What should be taken into consideration for green paint

Riwick sourcing agentHome decoration security has been concerned and pursuit by all consumers. And we cannot ignore the security of wall surface paint as it is in the big area using and touched by people directly. Meanwhile, the capacity of mould proof and coverage for green paint are very important reference. Also focusing on product quality certification and purchasing strictly are a major guarantee for consumers health.

Product performance is the most intuitive manifestation of product quality. It is an important guarantee for the effect of wall decoration to choose cost-effective wall paint.

Point for purchasing green paint: hiding power

The hiding power of wall paint affect wall color uniformity problem directly. The unit of product hiding power is general g/㎡ , which means the volume of paint required to cover 1 square meter area. The volume of per unit smaller, the hiding power stronger.

Point for purchasing green paint: adhesive power

The adhesive power of wall paint refer to adhesive power between coating and wall surface. When coating, if the adhesive power of wall paint is weak, it will spall when meeting moist and large temperature difference. That would affect the beauty of interior.Riwick sourcing agent

Point for purchasing green paint: stickiness

The stickiness of wall paint is also an very important in judging good or not. The good one will be not too think and not too watery. It will form an even film instead of occurring traces of lumps and flow when coating. The stickiness also will affect the beauty of whole decoration directly. You can measure the viscosity with measuring instrument.

Point for purchasing green paint: texture refinement

Riwick sourcing agentTexture refinement refer to the size of particle and degree of dispersion of the wall paint. It is usually measured in units of microns. Larger texture refinement, rougher the wall paint will be. If you choose this type of wall paint, the wall will occur the phenomenon of concave-convex. The smaller texture refinement, the price will be higher.

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