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Updated April 26, 2024

Air leather, sometimes known as leathaire, is composed of micro-perforated polyurethane.

In other words, it is derived from the same chemicals and petroleum products that are used to create other synthetic materials.

Unlike traditional textiles, like PVC leather, leathaire looks and feels like leather while being skin-friendly.

It blends the texture of leather with the warmth and skin of fabric, and it is made from 0.1mm yarn with a fine density.

Continue reading our post to discover more about leathaire or Air leather.

It contains enough information to bring you to this newly created fabric that is meant to resemble real leather.

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1. What is leathaire?

2. Characteristics of Leatheraire

3. Quality and durability of Leathaire

4. Common Questions Asked About Leathair

1. What is leathaire?

One definition of leathaire is a fabric that is intended to breathe better than other imitation leather goods.

In reality, there is meant to be a slew of small holes punched into the cloth to allow it to breathe.

This makes any piece of furniture using this material more pleasant to sit on.

You don’t get the sticky or chilly vinyl sensation that you get with other faux leather materials.

Another fundamental meaning of the word is a label for a synthetic leather material that is intended to look and feel like genuine leather in virtually every way.

It is said to be as robust as genuine leather and as soft once broken in.

The substance is therefore said to be indestructible, according to certain reports. That claim has not been confirmed, although many owners of furniture constructed from this material report that it has lasted for three years.

Your encounter may not be as good as the one we just described. The material’s lifespan will be determined by your living environment.

2. Characteristics of Leatheraire

Exceptional breathability

Each square meter has 10,000 tiny air holes. Even in the midst of a scorching summer, there will be no sweating or a sticky sensation. Breathability is excellent, enabling every inch of your skin to breathe freely.

Exceptional adaptability

Super-fiber leathaire combines ultra-long and flexible fine fibers with the world’s most advanced textile technology.

It is firm, has excellent stretch, and has anti-wrinkle qualities. The cloth may rapidly return to its original silky texture after twisting and stretching.

Extremely high wear resistance grade

After being pressed by a multi-layer composite and a unique texture, the fabric has a thick and complete feeling, as well as a pleasant and light texture.

Because of the unique surface wear-resistant layer, the fabric wear-resistant value is more than 5 times that of the national norm.


The material is not only similar in appearance to genuine leather, but it is also softer.

The usage of a range of texture patterns provides leathaire with additional texture options to suit the needs of various couch types.

Design of bionics

Using the most sophisticated worldwide bionic design idea, the beauty of high-quality skin texture in nature is first exhibited in home life via the 3D bionic inverted mold design process. The ideal balance of comfort, durability, and style.

Unhydrolyzed properties

It blends the texture of leather with the warmth and skin of fabric, and it is made from 0.1mm yarn with a fine density.

Doesn’t fade

Technical textiles are made using high-quality materials and imported dyeing techniques to provide a good fixing result.

The fabric is simple to care for, hypoallergenic, and long-lasting.

Warm and comfortable

A layer of warmth is added to the traditional surface layer and the base fabric.

Make the cloth function well in terms of heat storage. Its heat storage ability is significantly superior to that of genuine leather and PU leather in typical temperature tests.

The four-season fixed temperature feature of leathaire keeps the “leather” couch warm and comfortable in the winter.

3. Quality and durability of Leathaire

To be honest, this will be determined by your own experience.

Many individuals have had positive experiences with leathaire materials, and although they may not last as long as genuine leather, they still receive their money’s worth.

Others may have purchased lesser-grade leathaire materials without realizing it and had negative experiences with this fabric. If you have small children or dogs in your house, don’t expect your leather furniture to endure.

This substance often lasts much longer in childless or pet-free households.

Real leather is proven to endure for more than 20 years, making it a cost-effective fabric to put on your furniture even if you have small children and dogs.

Paying a little more upfront for genuine leather may save you money in the long run if you purchase leathaire materials.

To obtain high-quality leathaire material, you need first to study and ask a trusted sourcing company. The price of the cloth will be your first indication of poor quality.

While leathaire is less expensive than genuine leather, if the cost is very cheap, a red flag should be raised in your mind about quality.

4. Common Questions Asked About Leathaire

Does Leather Air Peel?

This is a new fabric, and little has been said about it so far. According to one owner of a couch sectional, no peeling has happened after three years of regular usage.

But what if the leather air furniture is older? So yet, no indications of peeling have been discovered.

However, some owners have claimed that the finish is not very long-lasting and that after a few years of usage, it may peel as well as undergo other deforming processes.

If you see peeling on your leather air furniture, it may be because you purchased a lesser quality material.

We can only advise you to play it by ear. You may be one of the fortunate ones who receive high-quality fabric rather than lesser fabrics and do not suffer peeling.

Where you purchase your leather furniture may also indicate whether or not it will peel.

Some retailers are unconcerned about the fabric’s quality or how long it will endure.

They just care that it looks nice in the showroom so that their clients would purchase it.

How Good is Leather Air?

The explanation varies depending on who you ask.

As mentioned, this fabric has made a lot of individuals extremely happy and satisfied.

Despite the fact that it is a cheaper and synthetic fabric, they have discovered that it holds up well to everyday use.

Imitation materials are not necessarily superior to genuine ones, and real leather may outlive most fake materials due to their durability, toughness, and longevity.

What is Leathaire Made Of?

This substance is created by combining petroleum components to create polyurethane material.

Because those materials and other harsh chemicals are not derived from natural sources, you may conclude that air leather is a synthetic fabric that may not be as healthy for you or your family.

Furthermore, these chemicals do not make air leather as long-lasting as genuine leather. You may discover that the previous fabric will wear out, rip, scrape, or stain quicker than genuine leather.

Those qualities, of course, will be determined by the quality of both components.

Some genuine leather textiles are produced at a low cost and may not last as long as more costly real leather goods.

One advantage that leathaire has over genuine leather is that it is perforated. contains billions of tiny holes, according to some sources.

The quantity is dubious, but the holes are real. These perforations allow leathaire to breathe better than genuine leather.

If you want to make sure that the material is authentic, don’t hesitate to consult a product sourcing company near you.

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