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How to Setting Up Baby & Kids' Room

July 14, 2018

Some time ago, our client Jenny said that while buying furniture for her new home.

She also wanted to have a beautiful room for her kids and hopes that we can give some advice.

So we checked a lot of online children’s room design and furniture.

Found that China’s kids’ room design is not very suitable for them. As a result, we have gained inspiration from Montessori education, which is very popular abroad.

Before we plan to arrange a kids room, a very important question is, what do we think of kids? Do we think they’re an incompetent little creature or a person full of infinite potential?

Montessori once said:

We must help the child, not just because we think he is an incompetent and fragile creature, but because he is endowed with creative energy. These energies are very weak and require our protection of love and wisdom. We want to help them with these creative energy growths… 《The Absorbent Mind》 p28

《The Absorbent Mind》

And the purpose of setting up a kid’s room is this: to protect and assist the kid’s creative energy; to help the kid’s life grow.

We divide the kid’s room settings into the following four areas:

  1. Sleeping area
  2. Body care area
  3. Eating area
  4. Activity area

From the perspective of adults, these four areas are equivalent to ours.

  1. Bedroom (sleeping area)
  2. Toilet (body care area)
  3. Kitchen dining room (Eating area)
  4. Living room (active area)

Because the kids will not run or not when they were born, the four areas can be set in the kid’s room.

When the kids are older, their eating area can be integrated with our kitchen and restaurant.

Their body care area can be integrated with the adult’s bathroom, and the kid’s activity area can also be placed in the corner of the living room.

1. Sleeping area

0 to 2/3 months

This is the time when the newborn baby and mother are still in symbiosis.

Mothers and babies should stay away from each other to help them build a sense of security and trust in the environment.

The sleeping area we recommend at this stage is a sleeping basket with a Topponcino at the bottom.

For example like this:

sleeping basket

  • Topponcino

Topponcino is a mat designed to be used by parents when they are holding a newborn.

Newborn babies are fragile and sensitive, have low immunity, and require a lot of sleep.

The baby mat is very soft and allows the baby to feel comfortable when the baby is holding the baby.

And adults can pick up the baby anytime, anywhere, but will not wake him up.

At the same time, the baby can have a good support on the back of the head and neck.

Can be held very comfortably.


In addition, Topponcino can also provide a good hygienic environment for your baby.

Everyone knows that there will be many relatives visiting when the baby is born.

At this time, the baby is placed on Topponcino for everyone to take turns.

Which is both hygienic and safe and will not wake up the sleeping baby because of the substitution of the baby.

And with Topponcino, younger brother and sister can also hold younger siblings, don’t be afraid to hold their younger siblings or hurt them.

For example like this:


Baby sleeps on the Topponcino for a long time and feels safe to the smell of the mat.

Therefore, after having a Topponcino, even if you travel abroad or sleep elsewhere.

Your baby will feel safe, just like you have always been at home.

The Topponcino can also be moved to the activity area so that the baby can lie down or lie on his own mat.

  • Cestina/sleeping basket

You can choose to put the Topponcino directly on the baby’s bed or choose a sleeping basket.

We recommend a sleeping basket for 0-2/3 months of newborn babies.

Because the sleeping basket mimics the feeling of being surrounded in the womb, it makes the baby more secure.

At the same time, like a Topponcino, the sleeping basket provides the convenience of travel.

Going out can lift the baby up and go out without waking him up.

We can put the sleeping basket on the parents’ bed or on the baby’s own bed.

cestina/sleeping basket

It took so much effort to write the sleep of a newborn baby because the two or three months of birth are the most important moment in each life.

At this stage, we must cultivate the baby’s sense of security and trust in the world and give them 100% attention and love.

  • Floor mattress

After the first two or three months of life, the baby is familiar with the surrounding environment and daily life, and their length can’t sleep.

At this time, they will enter the next stage and can sleep on their own small bed.

We recommend a small mattress on the floor as a kid’s bed. A crib with a fence is not recommended.

Uses: Kids can wake up and climb out of bed without crying and asking their mother to come out. If you are sleepy, you can climb into the bed without crying and let your mother hug back to bed.

Purpose: To remove fence obstacles; to foster child independence.

Floor mattress Floor mattress

This is the most standard Montessori home layout method we recommend.

But this is not the only way.

Please don’t feel anxious because you see the perfect Montessori layout.

Every family can find a way that suits them best according to their actual situation.

Some mothers find that their kids are sleeping with themselves for a few months or a year.

This way, the kid is also very happy and independent.

That is the best way to belong to this mother.

We provide professional knowledge and hope that everyone can see more choices.

There are friends around me who reflect that the elders are not allowed to put the children to sleep on the ground.

You can also consider buying such a small bed frame.

This bed frame allows children to climb up and down safely and freely.

Floor mattress

In short, there are many ways to sleep. The method we recommend is to foster the independence of the kid.

As long as you hold this goal, any method that can serve this goal is feasible.

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2.Body care area

The kid’s body care area, which is the kid’s restroom. Because infants and young kids are still too young to walk, we recommend setting up your kid’s body care area in the room.

This is where we help our kids bathe and change diapers.

  • 0 years old ~ will walk:

What we recommend is a diaper table.

The diaper changing table must be suitable for adults so that parents can change their diapers without having to a backache for a long time.

At the same time, this diaper table should have multiple storage places, you can put all the items needed for the baby to change the diaper, as well as the dustbins and the trash cans.

We recommend taking a small bath on the diaper table to bathe the baby.

This way parents don’t have to worry about the baby coming into the room and catching a cold.

diaper table

However, there are many products on the market now, which can also satisfy everyone’s bathing in the bathroom.

For example, the following diaper sets placed on the toilet can be used for both wet and dry.

diaper table diaper table

If you want to set the diaper table in the bathroom, but the bathroom is small, you can also choose the following method.

diaper table

The setting of the diaper table is mainly for the convenience of parents and can adapt to the height of the parents.

It’s also for parents to find diapers, clothes, lotions, paper towels, towels, and other supplies in a diaper table.

We don’t have to forget something when the baby changes diapers or take a shower, and ran out and took it.

Help the baby to care for the body, but also the best time to communicate with the baby emotionally.

Mom and Dad should be prepared for this environment and talk to the baby at this time.

Look at each other’s eyes, chat and tell him which part of the body you are touching.

This process is also the time to teach his language.

For example, you could say, “Mommy’s going to help you put on diapers now,” “Put Your feet out”, “This is your foot.”

  • Will walk

After the kid walks, when he starts training himself to go to the bathroom, he can start using the restroom at home.

These products are also particularly numerous.

kids' restroom

There are other gadgets in the bathroom that can help kids develop self-care independence.

For example, a kid-sized washbasin is placed around the bathtub. There is also a small mirror.

This little girl who loves beauty can clearly see herself.

No need to let her parents hold up and look in the mirror.

kids' restroom

Another example is this extension on the faucet that makes it easier for kids to wash their hands.

No more parents have to pick up and wash their hands.

kids' restroom

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3. Eating area

Montessori recommends breastfeeding kids.

Therefore, the feeding area of the baby is the place where the mother breastfeeds.

  • Newborn baby

We recommend an adult sofa chair with a small potted plant next to it.

Let mother sit comfortably and breastfeed.

If the mother is in a good mood, the baby will be in a good mood.

sofa chair

  • 5-6 months

When the baby starts to sit up with the help of the aid, that is, about five or six months, we will start to introduce the complementary food to the baby. At this time, the baby can already sit, and his way of eating changes from lying down to sitting up.

We recommend a table and chair that fits the baby’s height, and at the same time, let him sit on a table and chair that won’t fall.

Baby table and chair

For the requirements of complementary food tables and chairs,

  • Rounded corners.
  • Suitable for the height of the baby
  • With armrests, it can protect him from falling.
  • Heavy enough. It won’t be overturned because the baby is moving.

After that, you can use the baby high chair seat. Baby high chair seat

The kid’s eating area is finally at the dinner table with his parents.

We should cherish the time to eat with our children, which is also a good opportunity to build relationships.

  • Kitchen

One of the biggest features of Montessori is to train children to be independent.

The kitchen setting and dining process is a great opportunity to train your baby to be independent.

All that the kitchen needs are a small cabinet and a child-sized cup plate tool.

Kids can freely get the tools themselves.

If you want to drink water, he can pour water on his own; if he wants to eat snacks, he can prepare his own snacks.

The premise is that these items are carefully selected by parents, safe and appropriate.

Low cabinet Low cabinet

At the age of two, we will teach our kids to prepare food and arrange a table.

They can also help cut apples, peel egg shells, wipe bread and so on in the kitchen.

Baby cooking Baby cooking Baby cooking Baby cooking

But the premise is that parents should first prepare the tools and guide them properly.

Let the kids do housework together.

These activities not only cultivate kids’ eye-hand coordination but also cultivate their self-confidence.

In short, it is very very conducive to the growth of the baby.

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4. Active area

Montessori pays great attention to the child’s ability to move hands and feet and the freedom of movement.

For children, activities are very important. Physical activity is an external manifestation of the child’s inner energy and a quality that allows mankind to excel. Through activities, he transforms the external environment to accomplish his personal mission in this world.

  • 0-5/6 months

When the kid is still not climbing, we will prepare the activity area in the room for the kid.

Spread a blanket or mat on the floor, next to a horizontal mirror, baby handwork hanging bells overhead, and some small toys for kids.

baby Active area

  • Mirror

The head of a newborn baby can’t move, but he can see the surrounding environment by looking at the mirror.

The activity space is a place where eye and body coordination is required.

The mirror allows the child to see his movements.

When his muscles and nerves are still weak, he can see his movements in the environment.

For the sake of safety, the mirror must be firmly attached to the wall.

The back of the mirror can be glued first, in case there are many small fragments in case of breaking.

0-9 months, we will put the mirror horizontally. Because at this time the baby is lying or sitting.

baby horizontal mirror

After that, you can put the mirror upright because the baby starts to stand up.

A full-length mirror can let him see his whole body.

At the age of two, this mirror can be placed next to the baby’s small wardrobe as a full-length mirror that can be used later when changing clothes.

baby bookshelf

Baby handwork hanging bells In the kids’ activity area, we will prepare Baby handwork hanging bells for their attention and entertainment.

When the baby is still unable to move, they are basically lying 24 hours a day.

Imagine that you can’t move in bed for 24 hours, your eyes can only see the white ceiling, what a boring thing.

The hanging bell is an item that allows the baby to concentrate and entertain.

Why do we recommend a hand-made hanging bell?

The Montessori style hand-made hanging bells are made of paper or wool.

They are very light and can be rotated by the natural flow of air.

No battery is required and no sound is produced.

As the air flows, the hanging bell gently turns, so that the kid is not too excited because it is too fast.

We often say that nature is actually the best place to be active.

The wind blowing in nature is the best hanging bell we think.

Looking for a sunny day, taking the kids under the tree, laying a blanket, and using the leaves on the big tree as a hanging bell is the best enjoyment.

Baby handwork hanging bells

  • 6 to 9 months

At this time, the baby is ready to sit and will start to try to climb.

When the baby starts trying to climb, we will remove the blanket from the activity area.

If it is heavy and not easy to slide, you can not remove it.

Because the soft, easy-to-slide blanket prevents the baby from crawling.

In addition, remember not to wear skirts when the baby girl is crawling, and boys and girls should not wear jumpsuits when climbing.

These two kinds of clothes will make the kids crawling suffer a lot of frustration.

Because wearing skirts and jumpsuits is difficult to crawl, and they often trip themselves.

We hope kids’ parents remember it. At this stage, the kid is no longer lying.

The child can start sitting with his hands to play some small toys.

At the same time, you can start to crawl slowly. We recommend putting a small basket with small toys that stimulate the kid’s senses, as well as some balls, and not a sleek ball.

It must be a rough, unhappy ball. Rolling too fast, the kid will not catch up.

We recommend a ball or a bumpy ball, and a small instrument for the kid shake shake shake.

baby Small basket baby Small basket

This basket can be kept all the time.

It can be until one or two years old. Observing that the kid lost interest, and replace the new toy.

  • 9 to 10 months

This time the child begins to learn to stand.

We will add a railing in this area so that the child can grab the railing and stand up.

baby railing

  • Low cabinet

In the activity area, we recommend placing a short cabinet.

Low cabinet

You can choose a few kids’ favorite toys in the cabinet.

The quantity cannot be too much. More kids will not cherish, and it is not conducive to the development of kids’ concentration.

In fact, for a fun toy, the kid can play against it for a long time.

As for how many toys to put, you can look at your cabinet and put a few fits. A friend recommended to put it according to the number of months of the kid.

Put 5 toys in five months; put 9 toys in nine months; put 12 toys in 12 months; continue to put 12 toys over one year old. Then continue to observe, if you find that kids rarely touch a certain toy, lost interest in a toy, you can enter a new toy.

In addition, the small cabinet can also put a few selected books, let the kids free to read.

  • Small wardrobe

The room can also be set up with a small closet.

When the kid is about two years old, you can choose your own clothes.

Parents choose three pieces of clothes in advance to provide them with choices.

Develop your kid’s ability to make choices. Let him be the master.

Thereby fostering self-confidence. If the kid is bigger, he can put more clothes and let him choose freely.

It’s best to give him a full-length mirror next to him.

Adults often overlook the height of their kids.

It’s hard to know that it is difficult for kids to have a chance to shine in the mirror at home.

(Attentive friends can find that the cabinet on the left side of the picture below is actually the diaper table mentioned above. Therefore, in order to save cost and space, we can take the baby diaper bed as a baby’s small wardrobe.)

kids wardrobe kids wardrobe

  • Desk

After the baby can walk, his activity space can be transferred to the living room or stay in the room.

You can put a small desk next to the low cabinet to work for him and put the tools he will use.

Such as painting, crayon and other supplies. Let him have a place at home that can concentrate on “office.”

Kids desk

After talking about the four areas of the Montessori kids’ home environment (sleeping/washroom/dining/activity).

We hope that it will help you set up a kids’ room.

In short, before setting up a children’s room, we must first consider how we can better assist the kid’s growth and how to cultivate his independence.

With this principle in mind, we believe that every parent can set an environment for their kids that is most suitable for their family. Finally, you can feel the overall effect of the two Montessori kids’ rooms.

Kids' room Baby room

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