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Types Of Wood Screws

Updated April 26, 2024

Almost all woodworking projects require some sort of mechanical support, and for structural joinery, this typically involves wood screws, often in conjunction with wood glue.

Screws are the most common way of attaching wood to wood, and when used properly in conjunction with glue, screwed connections may be virtually unbreakable.

Screws are also the most common way to attach furniture hardware like hinges, locks, and other gear.

Many furniture materials have been intact with the use of wood screws.

Even though many different types of wood screws are used to attach wood, many are only useful for construction work, and just a few are frequently utilized in fine woodworking crafts.

Professionals often use the phrase “wood screws” to refer to the kinds of screws commonly used in woodworking tasks, rather than those used in construction, drywall installation, or deck or fence construction.

Wood screws are typically used in varieties of furniture at home or at your office.

In this post, we will go over some of the most popular wood screws and their purposes.

By the conclusion of this guide, you should be able to identify the exact kind of wood screw to use for your tasks.

a wood screw

1. What is a wood screw?

2. Different Types Of Wood Screws and Their Uses

3. Things to Consider When Choosing Best Wood Screws For Every Wood Projects

4. Takeaways

1. What is a wood screw?

What is a wood screw

Wood screws are thread fasteners used to connect woodwork pieces.

Wood screws are accessible in many of the same metals as other screws.

They are simply referred to as “wood screws” since they are intended to be used with wooden workpieces.

Wood screws feature ahead, a shank, and a tip, much like any other screw.

The shank is usually only partially threaded, which means that the threading only goes approximately three-fourths of the way down the body.

Having said that, some wood screws feature a completely threaded shank that reaches all the way from the head to the tip.

Many best wood screws feature a tapered head as well. To put it another way, the head is incorporated into the shank.

Tapering occurs when the head of a wood screw meets the shank.

The tapered shape enables the head to sit flat against the surface of the workpiece when wood screws are inserted.

If you want to know more about wood screws and their basics, click this video by Training Hands Academy

Wood Screw Sizes Explained – A Beginners Guide

2. Different Types Of Wood Screws and Their Uses

Wood Screws

1. Standard Wood Screw

You’ve probably seen this kind of screw before.

This is the most common type of wood screw, and it will be used to connect two pieces of wood.

They have a smooth top and a threaded shank.

When pushed into the wood, most of them have a flat head, which gives you a nice finish.

Despite the fact that they need a separate pilot and shank holes, many woodworkers still utilize conventional screws in antique or replica works that require matching hardware.

Many individuals use tapered drill bits to drill both the body and pilot holes for their wood screws in a single pass.

These wood screws are inexpensive and available in a variety of lengths and head styles.

If you need to utilize these wood screws, look for ones with a tapered head. The majority of the screws have a square or star drive.

2. Pocket Screws

Pocket-hole joinery is a type of wood screws widely used because it is a quick, robust, flexible, and accurate technique of construction.

Joints are as robust as mortise-and-tenon joints but take a fraction of the time to make.

Pocket screws are well-known for their ability to self-drill.

They feature a broadhead that is connected to a flat shoulder.

These are ideally suited for wood with pocket holes because they can firmly attach to the board.

If you put normal wood screws on pocket-holed wood, they will go all the way through and break the board.

The most popular pocket screws feature a square drive, which makes them simpler to install.

These are the screws to use if you have some pocket holes that need to be connected.

Screws with a pan-head may be used in place of pocket screws.

3. Deck Screws

Deck screws are the best wood screw for any outdoor woodworking task.

Furniture materials for your outdoor patio are amongst the furniture that mostly has wood screws on it.

These are corrosion-resistant because they are composed of copper or hardened steel. They feature a shank with deep threading and sharp ends.

You’ll have no trouble driving them into the boards. They are suitable for both hardwood and softwood applications.

Screws for installing 2x4s or 2x6s for decking are typically 3 in. long with a 1 in. unthreaded shank.

Because 2×4 and 2×6 deck boards are 1-1/2 in. thick, the threads span the joint, resulting in an uneven and unattractive surface or screws that are over-driven in an attempt to “drag the board down.”

Even if you live in a region with saline water or severe weather, these are the screws to use.

Deck screws are known to endure all types of weather and will provide you with a strong and solid attachment.

4. Drywall Screws

These are the most affordable options on the market and are frequently used for most jigs and shop tasks.

They feature an extremely tiny shank with threading that runs the length of the screw.

They are not particularly robust due to the narrow shank and may not be the ideal option for hardwood applications.

Drywall screws are intended to fasten drywall to studs and lack the strength of production screws. Most indoor wholesale furniture has drywall screws.

We do not suggest using these screws for any serious woodworking tasks.

Drywall screws are rigid and have no give when driven into wood, particularly hardwood, and may break or fail under any sort of side stress.

This is why drywall screws should never be used for anything other than connecting Drywall to studs.

3. Things to Consider When Choosing Best Wood Screws For Every Wood Projects

Best Wood Screws For Every Wood Projects

While all wood screws are intended to be used with wood, they are not all the same.

When purchasing wood screws, keep size in mind.

Different sizes of wood screws are available.

Some are lengthy, while others are short. A wood screw’s diameter may also vary.

There is a thick and thin type of wood screws.

When looking for wood screws, you should also examine the quality.

Steel is used in a lot of wood screws. Steel is, in fact, the most prevalent material used to make fasteners, and wood screws are no exemption.

Wood screws are available in stainless steel and high-carbon alloy.

Titanium, brass, and aluminum are some of the other materials used for wood screws besides steel.

Don’t forget to choose the wood screws with a suitable driving recess.

The driving recess is a groove or grooved pattern in the head of a screw.

To insert a screw, insert a bit into the driving recess of the head, then spin it.

There are particular best screws for every wood project and you need to keep things straight on what project you are going to go for.

4. Takeaways

Wood screws are useful for rapidly constructing jigs and fastening forms, connecting cabinet and furniture components, attaching hardware and trim, and many other tasks.

Screws provide strong connections between components made of solid wood, plywood, and other sheet products that do not need cut joinery.

Depending on the kind of furniture you’re building, there are varieties of types of wood screws to choose from.

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