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International Trade Terms, FCL, LCL, Bill of Lading.

For beginners, the term itself can be frustrating.

Most importantly, most people in the industry can’t explain in simple English how the shipping process operates between 0 and 1.

There is a lot of knowledge that International Marine knows, but for furniture, we only need to learn the following:

When you start to import from China, shipping is an essential thing to be concerned about. You could choose the size according to your product volume.

  1. 20” GP container: 5.9*2.32*2.36m; Capacity: 25-28CBM; Payload:17.5 Ton
  2. 40” GP container: 11.6*2.32*2.36m; Capacity: 55-58CBM; Payload:22 Ton
  3. 40” HQ container: 11.6*2.32*2.68m; Capacity: 65-68CBM; Payload:22 Ton
  4. 45” GP container: 13.58*2.34*2.71m; Capacity: 78-86CBM; Payload:29 Ton

Please check the following information for more regular terms:

1, EXW( Ex-works)

You must arrange transportation from factories/warehouses in Foshan to the destination port. And you are responsible for all the export process.

2,FOB ( Free on board)

The FOB price includes EXW price, trucking charge, THC(terminal handling charge), customs cost. Usually, the trucking charge and THC will be depending on the total volume of the shipment.

We will arrange cargo to the port of Guangzhou or Shenzhen, handling the export process.  Your forwarder will manage to ship from Port Guangzhou/Shenzhen to your place.

LCL( less than container load) and FCL (Full container load,including 20GP,40GP, 40HQ, 45GP) are both available.

3,CIF( Cost , Insurance and Freight)

We will arrange shipment to your port of destination.

But you need to manage the shipment from the destination port to your warehouse and handle the import process.

One more tip for shipping:

If the CIF price is at a meager amount, please pay more attention.

That is the method that forwarder uses to attract customers.

It will charge you a lot when picking up cargo at the port of destination.

Usually, the charge of destination port can ask in advance.

If you could find a reliable forwarder at your side, FOB or EXW terms will be better than CIF.

Shipping Tool

Shipping rates, tax tariffs depend on logistics agents, location, season, etc. Please, contact us out for more detailed information.

Please choose your region on the left below and the port city nearest to your location or the city of destination on the right.

Attention: The calculator only provides estimated cost without customs clearance in the county of destination.


Shipping cost calculator

Here you can calculate the delivery cost of your products to the nearest port.

If you can’t find the port you need above, you can contact us.




Approximate shipping costs from Foshan (China) to Singapore (Singapore) are 1350$ for 20ft container and 1550$ for 40ft container.

Shipping time for furniture from China

Shipping time starts when a container leaves the port in China and ends when it reaches the port of destination.

Delivery time for furniture (or other goods) from China depends on the country and a city of destination.

For Northern and Southern America, African, Asian countries and UAE delivery time is about 30 days.

For the rest of the countries, the delivery time is about 40 days.