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Sourcing Products

Sourcing agent for household products

We help our customers by sourcing products and are committed to finding more efficient and safer solutions. With our advantages, we also have significant benefits in enterprise supply chain management.

We are passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve a more pleasant and safer journey to China’s Sourcing.

We specialize in local markets and factories’ supply chains.

It’s one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of sourcing products in China, and we think this is an opportunity: we are happy to simplify sourcing from China for everyone through our services and guidance.



The products we source are home furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, kids furniture, and other furniture.

Building Materials

Building Materials

The products we source are tile, door, windows, toilet, bathroom, and more.


Lights & Lighting

The products we source are indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, professional lighting, holiday lighting, lighting accessories, LED lighting, commercial & industrial lighting, lighting bulbs & tubes, LED landscape lamps, and more.

other products

Others Products

We also purchase home products such as decorations, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, etc. Occasionally, we also purchase clothing, electronics, machinery, etc.

4500 RMB per container loading service fee, less than a container only 8% of total amount service fee!

In order to increase the price and profitability for our customers, we offer the most competitive service fee: 4500 RMB per container and no other charges.

When your goods are not enough for one container, we only charge 8% of the total amount as a service fee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Industry Expertise

Our experienced team invests time in the products and services that our customers require, and ultimately determines the products and services that best suit your needs.

Customer Value

Leverage the power of your local supply chain to create greater value for you. Buy higher quality products at a lower price.

Trusted Partners

With many years of furniture manufacturing experience, we have a good operation of furniture sourcing solutions for you.