Covering All Your Furniture Hardware Needs, and Household Product Needs.

We provide sourcing services as well as furniture materials and furniture hardware products, and more.

What Riwick Do?

Riwick is both a sourcing agent for household products and a supplier of furniture materials & hardware.

We have been providing home sourcing services since 2015, focusing on providing Residence, Commercial, and Business with one-stop furniture sourcing solutions for products including furniture, windows, doors, building materials, bathrooms, tiles, lighting, and more.

Since 2020, Riwick has not only provided sourcing services but also become a furniture material & Furniture Accessories & Furniture Hardware & Furniture Parts supplier.

1. You oder list

2. We handle it

3. Shipping to you

Furniture Hardware

You need it. We supply it.


No service fee, No MOQ

Furniture Materials

Furniture Materials & Furniture Accessories  & Furniture Hardware & Furniture Parts Supplier.

Furniture hardware supplier since 2020, Riwick is a newly opened business. Longjiang Town, Foshan City has the largest furniture material market in Asia.

We have taken advantage of this to open a better furniture material supply chain. We provide our customers with more complete products and competitive prices.

Furniture Hardware Supplier

Furniture Parts Supplier

  • Chair Mechanisms
  • Furniture Frames
  • Furniture Legs
  • Other Furniture Parts
  • Swivel Plates

Needs some furniture materials & hardware? Or needs Sourcing something?

Save Time & Cost By Furniture Trading
From One Single Source!

Sourcing Company & Sourcing Services

Sourcing service is a big part of our business. Our main sourcing products are furniture, doors and windows, bathroom, building materials, lighting. Occasionally, we purchase other products according to the needs of our customers.

Obvious advantages

We are located in the furniture capital of Foshan, China, with thousands of furniture factories and a world-renowned furniture market.

Free Sourcing

We offer product sourcing and our customers get quotes from suppliers. You can consult on project costs, and receive manufacturing solutions. Our team also arranges product sample and customize samples. You can consult on import-export, compliance certifications, etc.

Affordable fees

Regardless of whether your cargo is 40 feet or 20 feet, our flat fee is 4500 RMB and there is no other charge. If your shipment is less than one container, we only charge 8% of the value of the shipment for the service.

Taking clients seriously

We take our clients seriously, even if their orders are small because we aim for a long-term relationship. If you receive defective products, we do our best to get you all kinds of compensation to reduce your loss.

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Why Choose Riwick Instead of Others

This is also the first time I started a wholesale business when working with Riwick. I am careful after all, the first time I tried, the requirements for product quality were relatively high. Riwick helped me screen three furniture factories and produce the products I needed. These factories promised not to file any quality complaints within 6 months, so I tried to work with them. There were no problems with the shipments in the future, so I worked with them five times and they were all very pleasant experiences. I haven’t seen any products with quality issues.

Before, MOQ was troublesome because I needed a small batch wholesale, but some furniture materials usually couldn’t meet this demand. When I stumbled upon Riwick on Instagram and collaborated with them, I discovered a way to make money. They have a complete supply chain and work with many factories. Although my MOQ is small, they can help me find a factory to help me produce. So I can get high-quality products at low prices, and I can sell them to my customers. What a great wholesale experience.

My new hotel in Canada needs to purchase furniture. I found Riwick on Google. Although this is not the first time I have come to China to buy products, they have comprehensive supply chain management of furniture. It also helped me find the right hotel furniture factory and helped me solve all the tedious things. Also, the factories they selected were delivered on time, cheap, and of outstanding quality.
I was looking forward to our next cooperation.