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Riwick sourcing agent -case3

June 6, 2016

A very nice couple came from Singapore to purchase items for his project house.

They can speak Chinese and Cantonese.

For the clients like that, what we do is just following the order, product supervision, quality check and arrange shipment.

After her purchasing, we collected all order sheet from suppliers and figured out how much the volume was.

In the beginning, it showed 1*40HQ was enough. Ok, then we arranged 1*40HQ for her. Before arranging the shipment, we double checked with all suppliers and they also confirmed the volume was right.

On the day we loaded the container, some suppliers delivered the goods to our container, and it was obvious that the volume was larger than they told us before.

What should we do at that moment?

Finally, we sent all items which were easy to be broken and large like glass, decoratives and so on into the container.

Those not easy to be broken will be sent by LCL.

Clients are very satisfied with the solution.

As the clients are from Singapore, that solution was got the approval from them before we did like that.

After all, things received, clients found that there are no cushions for the outdoor furniture and contacted us.

As we did quality check before, the cushions were ready to send. But the workers forgot to put them inside the package.

Then we contacted the supplier, they admitted that and promised sent them by express. Finally, the problem was solved.

Riwick sourcing agent -case3 Riwick sourcing agent -case3 Riwick sourcing agent -case3

Jason Liao

Jason Liao


One of the founders of Riwick and worked for 4 years in the management of a large furniture factory.

He founded Riwick in 2015 and is in charge of web promotion and running the business.

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