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Including hotel projects, home improvement projects, restaurant projects, office projects, furniture business projects, etc.

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  • Riwick sourcing agent company helps you find the right factory or furniture markets in China’s largest furniture manufacturing city to address your furniture projects needs.

  • Our procurement service is free, you do not need to pay any fees until you purchase your favorite product. Our service rate is 3%-10%.

  • We will act as your purchasing office to purchase goods according to your wishes. At the same time, we will reduce the risk of China’s procurement progress by selecting reliable manufacturers.

  • We help you negotiate with your suppliers on your behalf and resolve quality issues before products leave China. When you import furniture from China, you will never feel so safe.

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A professional sourcing team helps you solve all furniture items purchased from Shunde, Foshan, China.


Riwick is recommended for all those trying to source products from Foshan area, especially for individual home owners.

Umamaheswar, Home furniture project
Thank you Riwick sourcing for handling my hotel furniture project very professionally and responsibly. They are trustworthy.
Andy Jones, Hotel furniture project

Very good furniture purchase, next time to foshan procurement furniture will continue to find Riwick cooperation. Thanks Riwick sourcing.

Cary Watson, Restaurant Furniture project


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