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Door Catches & Door Closers Wholesale from Factory or supplier

Door Catches & Door Closers is a product that we often see in our daily life. Door Catches & Door Closers are a must-have if you specialize in wholesale, or factories. If you need them, you can contact us.

The door catch is fitting to keep a closed door at a normal position and not to naturally open due to wind pressure. The catch body is fitted on the front of the top and bottom plates of a cabinet and the strike are fitted on the door side. A ball type, a roller type, a magnet type, a sliding catch to slide and stop as at a window, and a door holder type to hold the door of a specially equipped vehicle or light van are available. Each type is capable of responding to a door deviation in swinging the catch body.

Door closer, more often called a “door opener”, opens the door itself, typically under the control of a push-button, motion detector, or another device, and then closes it as well, employing a motion or proximity detector to determine when it is safe to close the door.

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