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It all starts with the free plan.

Depending on the project or business, we offer a variety of service offerings.

With it all, you can start with a free plan or just choose one of our single service plans. Here are the benefits you can obtain per plan:

Free plan – You should start from here

Want to source furniture from China but don’t know how to start?

Want to get a competitive price but don’t know which factory is reliable?

Don’t worry; our Free Plan will help you out.

First, you need to submit an inquiry and tell us what products you want or how we can help you.

Then we will assign you an agent to provide you with the following services for free.

Product sourcing, Get quotes from suppliers:

After you send us your project list, we will actively help you find the most competitive suppliers and obtain the prices.

We can get back to you within 72 hours.

Consult on project cost, Manufacturing solution:

Every project has its own complexity and whatever complexity your project has, we can help you with that!

We can assist in evaluating the workability of your project with the factory or manufacturer.

Riwick can develop a manufacturing solution and price estimate.

Arranging product samples, Customized samples:

When you encounter a situation where you have to produce formulated samples, Riwick is ready to help you arrange for the factory to manufacture the samples and help you with the initial inspection.

All of which can be done by shooting videos or pictures or even showing you the samples live.

Of course, we can also send samples to you.

Advanced plan – The most chosen plan

After the Free Plan, you may probably get competitive product prices from our suppliers.

Then you can enjoy our Advanced Plan wherein your agent will handle all things from manufacturing to delivery.

You can choose either to purchase from our suppliers or yours.

You can enjoy all the following services by paying a 3-10% service fee based on the product value of each order. (Advanced Plan service rate is attached in the following)

service and price

Dealing with factories or suppliers:

Once the product has been distinguished, we will negotiate with the factory or supplier on your behalf.

Once the negotiations are completed, our team will arrange goods production and we will follow up on the progress of the production until the product is completed.

Goods collection, Goods storage:

When the products are finished in the factory, the next thing that we will do is to collect the products.

Usually, the products can be stored in the factory for about a month.

However, in most cases, the factory will ask the customer to pick up the goods as soon as possible.

In this case, we will provide a storage service to store all your products in our warehouse. After collecting and organizing, we’ll then wait for the shipment.

Quality inspection before shipping:

As soon as the products reach our warehouse, a sampling inspection will be performed.

During the sample inspection, we compare the details of the samples. If we find any defective products, we will send them back to the factory.

Inbound inspection is a very necessary task because we have to make sure that your goods are in compliance with the requirements. Riwick team ensures to be responsible for this process.

Shipping arrangement, Container loading:

Once everything is ready, we will contact the freight forwarder to arrange to ship.

We will arrange 1-2 agents to take care of the loading of the goods to ensure that all products are arranged perfectly.

Optional Service – Flexible in your choice of services

Although the services of our free and advanced plan can meet most people’s needs, we can still offer extra services to make your furniture importing experience more convenient.

All the following additional services will be quoted case by case.

Suppliers Sourcing:

If you want, we can travel to the factory area to inspect properly and provide you with a detailed report.

This is to ensure that you don’t need to come to China for inspection, and it saves your time and money.

You just need to pay us the cost for the factory or supplier inspection reports. That’s all.

Products Photography:

If you need a furniture product photography service, we can provide you with a professional furniture photography business.

Everything depends on you.

Goods Loading Services:

If you ordered a product in China and need sea freight with cargo loading service, we can provide you with warehouse & loading.

Normally, we only charge 4500RMB/container ($704.15 USD)

Hire labor in China:

We are ready to offer you any kind of labor tasks like packing, building products, labeling, stickers, etc.

We charge $5 per hour for this entire service.

1 by 1 inspection:

Our employees can help you inspect every product according to your requirement, and we only charge $5/hour.

Using this service, we can help you reduce the defect rate to 0, which means you won’t get any bad reviews from customers.

This service is strongly recommended for E-commerce sellers.

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