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After the development of the wholesale furniture market in recent years, the production capacity has gradually become concentrated, resulting in five industrial clusters of furniture factories.

They have concentrated 90% of the wholesale furniture production capacity in China.

Here are:

  1. Pearl River Delta Furniture Factory-Industrial Base.
  2. Yangtze River Delta Furniture Factory-Industrial Base.
  3. Bohai Sea Rim Furniture Factory-Industrial Base.
  4. Northeast China Furniture Factory-Industrial Base.
  5. Southwest China Furniture Factory-Industrial Base.

Map of China Furniture Manufacturing Distribution

The first four furniture industrial bases are mainly furniture export production enterprises and large-scale production enterprises, and they are the main bases for the supply of China’s market and furniture exports.

The furniture industry bases in the western region are mainly for the domestic market.

Among the five furniture industrial zones, Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta Industrial Zones are the two major industrial zones with the largest output and the highest export volume.

China furniture factory
Guangdong Province and Zhejiang Province are the major provinces for furniture production and export.

There are more than 6,000 furniture companies in Guangdong Province and more than one million employees.

This has formed an important base for furniture production, matching and sales, and has become China’s largest furniture distribution center.

There are more than 3,000 furniture companies in Zhejiang Province and employ more than 500,000 people.

In recent years, a number of large-scale furniture companies have emerged, which have a wide range of influence at home and abroad.

1. Pearl River Delta Furniture Factory-Industrial Base

Pearl River Delta Furniture Industrial Base. - Riwick

Area: Centered on the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong.

Advantages: Industrial clusters, industrial supply chain, and brand advantages.

It is the largest furniture industry zone in China with centers in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shunde, and Foshan. This area is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao and has abundant labor resources.

It has started early in furniture manufacturing, has many industrial clusters, a complete industrial supply chain, developed sales market, and has obvious brand advantages.

The output value of furniture accounts for one-third of the country’s output, and the products are exported to the American market.

Guangdong is the country’s leading furniture production and sales place.

It fully utilizes its own advantages, uses modern information technology, constantly transforms and improves the technology level of the furniture industry, and maintains the advantages of the industry’s production and sales.

It has made Shunde District of Foshan City into furniture production and sales.

Supporting and wholesale integration bases, Lecong Town has become a relatively large furniture distribution center in the South.

Longjiang Town has become a furniture production center that produces furniture and supporting materials

2. Yangtze River Delta Furniture Factory-Industrial Base

Yangtze River Delta Furniture Factory Industrial Base. - Riwick

Area: Centered on the Yangtze River Delta.

Advantages: Advantages of product quality and management.

Centered around Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, it is the fastest-growing area for furniture.

The region has developed information, convenient transportation, deep regional cultural accumulation, good manufacturing industry foundation, and relatively concentrated talents.

The furniture market has a large capacity, high product quality, and grades, and the company’s business management is good.

The output value of furniture is also one-third of the country’s output, mainly exported to Europe and the United States is its main export market.

Taking Zhejiang as an example, in recent years, the furniture industry in the province has exhibited five major characteristics: rapid expansion, structural adjustment, blocky pattern, rich sales model, and enhanced brand awareness.

It has formed office furniture in Hangzhou and exported outdoor furniture in Xiaoshan, Wenzhou.

The modern panel furniture, Yuhuan’s European classical furniture, Anji’s swivel chair, soft mattresses in Shaoxing, traditional mahogany furniture in Yiwu and Huzhou, cabinet furniture in Ningbo, export sofa furniture in Haining, and solid wood furniture in Jiashan have nine regions.

Sexual characteristics of the industrial area.

3. Bohai Sea Rim Furniture Factory-Industrial Base

Bohai Sea Rim Furniture Industrial Base. - Riwick

Area: Centered on the Bohai Rim area

Advantages: Enterprise size and market demand advantages

With Beijing as the center and Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and other places as the support, it will develop throughout the Bohai Economic Circle.

This region has a long history of furniture manufacturing, abundant resources, and a superior geographical location.

The scale of furniture companies and consumer groups is large.

The mature furniture professional sales market and furniture marketing companies are concentrated.

The industrial chain is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the products are mainly sold domestically.

In the industrial area, Hebei Wuyi Mingqi Furniture World, Xianghe Furniture City two characteristic furniture bases have laid the status of Handan furniture in the country.

Especially the Wushu Ming and Qing furniture major world old Elmwood classical furniture quality and quantity, renowned throughout the country.

Hot Southeast Asia.

Wuyi Mingqing Furniture World has a unique regional advantage.

Based on the local 832 classical furniture manufacturers, it has built an external platform integrating the front shop, the factory, and the production and sales.

It has already formed the largest classical furniture distribution center in China’s entire northern region.

4. Northeast China Furniture Factory-Industrial Base

Northeast China Furniture Industrial Base.

Area: Centered on the Northeast Old Industrial Base

Advantages: The advantages of wood furniture production and wood resources

Mainly along Shenyang and Dalian, radiation Heilongjiang, and other northeast old industrial bases rely mainly on the rich timber resources of the Daxing and Xiaoxing’ a Mountains and the development of solid wood furniture production from Russian imports of timber.

The production strength of solid wood furniture companies is in a leading position in the country and is concentrated in Northeast Asia and European market exports have a relatively little domestic market share.

Shenyang furniture market is not only the distribution center for furniture in Liaoning.

But also the country’s distribution center in the northeast and even Inner Mongolia; Dalian has the country’s largest export base of solid wood furniture production.

The initial formation of the intensive, clustering development business, a wide range of products, complete and complete. 

Basically formed a furniture manufacturing industry cluster led by Harbin, Qiqihar, Jiamusi, Yichun, Qitaihe, and six cities of Mudanjiang and the surrounding areas, and built a diversified variety of structure consisting mainly of solid wood furniture and panel furniture.

5. Southwest China Furniture Factory-Industrial Base

Southwest China Furniture Industrial Base.

Area: Centered on Chengdu.

Advantages: Advantages of Supplying Third-Level Market Products.

With Chengdu, Sichuan as the key development area, the supply of furniture products is oriented toward the tertiary market in the central and western regions.

The local government has listed the furniture industry as a pillar industry and increased support.

In addition to introducing various preferential policies, the local government has also solved the problems of the furniture companies in land acquisition, loans, and employment.

Southwest China Furniture Industrial Base.

The mature and convenient logistics base of the industrial zone is favored by coastal enterprises.

In addition, with the continuous expansion of furniture demand for inland cities, the local furniture industry gradually undertakes the transfer of industrial gradients along the coast, and the company gains market advantage through logistics.

Shares, and formed strong industrial planning based on industrial parks.


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