What should be noticed while buying solid wood furniture?

Speaking of buying furniture, there are 2 types of furniture – Solid wood furniture and Imitation solid wood furniture. This category may seem simple, but furniture in store are finished products. How do you distinguish which is made of solid wood or Imitation solid wood? It is necessary to obtain some purchasing skill to avoid buying shoddy and tawdry furniture.

Riwick furniture sourcing agent

Solid wood(Lest) and Imitation solid wood(Right)

Riwick furniture sourcing agent

Solid wood(Lest) and Imitation solid wood(Right)

Solid wood furniture: made of natural wood. You could see the natural grain of wood easily. So far there are also 2 types of solid wood furniture: one is the whole furniture made of solid wood; the other is imitation wood furniture which you also could see the natural grain from the surface. Even the feeling of touch and color are same as full solid wood furniture. However, they are made of mixed solid wood and Imitation solid wood like side board and floor board.


1, The key point of buying solid wood furniture: checking grain of wood and knots of wood

Due to the difference of material, the price between full solid wood and Imitation solid wood furniture will be two hundred of USD difference in the store. Comparing with Imitation solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture will shows natural color of wood, knots and lines. You will easily distinguish solid wood and Imitation solid wood furniture according to the introduction from the store.

Wood material: Currently there are many types of woods in the market: beech, teak, maple,oak,ash,birch,elm,poplar, basswood and pine more than 10 species. In these all species, beech, oak and ash are the most precious in corresponding the price is higher. On the choice of style, because of the speciality of durable, it will be wiser to choose neither trendy not out of style.

grain and knots of wood: All solid wood furniture have natural wood grain.  You will see the wood grain at this side and corresponding wood grain at the other side if it is piece of high quality solid wood board.


2,Skills for buying wood furniture

For the needs of environmental protection, more and more solid wood furniture is made of solid wood and plywood combination process. However, this process will avoid extensive use of wood cracking and warpage deformation. At the same time, it may remain not only beautiful lines of natural wood but also the elegant essence of wood furniture. Because of the different process, buying solid wood furniture should be followed “three checking, two touching and one pressing”.

“Three checking”:

Firstly you should check the material. In general, you will find out that for good quality solid wood furniture their wood is dry, white, clear grain, compact and delicate . Meanwhile, without any unpleasant smell when you open a cabinet door or drawer.

Secondly you should check the component. It is necessary to check their force parts carefully like sofa legs, supports and parts bearing the weight etc. Make sure there is no obvious knots ,crack or scratch. Make sure the screws are tightening in every joint. Make sure the internal board is edge processing and all accessories needed should be all in box.

Last checking for place of origin. If the moisture content of wood furniture is 1% above average of using area, it may cause cracking, deformation, falling apart, warping and other phenomena.

“Two touching”

Touching the surface of the furniture to check if it is smooth;

Touching the corner and edge to if it is rough and too much paint on it.

“One pressing”

Test if it is stable by press lightly every force point like the corner of column, drawer and support of shelves.


3, Quality of paint

Surface after paint processing are referred to as painted panel. Pay attention to “three NEED” and “three NO” while buying the furniture.

“Three NEED” : Surface of furniture should be uniform, smooth and flat( corner not included).

“Three NO”: NO paint spills, NO bubbles, NO cracking.

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