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Updated April 26, 2024

In China, you will always find the right kitchen cabinets and their doors: whether your kitchen’s theme is transitional, traditional, or modern.

Besides, you can decide to have the RTA (Ready to Assemble) or pre-assembled cabinets.

Either way, you will find high-quality styles on the market.

Most styles use birch, maple, cherry, and oak hardwoods.

These styles are true representations of first-grade construction.

So you should choose your kitchen cabinets based on their materials such as plywood, wood, or laminates.


Chapter 1: Choose between different cabinet door styles.

Chapter 2: Different shapes for cabinet doors.

Chapter 3: Choose between RTA and pre-assembled kitchen cabinets.

Chapter 4: Decide between face-frame and frameless cabinets.

Chapter 5: What points to consider when sourcing kitchen cabinets.

Chapter 6: Which materials are best for kitchen cabinets?

Choose between different cabinet door styles

Kitchen door for cabinet plays a big role regardless of whether you want brand new ones or some for sprucing up your kitchen or reface the current ones.

Actually, you might support that replacing kitchen cabinets is a big deal.

This is because the doors represent the actual look of the cabinet system.

Slab style

cabinets Slab style

Slab style is ideal for frameless kitchen cabinets.

Although a bit pricey, they give the kitchen a modern, smooth flair.

Most people hardly know its existence in Foshan furniture markets, but its gaining popularity as its price drops.

Glass-insert door style

Glass-insert door style

Unlike slab style, glass-insert door style has a glass on the inside.

The glass gives a glimpse into what you have stored inside the cabinet.

You can mostly find it in natural wood cabinets.

However, you have to buy the glass separately because the cabinets do not come with it.

Glass-insert style is perfect for an open, airy door style to show your choice of tableware.

Shaker door style

Shaker door style

Shaker doors for kitchen cabinets are simple, yet classic.

It is founded on the traditional shaker style.

You can find it mostly in cherry, maple, and oak, or any other natural wood finish.

Another interesting fact about shaker doors is that they come paint-ready.

Hence, giving them an elegant, clean style.

They give a great shadow effect, thanks to their 90-degrees beveled frames.

The frame on the outer side makes the door perimeter strong.

Ice-white shaker door style

Ice-white shaker door style

Ice-white cabinet doors are classic and timeless.

They are suitable for any kitchen style.

So far, it is the top-selling door style. More so, it has been the star of a few elegant kitchens remodels.

Gramercy white

Gramercy white

This is one of the latest door styles.

This classic white with raised panel cabinets will fit in almost every kitchen theme.

Therefore, it is suitable for different looks such as modern, transitional or traditional.

Two-Arch cabinet door style

Two-Arch cabinet door style

Just as its name suggests, it is a simple cabinet door (made of wood) with a double arch.

One arch is on the bottom and the other on the top.

It has either natural wood or thermofoil finish.

Its grooves create an attractive, yet deep profile.

Hence, the profile gives the cabinet doors a great shadow effect.

Do not worry about the cost because it is just similar to that of a one-arch door.

Beadboard doors with a frame (shaker-style)

Beadboard doors with a frame (shaker-style)

This style gives a country or rustic feel to our kitchen.

If your kitchen has farmhouse or apron style sinks, then a beadboard cabinet door style is ideal for you.

Mullioned door style

Mullioned door style

Just as a glass-insert style, mullioned door style also lets you place the glass on its back.

The two differ on the stiles.

The mullioned style has stiles that add support to the doors.

Also, the stiles protect the glass from breaking.

Thermofoil doors with wood-look

Thermofoil doors with wood-look

White thermofoil cabinet doors are beautiful, and wood-look ones are cute too.

These wood thermofoil doors have dark, rich flavors. Most importantly, they require minimal maintenance.

The easy maintenance quality makes thermofoil doors (with wood-look) hard to come across.

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Different shapes for cabinet doors

Different shapes for cabinet doors

When you are searching for cabinets to remodel your kitchen, you should consider door shapes, just as you do to their styles.

These door shapes are three, which include: raised wood, recessed panel and slab door.

A raised panel door gives a traditional or classic style.

Within this shape, you can choose between square, arched or cathedral shapes.

These options will help you get the best custom kitchen cabinets without paying hundreds of dollars.

The flat/slab door does not have frames.

It is perfect for people who want a cabin-like or rustic feel for their homes.

The recessed panel has its back pushed to give a contemporary look to the kitchen.

It is the only shape that will let you make a stile at the middle.

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Choose between RTA and pre-assembled kitchen cabinets

RTA kitchen cabinets

Besides choosing different cabinet doors, you should also consider whether you want the pre-assembled kitchen cabinets or the ready-to-assemble (RTA) ones.

Just as you do when you import furniture from China, you will do the same to the RTA kitchen cabinets – assembling before installing them.

The assembly might take about 10 to 20 minutes.

Pre-assembled, on the other hand, are ready for installation as soon as you take them out of the box.

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Decide between face-frame and frameless cabinets

Decide between face-frame and frameless cabinets

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, you will have to make numerous decisions.

These will arise due to the many kitchen cabinet options and their different prices from different dealers.

As you get rid of the old kitchen cabinets and start to envision the look of our new kitchen, you will either come across frameless cabinets or the framed ones.

Framed cabinets come with hinges on the outer side of their box.

The hinges make them look like a frame around every drawer and door.

Also, you can get framed kitchen cabinets with full overlays.

This implies that the kitchen cabinets will have similar appearances to the one European cabinetry has.

The best part about framed cabinets is that they are very stable.

No-frame cabinets are gaining popularity as time passes.

Its inspiration originates from Europe, which gives a contemporary, sleek appearance to your kitchen.

The main benefit of having frameless cabinets over the framed ones is additional storage space (at least 10 percent).

Both frameless and face-frame cabinets are suitable for any kitchen to remodel.

The choice depends on your preferences.

Either way, you should consider basic details on whether to make an efficient, educated decision.

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What points to consider when sourcing kitchen cabinets

Top quality cabinets are constructed using the best furniture, but could good furniture be the only thing to consider? Of course not!

Consider door style

kitchen cabinets Consider door style

The many door styles you will come across are made to suit each customer’s taste.

Some customers like classic looks, others modern while some something in the middle.

But if you want custom-made kitchen cabinets, you have a wide selection of choices.

Alternatively, going for semi-custom ones will limit your options.

Either way, you should not only consider the overall kitchen appearance you want to remodel, but also the style of our entire home.

The kitchen cabinet doors should suit the rest of your home.

Consider storage also

Consider storage also

You might have come across people who complain they do not have storage space in their kitchen.

Perhaps the clutter in their kitchen and lack of organization limits their space.

Organization in the kitchen is a must – otherwise, your storage space will reduce.

But if you are organized, yet find no space, then consider using inserts like pull out shelves, cutlery dividers or spice racks.

Getting great kitchen cabinets and having poor organization skills is no good.

You should consider things like where to place the garbage bin.

Do you want it visible or hidden?

If hidden, you should ensure our cabinet has ample space for the container.

Most importantly, you should keep the container is a place where you will access it easily.

Besides the trash can, you should organize your kitchen utensils.

For instance, keep all the utensils that you use daily in cabinets that you can access quickly.

Would you want custom or stock cabinets?

custom or stock cabinets

Apart from storage, you should also decide whether you want custom-made or stock kitchen cabinets.

Some people opt to go for cabinets that are neither custom nor stock.

Most of the times, kitchen needs, lifestyle, and price determines this decision.

Perhaps you are wondering the difference between the two.

Stock cabinets are produced in mass.

They are then sold in specific colors and sizes.

If you are searching for a cheap and quick way to get kitchen cabinets, then go for the stock ones.

Alternatively, you can go for semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

Although same as stock kitchen cabinets, semi-custom ones have the capabilities to include extra details and customize sizes.

This is beneficial because you will have custom-made cabinets at no additional costs.

Another option is to go for custom-made kitchen cabinets.

The best thing with this option is that you will get cabinets made according to the specifications you give out.

However, you must be ready to dig deep into your pocket.

This is because custom cabinets are labor intensive; hence making their prices to shoot up.

In addition, they take some weeks to complete, and some take even months.

But the wait is worth as long as you get the kind of cabinets you have always dreamt of.



Hardware gives a finishing touch to your kitchen cabinets.

It can do two things: dress cabinets down or up.

You should go with hardware that will align with the cabinet door style.

(Hopefully, you remember the door styles we discussed earlier).

If you want sleek doors then go for simple pulls and knobs with clean silhouettes.

Alternatively, you can go for extravagant door styles for striking looks.

More so, you should take hinges into consideration.

Cabinets with visible hinges, for example, should be the same as the ones in other hardware in the house.

Consider the finish/color

Consider the finish color

Just as we mentioned about cabinet door styles, the finish or color you choose should match the other materials and colors on your kitchen.

You should think about the countertops and floors.

Most importantly, you should select the color/finish that will give you a classy look.

For instance, you should avoid too trendy color/finish.

Else, it will become outdated and force you to get the latest one.

If you want to improve or maintain your home value, then you can go for a classic wood finish or light neutral one (like grey).

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So, which materials are best for kitchen cabinets?

When it comes to the best materials for kitchen cabinets, you have many options.

Solid wood

solid wood kitchen cabinet

So far, wood is the commonly preferred cabinet material.

People love it because it is renewable and non-toxic.

You can get different softwoods and hardwoods such as cherry, pine, oak, hard maple, and hickory, among others.

The interesting thing about wood cabinets is that they come in different textures, grains, and colors.

Each material has a unique variation, which adds its special look.

Wood adapts well to modern and traditional design styles.

Furthermore, wiping polished wood cabinets is easy.

But you should not use commercial cleaners as they might “eat” the wood.


Laminates kitchen cabinet

Laminate does not only give contemporary texture but is also long lasting and has a rich color.

These attributes make laminate suitable for any vision or style.

It is really cost effective with great looks.

Wood veneers

Wood veneer kitchen cabinet

Same as laminates, veneers are sheets or slices of solid wood pasted over composite substrates.

Consequently, the sheets are polished or stained to get the required texture and color.

Honestly, wood veneers are reflections of natural wood beauty.

You can get different brands such as AlishanPly, GreenPly, CenturyPly, and ArchidPly.


Two-pack kitchen cabinet

People know two-pack due to its high gloss appearance.

Besides being a flexible material, it is also applicable to any door style or material surface.

With two-pack material, you can do a perfect color match with the walls at your home.

It is a high-end choice and a classic one.

Black marine plywood

Black marine plywood

Black marine plywood has its edges exposed to create an attractive design.

Pressing thin timber layers together forms a sleek appearance.

The appearance suits ultra-modern, industrial or inner-city kitchen designs.

It is a cost-effective cabinet material and is long lasting.

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The bottom line

Kitchen cabinets give lots of storage while giving a stylish look at the same time.

You can find the best styles in the Chinese market: whether you want to import kitchen cabinets or buy them locally.

All you have to do is decide on the door shape, style, material for the cabinets and other aspects.

If you want the cabinets to remodel your kitchen or you just finished building your home, Chinese cabinets will always come in handy.

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