Professional Sourcing Agent In Shunde Foshan China

We focus on sourcing furniture, windows, door, wardrobe, sanitary, lighting, kitchen, decoration, curtain, ceramics, bedding. Suitable for hotel projects, home improvement, restaurant projects, office projects, furniture business, etc.

Do You Have A Sourcing Project We Can Help With?

Get It Done With Us

We provide the Professional service for your business in Foshan China. Such as Product Sourcing, Guiding, Translating, Quality Inspect, Documents prepare, Declaring Shipping etc.

Markets/Factories Guide

We help you find the right factory or markets in Foshan largest manufacturing city to address your projects needs.

Low Cost Sourcing

Our procurement service is free, you do not need to pay any fees until you purchase your favorite product.

Trade Consultant

We will reduce the risk of China’s procurement progress by selecting reliable manufacturers.

Business Assistant

We help you negotiate with your suppliers on your behalf and resolve quality issues before products leave China.

Tips For Importing From Shunde Foshan China

We share practical and useful information based on years of experience and knowledge. Whether you are an experienced importer or just starting out, you want to be able to help you gain a better knowledge.


Riwick is recommended for all those trying to source products from Foshan area, especially for individual home owners.

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