countries owned by China’s manufacturer.

Otherwise, discussing with an experienced importer or supply chain expert can be a praiseworthy decision to reduce tariffs legally.


11. Problems have a chance to arise when wholesale tiles from China?

This is not sure whether any will not create during wholesale tiles from China.

If you are familiar with these problems, probably, you will be able to tackle the issues.

Problem 1: Quality problem:

Mainly the importers remain a concern with quality disputes. Firstly, after contact with suppliers, ask him to show some samples to compare. Describe him you’ve desired item; often, he will send you samples as your specification and quality.

The Chinese’s every product not only tiles are at a cheap rate, but they belong to both standard and sub-standard products.

If you want the quality item, then they would send it. They keep both because they have to supply to different countries according to buyer requirements. You should tell them for no compromising attitude about quality.

On the other hand, you may take a local agent’s who will guide you for everything like sourcing, quality, types, etc. The agent will inspect everything still shipment. By adopting the agent’s help, about 70% of concern can be reduced.


Problem 2: Payment Problem:

Yes, though the payment procedures are being more accessible, sometimes the payment system can be a headache for yourself. The standard Chinese payment system is to pay at least a 30% deposit before production, and the remaining balance needs to pay before shipment.

The payment system often keeps awakening the importers as China sometimes faces scamming issues, especially in the remote zone of China.

But the safe way is to place a small order to justify a manufacture behavior and how he works. Here, we described more about the payment system following by the importers and suppliers.

  • L/C or letter of credit

This system allows the importer not to deposit while the order amount lower than 30000$. Another beneficial thing is the L/C puts pressure on the supplier for producing demanded products.

This system is popular in maximum countries that are connected with import and export activities. Tits total actions lead by a bank that makes 1004 payment security.

  • Telegraphic transfer: This type of payment system accepted by almost maximum suppliers. It doesn’t offer full payment protection, but be sure to pay to the supplier’s account, not to a personal account.
  • Alibaba escrow: If you buy from Alibaba platform, Alibaba escrow can help you with the better payment process. It will give buyer security until he receives his order and confirms. However, this payment scheme select for small order; many suppliers ignore this arrangement.
  • PayPal: PayPal is a fast transaction online method that allows a recipient to get his payment quickly. This also not accepted by all suppliers. But a small amount for small orders is perfect with it.
  • Cash on delivery: Cash on delivery is possible if you are working with a sourcing agent from China. Your agent will accept the order and check the quality. If everything looks good, then they will pay. This method is reliable too.

Problem 3: Additional possible Problem of Shipping Tiles from China

It is not challenging to ship tiles out of China, although tiles are delicate products. If you are a first time importer of Chinese tiles, you might be familiar with some deals.

outdoor Tiles

Port of Packing or local Conveyance

This means to transport of tiles from the manufacturer’s production house to the nearest port of loading. Maximum loading ports are far from 3 to 4 hours, and the carriage cost often be included in the part of FOB (Freight on Board) price mentioned by the manufactures.

Export clearance

The cargo sent from china wants to be empty for export. These pieces of evidence need to show to Chinese customs authorities. Sometimes the cost of the documents falls upon on FOB price. While the manufacture organizes this part, it can be cost-effective too.


Freight cost

This cost occurs from the port of loading to the destination port like to the country of the buyer. This cost is considered according to cargo’s full container loads (FCL) and less than container load (LCL).


This is the most important thing you need to adopt protection for shipment as you do not confirm whether any accident will be held. Some suppliers may provide low packaging for reducing costs. There is a chance to break ant tiles for small packaging. To recover the loss, insurance can be a back supporter.

Document Delivery

Often the importer pays the cost of transporting, Packing List, commercial list, the bill of lading, and other papers over any DHL or FedEx. You will be getting free of these charges by the supplier if you make a big amounted order.

Port of Destination Local Charges

Know all possible charges on the port of destination. Otherwise, you will be puzzled to hear the costs, of course, many new importers wonder to face with these duties.


Customs Clearance / Bond

This is for the importer from the US. The importer has to fill a customs bond before clearance for safe shipping. This principle is applicable for orders over 25,000$.

Local Transport or Port of Destination to Final Shipping Address

This cost indicates the cost from the port of destination to your house’s address. Make sure you know every step is expending.


Importing tiles from china is a reliable and profitable business strategy. China can provide standard tiles within a low price that ensures a significant profit of your business. They can give you the most updated and technological production as your demand.

For the best experience of importing tiles from China, you need to start with knowing all the necessary steps along with sufficient knowledge. Primarily, this introducing is involved in a tedious process that begins from finding sources to get at your warehouse finally.

You can complete all the procedures yourself or get in touch with a B2B marketer or a sourcing agent to be guided step by step. To do it, you would need to go to China physically to achieve actual dealing.

If you need such kind of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re waiting to hear from you. I hope you have the best dealing in China.

Now It’s Your Turn

Did you learn something new from this complete guideline?

Did you perceive knowledge about the wholesale tile from China?

Or if you have any questions, leave a comment below right now.

We’ll love to hear from you.

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