The 24th China International Furniture Expo 2018

September 11-14, 2018 The 24th China International Furniture Expo. Officially held at Shanghai New Int'l Expo Centre (SNIEC). If you sourcing furniture from this exhibition, it would be a good choice. This year, 220 brands from 24 countries were unveiled, with a net area of 36,000 square meters, including six [...]

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Remodel your kitchen cabinets from China(Update 2018).

In China, you will always find the right kitchen cabinets and their doors: whether your kitchen’s theme is transitional, traditional or modern. Besides, you can decide to have the RTA (Ready to Assemble) or pre-assembled cabinets. Either way, you will find high-quality styles on the market. Most styles use [...]

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How to Setting Up Baby & Kids’ Room?

Some time ago, our client Jenny said that while buying furniture for her new home. She also wanted to have a beautiful room for her kids. She hopes that we can give some advice. So we checked a lot of online children's room design and furniture. Found that China's kids' [...]

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Top 5 Chinese Furniture Factory Bases.

After the development of the Chinese furniture market in recent years, the production capacity has gradually become concentrated, resulting in five industrial clusters of furniture factories. They have concentrated 90% of the furniture production capacity in China. Here are: Pearl River Delta Furniture Factory Industrial Base. Yangtze River Delta [...]

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9 types of wooden furniture common in the furniture market.

9 types of wooden furniture common in the furniture market There are many types of wooden furniture, and the choice of wooden furniture is indeed a problem for many people. Especially in the chaotic market, diverse crafts, and rich materials, each wooden furniture has different characteristics and [...]

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5 Tips for Shunde Foshan Furniture Markets Import Guide (Update 2018)

China, located in Shunde, is famous for its global furniture and attracts many foreign buyers every year. 5 tips to help you first come to China's Foshan furniture market: 1. Which Furniture Markets Should You Focus on? 2. Choose The Furniture Market According to Actual Demand. 3. Pay Attention [...]

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Import Furniture From China: The Evergreen Guide (Update 2018)

Import Furniture From China: The Evergreen Guide (2018) This is the most comprehensive guide to import furniture from China on the planet. The best part? We're going to show you techniques for importing furniture from China that is working right now (in 2018). Let’s get [...]

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6 Things You Should Know When Buying Furniture from China.

The major cost for any office or home is furniture. But do you know you can substantially reduce that cost when purchasing and importing from China? Yes, it is possible to do so by buying from China furniture wholesale markets or furniture factory. The prices for furniture from China [...]

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Where Import Ceramic Tiles From Foshan Ceramic Tiles Markets?

Foshan ceramics in China's ceramic industry has a pivotal position. At present, Foshan ceramic production area more than 350 existing ceramic enterprises, more than 1,200 production lines. The Shiwan producing areas to 2004 only, the annual output value of ceramics has more than 20 billion yuan; have a lot [...]

Why You Should Hire a Sourcing Agent When Importing From China

China is home to superior products with impeccable quality. The friendly business atmosphere here has given rise to manufacturing companies whose production costs are 25 to 50% cheaper than other locations around the globe. When importing products from China, it is invaluable to use an experienced sourcing agent rather [...]

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8 things you wish you had known before importing from China.

Are you planning to start importing products from China and you have absolutely no idea of  what you should or shouldn’t do? This is the right place for you. Below we shall reveal to you 8 things that everyone wishes they had known about before they started importing from [...]

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7 tips for visiting furniture markets(mall) in Shunde Foshan China

If you are planning to purchase furniture for your home decoration, restaurant or hotel stuff in China, please pay attention to the below 7 tips that make your trips much easier and efficiently. Drawing First of all, it is very necessary to bring your drawings along with the trip [...]

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Foshan Building Material Market

AnHua  Decoration Material Center Popularity: 4 Categories: Home furnishing, decoration Business Hours: 09:00-18:00 Level: High end Address:Huangshi Road, New Town 22 Guangzhou Description Guangzhou AnHua Decoration Material Center was set up in 1993.It covers over 60000 square metres and more than 1000 booths ranging from all kinds of decoration material such [...]

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Foshan Ceramic Tiles Markets

China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Popularity: 5 Category: Ceramics, sanitary wares, tiles, bathroom accessories,roof tile,floor tile,shower cubicle Business Hours:09:00-18:00 Level: High end Scale:330000 Square Meters Address: Wugang road Jihuang road west Shiwan Chancheng District Description Foshan Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary Situated in the intersection of Jihua 4th Road and Wugang Road [...]

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Lecong Shunde Foshan China Furniture Markets

The Foshan International Furniture Wholesale Center in China attracts a large number of foreign sellers to purchase each year. Let's be familiar with the distribution of these furniture wholesale markets. Let’s get started. Louvre international furniture Exhibition Center Popularity: 5 Category: civilian [...]

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4 Reasons Why Engaging a Furniture Sourcing Agent is Better Than Online B2B Platforms

With the rapid growth of the Internet, searching for a China furniture supplier directly on B2B online platforms is one of the most common ways for a furniture business outside China to source their furniture from China. But is this really the best way to find a supplier for [...]

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