Why Importing Furniture From Shunde China Furniture City?

Shunde Furniture City is China’s largest wholesale furniture market that no one replaced.
It is the best place to buy furniture in China. It is well connected to major cities like Guangzhou and Hongkong that enables easy access for international visitors. Shunde is home to over 1500 furniture manufacturers and 3500 Chinese & International furniture dealers displaying their products in 200 modern buildings covering an area over 3.0 million square meters. The sheer size of it justifies its name as Furniture Wholesale City which covers 5    kilometers arranged in a grid of 12 rows and 20 streets grossing over US$ 2 billion in trade. You will be surprised and meet expectation when truly reach Shunde.

Guangdong the furniture in China

70% of furniture suppliers are based in Guangdong province. The Chinese furniture industry is definitely going to go places with the right amount of marketing and by maintaining a high manufacturing standard. The affordable prices combined with no compromise on quality have made it a favorite not just in the local but in the international market as well. Here is a short list of most popular furniture markets, malls, and shops in China.

China furniture wholesale market(Shunde)

This enormous market is located in the district of Shunde. It has almost every kind of furniture. The size of this market can be imagined from the fact that it has more than furniture from 1500 manufacturer. This kind of extensive option can cause confusion, therefore, it is better to know the most popular and reliable furniture maker before entering the market. Moreover, you will not be able to check all shops because this market is 5 Km long with over 20 different streets. The best thing about this market is that you may find your desired furniture from the very first shop in the market. This market is also known as Foshan Lecong wholesale furniture market because this market is close to the Lecong town.

LOUVRE furniture mall

If you are looking for high-end furniture with exceptionally high quality, unique design, and attractive texture then this place is for you. It is more like a palace than a mall. The environment of this mall is very comfortable therefore you can easily explore it for several hours. If you are a businessman and want to start a furniture business then you must give this mall a try because you will get high-quality furniture at optimum rates. This mall has become a key source for the furniture industry in China. You do not need to worry about scams as all shops in this area are very reliable. If you are a traveler and don’t know where to buy reliable furniture without getting scammed then this place is best for you.

2016 Lecong Foshan China The Biggest Furniture Market – Riwick

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